Underwater Caterpillar – Octopus: Dream Meaning and Interpretation

You swim underwater in a deep, vast, and sapphire ocean. The environment seems magical and feels you with a true feeling of freedom. But, in front of you, an unusual creature starts to appear. Eight arms floating around it, make it look like it’s graciously dancing in the velvety depths. You realize it’s one of nature’s weirdest crafts – an octopus. Just as you tried to touch it…you wake up.

This animal in dreams usually represents an entanglement of the dreamer, something that probably holds you back from achieving success. It also indicates possessiveness and dependence in your present relationships. You may be extremely needy and clingy when it comes to your significant other.

Either way and octopus is a symbol of adaptability, freedom, and flexibility. Since it is an underwater creature, able to move in many different ways – it depicts your ability to maneuver in the subconscious realm, which connects us with everything below the analytical mind. Octopus represents your unbearable urge to explore your human self and the secrets of your hidden nature. Your fear of the unknown is finally surfacing and is filling you with irrational terror.

Also, it may imply feelings of imprisonment and lack of freedom. Dive deep into the article below and find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find what you’ve been looking for.

Definition of an Octopus

A cephalopod mollusk with eight sucker-bearing arms, a soft body, strong beaklike jaws, and no internal shell.

Dreaming about an octopus attacking you

If you dreamed about an octopus attacking you, or grabbing you by your extremities, it means that a problematic circumstance awaits you in the near future. The difficult matter is squeezing and holding you like the tentacles of an octopus. You’ve got involved in many things at once, with scattered attention and energy – you feel powerless and scared. You want to keep your promises, but you literally have no time. Retrieve from your busy world through meditation and try to center and ground yourself.

It will benefit not only you but everyone around you. Collect your thoughts and find peace, everything is truly fine, you’re not in danger no matter what happens. Relax and forget for a moment your obligations.

On the other hand, if you dreamed about the octopus biting you, it means that some form of greed will take over your partner. He or she demands too much maintenance from you and so you feel worn down and dissatisfied. Try to communicate your issues and freely express your feelings. Things will eventually settle down if you’re being honest with each other. Open your heart and trust yourself – the solution will be inevitable.

Octopus grabbing many things

When you dream about an octopus grabbing or holding many things, it means that you are currently multitasking and are getting ready for a serious burnout in the near future. Be aware of managing too many things at once, the consequences could be dangerous. And on top of everything, you end up doing poorly in all the chosen activities.

If you keep behaving that way, it will inevitably damage your health and overall well-being. Stress and anxiety are well-known silent killers. Watch your thoughts and feelings, because they’re directly correlated with your body. Take time to relax and loosen up, consider maybe longer walks in nature or physical exercises. Sit in the direct sunlight and recollect your energy and focus. The answer will come by itself. Only have to let go of things and worry that follows them. Trust yourself and everything will fall into place.

Different sizes of an octopus

If you dream about the different octopus sizes, the interpretation may vary depending on the type of dream that you had.

If you dreamed about the giant octopus, it means that you are currently very self-confident and sure of yourself. Your independent and strong personality will surface, surprising everyone in your surroundings. You will appear to be extremely evolved and different from others, to the point of them completely not recognizing you. You will come out of the shadows suddenly and unexpectedly, forever leaving the role of the passive observer. No longer afraid and uncertain, you are setting new rules in your reality and everyone can feel your determination and focus. Try not to be too demanding and hard on others around you. People will probably be slightly frightened by your new image and will try to avoid you. Take time to ground yourself and remember who you truly are. Positions of power and control can intoxicate and elude even the strongest of minds.

However, if you dreamed of a small, baby octopus, it means that you are very adaptable and flexible, nothing can surprise you – you always find a way to keep yourself safe. The ability to mold and shape into any given situation is your secret superpower. Yet, you don’t have enough strength to take charge and to control the circumstance you find yourself in.

Hence, you may fall prey to stronger personalities than you, or even become a faithful follower of some organization or group. Be wary of dangerous people who may try to seduce you with their manipulative words and promises. You don’t need anyone to guide you, everyone can be their own leader. Trust yourself and work on the concept of self-appreciation and love.

Dreaming about different colors

When you dream about the different colors of an octopus, the interpretation may vary depending on the type of dream that you had.

If you dreamed about the blue octopus, it means that you have a strong feeling of dependence and clinginess toward a person in your environment. It may be your partner or even a close friend. You think that you are not complete without them and that you would be completely ruined and lost when they’re not with you. You may also be projecting and forcing your feelings of inadequacy on them, which is extremely suffocating and exhausting. This behavior implies that you’re struggling with your worthiness and self-confidence at the moment. You think that you are flawed and that no one can seem to love you for you.

These are serious issues with the self-concept, and you really have some work to do. It is not impossible, but you should turn inwards and find the true reason for your purpose and worth. It is never about the others. The only person that should be convinced that there’s nothing wrong with you is you. Relax, meditate and trust that you will overcome this – just persist in loving and appreciating yourself.

However, If you dreamed about the white octopus, it means that you should stay grounded at all times. Stay true to your personality and your essence, because everyone will respect and appreciate you more. No one likes pretending and lying. Don’t hold to everything that comes your way. Blind faith is the same as stupidity. Be proud of yourself including your flaws and perceived failures. How can anyone love you if you are not loyal to yourself?

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