What if We Went on a Real Vacation Instead of Dreaming of One?

The house is in a mess. You are running around from one closet to another, emptying your drawers, collecting shoes, children’s toys, snorkeling equipment… It feels like you have lost it. Are you moving? Oh no, you’re getting ready for a vacation? Wake up – you’re out of luck. 

Disappointing as it may seem, it feels good to be in that chaotic state of mind when getting ready for vacation. Even if it’s only a vacation dream. At least, in our dreams we are allowed to travel free and wherever we want to.

Definition of a Dream

A period of time used to be spent away from work, school, or home in travel and leisure.

Going on vacation – needless to say, why

Loud and clear: you need a break! Dreaming of preparing for vacation or going traveling is not a mysterious dream at all. It implies you are in deep need of peace and quality time on your own. Commitments and relations in your life have taken their toll, and you are exhausted. Now would be a great opportunity to take a real vacation, even for a short period, to recharge your batteries and regain your positive energy. 

If your dreamy vacation turned out bad and disappointing, then maybe getting some time off to yourself isn’t going to be that easy. Your work obligations and personal or family issues are not something you can postpone, no matter how hard you try. 

Turning your dreamy vacation mode ON!

So, you have your passport, your luggage, and a wallet ready, but something is still missing? Or is it someone?

If you dreamed of traveling on vacation by yourself – it is possible that you really need to take some time off. Off of your family and friends, as well as your work. You’ve been giving yourself too much, distributing your energy into other people’s problems. Instead, make yourself disappear for a while, go to a spa retreat or mountain hiking, or whatever pleases you. Just go!

If your dream of vacation included your partner, a friend, or a family member – quite likely you are holding a grudge to yourself for not dedicating enough of your time to that specific person. Your dream is telling you to pay closer attention to someone else’s needs instead of just your own, and you might hear a call for help.

The vacation of your dreams has taken you abroad

There is something so adventurous-like in crossing borders. Leaving your comfort zone and heading out to the unknown experience, is almost like an adrenaline injection. 
If you dreamed of spending your vacation in another country, it can point out the possible changes in your life. Yet another tide is ready to release a new wave of happenings. Can you remember how a foreign country made you feel in a dream? Depending on whether you are feeling welcomed or lost, the changes might be a good thing or something out of your will.

Dreaming of vacation while carrying the weight of the world

Once you have decided where to go and what your vacation is going to look like, then it’s the best time to start packing your things. But, in your vacation dream, you were carrying a piece of extremely heavy luggage or too much of it. Those are the signs of a burden on your shoulders that you just can’t seem to get rid of. It is slowing you down and stopping you from moving forward and could refer to something or someone in your life.

If you went on a vacation without a single piece of luggage, then your dream implies that you are ready to accept the upcoming changes in your life. As a matter of act, you are embracing the new you, and everything that comes along. Your understanding of life has changed in general. 

You can’t have a dreamy vacation without a passport 

No matter how irresponsible it sounds and is, it happens to a lot of us. We are preoccupied with so many secondary things, that our minds get distracted from the most important piece of document. 

Dreaming of not carrying or losing a passport on your vacation can symbolize your unwillingness to accept the upcoming changes. You have a fear of the unknown, and you are trying to postpone whatever change might come in your way. 

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