Dreaming About Twins – Dream Meaning and Interpretations

You rub your eyes, not believing what you see – exact same people in front of you. You rub your eyes again, but unfortunately, you realize that it was all a dream. Twins represent two different ideas or concepts, who can be united. It is from a domain of spirituality, that all duality must eventually reunite and come into unity. When encountered in a dream, twins symbolize the conflict between opposites that we experience in our everyday reality.

They depict our layered personalities that are acting in harmony. In psychology they represent the ego and the alter ego, or any other extreme ends of the psyche, for example, introversion and extroversion, masculine and feminine aspects of the self.

Those neglected parts of the personality are finally surfacing and presenting themselves to the light of the day. The dreamer may be in conflict with his or her ideas and decisions. You are torn between your emotions and logic – balance is extremely important to achieve harmony in our physical and psychological health. Look below to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had.

Hopefully, you’ll find what your subconscious mind was trying to tell you.

Definition of Twins

One of two children or animals born at the same birth.

Married people dreaming of twins

If you and your partner both dreamed about twins, it means that you both wish to have a baby at the moment. Your subconscious mind signals you about the natural urge for human reproduction, and both of your maternal and paternal instincts have woken up. You feel called and ready to take on that wonderful role in your life. You’ve been wanting this for a very long time, and now is the highly potent moment for making it a reality. In addition to everything, your family and friends are longing for kids, and are constantly waiting for you to tell them the good news.

Don’t worry about them, they are just being curious and want to see you happy. Focus on your relationship and your love, because the blessings will soon come to your door. Enjoy this with your partner and celebrate love and life.

Not married people dreaming of twins

When people who are not married dream of twins, it means that a marathon of worries is waiting on you in the near future. A lot of pressure will be put on you, from a personal or professional perspective. It may be your friends or family who constantly remind you that you are lacking some things in life and telling you what you should do in order to make everything on time.

Criticizing your choices and lifestyle will become their favorite hobby. To your sensitive nature, this will be like a wrecking ball. Anxiety and constraint will destroy your nervous system by making you extremely irritated and furious, so your health is very likely to suffer.

Pay attention to yourself and find a way to calm your nerves. Meditate or go for a walk in nature. Isolate yourself from your daily life and those people, to collect your thoughts and find the most efficient way to solve your current problem. But first, breathe and stay present. Practicing mindfulness can help you to gain more peace and focused attention. Relax and everything will fall into place, you are never late.

Giving birth to twins

When you dream about giving birth to twins it usually means that troubles and difficulties are on their way to you in the near future. An argument with someone will trigger you immensely and you will very aggressively show your negative side. Long-term consequences because of this situation are very possible. All of this indicates that your old wounds are once again open, and you finally must come to terms with your past. Everything around you reminds you of that event, and you can’t take it any longer.

You feel your vulnerability very deeply, and you are reminded of the hurt that you’ve been through. Stop your reactions, because all actions that you do will bounce back straight to your face. Find a way to calm yourself and retrieve completely from your normal, everyday life. Stay for an extended period of time in nature, because it will help you to ground yourself and see everything clearly. Forgive everything and everyone that made you suffer – you will heal your wounds and release all the condensed negativity that has built up in you over the course of many years. Let go and trust the universe. And remember –  you are always infinitely ok.

Breastfeeding twins

If you dreamed about giving birth to twins, interpretation will vary depending on the gender of the dreamer. If you are a woman, this means that you shouldn’t expect much from people, because of your behavior toward them. You firmly believe that everyone around you including your partner, family, and friends should tolerate your sudden mood swings and emotional outbursts, whenever you feel like it. You must realize that you didn’t deserve kindness with your actions. Be honest with them and admit your mistakes, they will certainly appreciate it.

When you show that you care and that you want to make things better, they will easily forgive you, because of the truth in your words that they feel. Stop being selfish, and firstly forgive yourself because you will heal everything that ever hurts you. Dedicate your time and attention to the people who deserve it the most, because they are in your life for the sole reason of loving you. Open your heart and it will be reflected in you.

Dreaming of someone having twins

When you dream about someone having twins, it symbolizes fear of obligations that await you in your current reality. You are always under pressure of not finishing something on time. You have a habit of procrastinating because the deadlines provide you with an abundant surge of adrenaline, which you thoroughly enjoy. Even though everything always advises you to work on time, you’ve always ignored their words and considered yourself as someone who knows how to plan and schedule their time.

Desperation will take you over and overwhelming emotions of helplessness. You will desperately try to find your way out of this situation. Take time to calm down your thoughts, because your mind is running wild under anxiety. Retrieve for a couple of hours from everything and everyone and sit in silence. Breathe slowly and try to empty your mind from panic and paranoia. Let go of thinking about the things that you have to do, places you have to go, and people you have to meet –  make space and time for yourself, whatever the cost.

Dreaming of your mother having twins

if you dreamed about your mother having twins, it means that you are lacking attention and love at moment. You feel very lonely and neglected, regardless of being in a relationship or not. You are very sensible and emotional right now and want to be loved and taken care of. Tell them openly you love them and that you miss them, they are probably not even aware of it.

Also, turn to yourself, because the mentioned situation is a clear indicator of a poor relationship with your own value and lack of self-confidence. Find reasons to appreciate yourself, because your existence is the proof that there is one. Love of others comes through the love of self.

Dreaming of having your twin brother or sister

When you dream about having a twin brother and sister, it means that you have a strong desire to help people and to take care of them. But these feelings aren’t moderate – you are extremely driven to offer your assistance. First of all, you should go and check your own life, before entering someone else’s. That determination and drive only indicate that you are neglecting a huge problem within yourself and negating your weaknesses. Force definitely won’t help you get through this. Admit the place that you’re in and face your problem head-on. Half of the fear will immediately dissipate. Turn to your own needs and wants, and only do things that make you happy and satisfied with yourself and with your life.

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