Scissors – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

You walk around your living room and you persistently try to find something. A blank paper is in your hands, and you suddenly remember that you are trying to cut out a paper plane for a child to play with it. After some rumbling through your things, you find a pair of scissors to complete your task. Just as you’re trying to open them, you wake up.

The appearance of scissors in dreams indicates that you want to make an end to something that is outdated and that no longer serves you. It might be a relationship, an activity, or even an aspect of your personality. You want to cut out or get rid of what is no longer beneficial to your growth. All of this suggests that you have a decisive and temperamental spirit, but you should end the situation in question as soon as possible because it could seriously harm you.

However, scissors could also represent a start of a new project, where teamwork will be crucial.

Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits your own example, and hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Definition of scissors

An instrument used for cutting cloth, paper, and other material, consisting of two blades laid one on top of the other and fastened in the middle to allow them to be opened and closed by a thumb and finger inserted through rings on the end of their handles.

Dreaming about finding scissors

When you dream about finding scissors, it means that a big decision is on its way to you. You will have to make a clean cut concerning your current situation in life. Something or someone will force you to make a choice. It may be a crossroad between your family, work, and love life – black or white, positive or negative. You will be driven to make a list of pros and cons and to analyze every path that decision could lead you to. You will also need to divide your energy, time, and attention between the subjects because a firm focus is much needed at the moment.

Take time to think through, but don’t force anything. Anxiety and stress will only cause you to make hasty choices, fueled with pressure and overwhelming feelings. Relax, retrieve from everything and take time for yourself. Answers will come to you when you leave out all of the inner resistance.

Doing a haircut with scissors

If you dreamed about doing your haircut with scissors, it means that you will take some action in the near future that will make you feel more relaxed. All the pressure will be lifted from your chest, and all condensed emotions and feelings will dissipate into thin air. Maybe you will express your opinions, or stand for yourself in a conflicting situation. Either way, the decision will be healthy for your overall well-being.

Anxiety-driven thoughts took too much of your time and energy and you’ve finally decided that it’s time to take your power back. You are getting a whole new perspective on life and you are letting off the past narratives that wore you down. A heavy load will be gone and you will make space for yourself and your own authentic needs. Freedom is a choice, and you found some courage to claim it at last. Congratulate yourself, because you allowed new opportunities to enter your life.

Throwing scissors

When you dream about throwing scissors in a dream, it means that you will make an impatient decision that will impact your whole lifestyle. It will mainly be in the domain of your relationships. Maybe you will finally settle unresolved questions about your status with others and eventually separate the connections that serve you from the ones that don’t. You feel exhausted and drained because of the uncertainty that surrounds this subject of your life.

You finally want to know where you stand with others in relation to your goals and desires. You will take a sudden turn with everyone and it might not be well received. But it is not your job to adapt to their wishes anymore. It is time for you to leave that shell that was imposed onto you, and to show to the world who you truly are. Find the courage to this, because the reward will be priceless.

Playing rock, paper scissors in your dream

If you dreamed about playing this well-known game with someone, it suggests that you must use your mental and intellectual advantages in the upcoming project that will appear in your life. Find the strength to do this, because this time is very potent for your breakthrough and long-term success. Put up with your fears and blocks, ignore them for a while and you will see incredible results. Accept your own vulnerability and weaknesses and only rely on people that compliment your current energy.

Take advice from others who live their dreams and have satisfying and fulfilled lives. Luck is on your side, you just have to have enough drive to make it happen. You are on a good way to become the person you always wanted to be. Hence, believing in yourself is a very small price to pay. Trust your intuition and talent, right now everything is possible for you.

Dreaming about the different types of scissors

When you dream about a specific type of scissors, interpretation may differ depending on your concrete example. If you dreamed about the nails scissors or clippers, it means that you will resolve some past issue that was blocking your expansion and development. Right now, it is extremely important what people think of you. You will do anything to keep your reputation and image in check. If you dreamed about crafting scissors, it means that you will use many different resources to make your dreams happen.

Either materially or morally, you will combine bits and pieces to get what you want. Try not to overdo it. If you dreamed about surgical scissors, it means that a long journey awaits you in the near future. You will finally have some time and space to rejuvenate and recover from everything that has been wearing you down recently.

If you dreamed about the children’s scissors it means that you will have to openly state your opinion to your subordinates. You consider your supervision to be an inevitable part of their success and you’re right. If you dreamed about kitchen scissors, it means that you may get into financial problems in the near future. Keep an eye on your expenses and make sure to control where the money goes.

Broken or loose scissors

If you dreamed about the broken scissors, it means that you are losing control over your life at the moment. Someone or something is draining your energy to the point of breaking down. You feel overwhelmed with the emotions of sadness, vulnerability, and weakness. Your self-confidence and self-respect are wrecked to pieces.

Something very important to you doesn’t go the way you imagined and that makes you very stressed out. Maybe you are no longer efficient at executing your actions and everything came to a halt. This discord does huge damage to your nerves. Leave everything and make time for yourself. Turn inward and think about what would truly make you happy. Control is only an indicator of fear and lack of self-trust. Find reasons to love your life the way it is, and let go of everything that is not your problem. Try to gain inner peace with meditation or maybe with frequent walks in nature. Release the pressure and the solution will come out of nowhere.

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