Dreaming of a Bank – The Source or The Solution to Our Problems?

Whether we like it or not, we all have to use it at some point. No matter how trustful and well-established banks may be, most of us just can’t resist the feeling of being a small fish in a money chain, surrounded by dollar-eyed sharks.

Besides the probable monthly payment on a loan that is waiting for you around the corner, dreaming of a bank can be interpreted in numerous ways. Since banks are buildings or places with many departments, most of them being hidden and out of sight, the dream of a bank portrays yourself as the dreamer. You seem like a mysterious person, who likes to keep secrets and important information to yourself with the possibility of using it at any given moment.

There is more to dreaming of a bank than just being secretive, so pay close attention to the rest of the lines.

Definition of a Bank

A bank is a financial institution licensed to receive deposits and make loans, as well as many other financial services.

Dream of a bank as an institution

As priorly mentioned, the dream of a bank can be diversely interpreted. For instance, we all portray banks as places with a high level of security and therefore trustworthy. But, if in your dream a bank felt like an insecure place, almost off guard, then it might be that you are putting yourself in a bank role, for the uncertainty you are experiencing. Possibly, your insecurity comes out of discontent with your physical appearance, low self-esteem, whereas you feel it will reflect negatively on your business reputation.

Another bank dream interpretation is related to seeing banks as a symbol of money and wealth in general. If you are thinking of investing in a new or already existing venture, as a reliable source of income in the future, then your dream might mean that you are on the right path and will be successful. Banks can also be a manifestation of ethical and moral grounds you stand for in terms of personal and business relations with people in your surroundings.

Summed up to a conclusion, seeing a bank in your dream represents the source of power in your waking life, which has enormous influence throughout your life. It can be your own power, or the power of strong figures in your environment, such as family or work office.

Visiting or entering the bank in a dream

In many real-life situations, visiting a bank is usually connected with fear and over-excessive stress. Reasons for that lie in the fact that everyday decisions are mostly driven by the presence or the lack of money. Whether we want to admit it or not.

Dreaming of visiting or entering a bank is also, more or less, related to stress. Possibly, you will undergo a period of worry and pressure, mostly at work, where you will find yourself in a position where someone else is getting the credit for your work. All the effort you invested will be for nothing. In addition, you could be experiencing some difficulties in your relationship and it will consume a lot of energy and time. Brace yourself, for you have a luring period ahead of you.

Opening or closing the bank account

Even though opening or closing are two opposite operations, when it comes to dreaming about it, these actions are two sides of the same coin. Both of which represent the fear of excessive money spendings. Whether you are depositing money on your new account or taking it all with you, they all refer to too much money spent on ridiculous things. You feel like you are out of control, so be aware cause it might lead to a real bankruptcy.

You are dreaming of confiding your money to the bank

We all need protection and safety from time to time. When having valuable items, we tend to fear a potential loss or being subject to theft. So, the logical answer to our fears would be to deposit our belongings into a bank. 

But, what if we really don’t have that much to deposit and yet we still dream about it? Usually, it reflects our inner necessity of being protected and secure in our everyday environment. You need someone or something trustful in your life, to confide your assets to.

In your dream of a bank, you just want your money back

If you are standing in front of an ATM and withdrawing your money, it could be that subconsciously your mind is blaming you for spending too much money lately, mostly on the things you really don’t need. You feel like you are not in a position to be acting so irrational. A bank or an ATM in your dream can also refer to your family or group of friends you are thinking of as a source of money in case you need it. Which you obviously do. Also, it may indicate a possible job loss or getting fired due to the hard times the company is going through

Transferring money between banks in a dream

If in your dream you have two separate accounts in two different banks, and you are trying to move your funds from one bank to another, it could be interpreted as shifting energy amongst two sides of your personality

In that way, it could be positive or negative, depending on how your dream made you feel. 

Positive, if you are setting yourself some higher standards and moral values while achieving your goals, or negative, if you are full of doubt and disbelief, to let anyone have any kind of control over your life. 

To dream of a bank robbery

Aside from dreaming about it or seeing it in the movies, we can all agree that being a witness to a bank robbery is not something you put on a bucket list. 

If you are the one who is robbing the bank, it means that you are using your current position at work to demonstrate power while achieving the goals you have set up for yourself. It might get you in a conflict situation with your superiors for doing things on your own. The envy of your coworkers has taken you to a different course, which might be interpreted as unethical.

Opposed to the prior interpretation, if you are witnessing a bank robbery in a dream, then it’s the opposite interpretation of the dream. You might feel as if your coworkers have done illegal or out-of-the-book actions, just to be in a better position than you are. You resent them for being unethical and mischievous.

If you got robbed in a dream, it could refer to how you feel towards some of your friends whom you find ungrateful for the things you’ve done for them.

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