Would You Rather Smile on The Inside or The Outside? How Your Dreams of Teeth Could Be Interpreted

Picture this. You’re back from school. While crossing the patio you can feel through your nostrils that gorgeous smell of a cherry pie your mom made. It’s been only a second and you’re already voraciously eating the pie. Suddenly you hear a cracking sound. While trying to figure out what just happened, your teeth are starting to fall out one by one, out of your mouth. You are just about to scream from the bottom of your lungs, but then you wake up.. all sweaty and terrified.

Dreams of teeth can be interpreted in multiple ways. Looking back in the past, in books of art and literature, teeth were often related to the way a person is presenting itself to others. 

Definition of Teeth

Hard, body-enameled structure in the mouth, that allows biting and chewing

A neverending dream of a pearl white smile. Is it just a dream?

Don’t think you’re the only one dreaming of that Hollywood smile. Still, rest assured because there is absolutely nothing bad in having a dream of perfectly aligned teeth. Having glossy and clean teeth indicates great joy and wishes coming true. That’s not all. You might unexpectedly gain some money, or get a raise at work. Wait, are you a lottery fan? Anyway, surely you won’t mind. 

Also, it could be that due to some positive happenings in your life your level of confidence has risen, and you are ready for some work or relationship improvement. 

Extra: dreaming of golden teeth symbolizes wealth, in which case you might wanna check on your bank account.

Nothing smells so bad as rotten teeth, but what does it mean in a dream?

Seeing a bunch of rotten teeth in a dream makes you feel relieved once awakened. 

Dreaming of your teeth being rotten and full of decay means illness and some sort of fiasco in your life. 

Also, there is a connection between rotten teeth and the fact that not so long ago you might have said some false things about someone, which turned out to be incriminating for you. Words can be stronger than any other weapon, so be careful with that hearsay-workout-routine next time, OK?

Have you ever broken teeth in a cherry pit or dreamed about breaking? Here’s what it means

There are a lot of meanings hidden behind one single broken tooth. Most of them are not that nice. 

If you lied or spread rumors about a close person or worse, someone you don’t know that well, then your dream of broken teeth symbolizes your mischievous behavior.

Possibly you are having health and anger issues, or you are not okay with the way you look. A lot of times you are feeling insecure and helpless while juggling your everyday commitments. You don’t want to look stupid or weak in front of people, so you make up things just to point other’s attention onto someone rather than youself.

When your subconscious delivers broken teeth via a dream, it means that you still have a conscience and a will to make things better. Go ahead and fix it. 

Falling out/losing teeth in your dreams and what it means

When dreaming of teeth falling out and you trying to put them back in, then you are likely to be experiencing feelings of insecurity, shame, and disappointment with your appearance. Not only your physical appearance but overall self-image, especially at work or in social circles you’re a part of. 

Nevertheless, sometimes teeth falling out could be interpreted as if you are talking way too much and being immensely indiscrete and unprofessional. Perhaps you should work on your communication skills and rethink twice before you say something you’ll regret later on. 

In some interpretations the dream of teeth falling out could relate to illness or misfortune, of you or a member of your family. 

Even an aggravating dream would be to see blood along with your fallen teeth, which should warn you to watch out of your enemies. 

If you dreamed of losing one tooth, don’t hold your breath waiting for a Tooth Fairy. Just the opposite, it means that a slight change or a misfortune could happen. 

What does it mean to dream of your teeth hurting? 

You mean, besides the fact that you need to go see a dentist? No, really. If there is the slightest pain in your teeth while you are awake, then it is probably a normal reaction transferred into your dream. 

Otherwise, having a dream of pain in your teeth could mean there is a serious problem in your life that you have been postponing for way too long. Maybe if you look for help you’ll realize that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Stop procrastinating and get that load off of your chest. 

A kind of advanced toothache dream would be a healing teeth process.  Dreaming of curing your teeth could be interpreted in a way that you are one step closer to the solution of the problem. Also, it could be that some issues were heavy on your mind through the past, and now you’ve finally decided to let go of them. 

Dreaming of growing teeth could be a good sign and here is why

If you are stuck in a groove and you can’t remember the last time your life had a meaning and purpose, then it’s time to break the chains of negative thoughts. You are way over your head in being so self-effaced and humble. Your dreams of growing new teeth are pointing out new opportunities in your life, a new chance for an upgrade in your career. 

Now would be a good time to renew your faith in your own skills and potential, to speak up your mind, and stand up for yourself. That is what new teeth in your dream are all about. So go ahead and grab your chance.

You will be rewarded for your creativity and commitment and your effort will be given well-deserved recognition. 

Some dream interpretations are associating dreams of a new tooth coming with a possible newborn in your life. Isn’t that the loveliest dream interpretation ever? Or should we say ”Congrats”?!

Brushing your teeth in a dream

Are you the type of person that likes to brush their teeth so hard that if you rubbed them against each other it would release that squeaky sound? You know that’s not good? 

The same thing could relate to your dreams of teeth brushing. Brushing is an action associated with cleanliness and maintenance. So when you brush your teeth in your dream, it means you are going to have to work harder to maintain the level of life contentment as it is now. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, right?

Dreaming of brushing teeth could also point to your aggressive behavior towards people that place comments on your physical appearance. You are acting too justificatory and defensive, for no reason whatsoever. 

As opposed to previous meaning, if you dreamed of refusing to brush your teeth, then maybe you are being too self-important and unapologetic when speaking whatever is on your mind, not caring if it hurts anyone. 

What if you dreamed of someone else’s teeth? 

The way that someone smiles or doesn’t smile at all most of the time reflects the inner side of a person. A sincere smile is always welcome and it can brighten up your day. On the contrary, the absence of a smile can evoke an association with distrust and a feeling of discomfort. People who don’t smile are usually taken for an introvert, also intriguing, insincere, but wise at the same time.

With that being said, dreams of other people’s teeth could be interpreted in various ways. If in your dream the opponent’s teeth were predator-like, then maybe you should pay more attention to the people you are surrounded by daily in your waking life. 

Visiting a dentist to make your teeth dreamy-like

You know it will probably hurt and it creeps you out, but you still have to do it. If only you don’t have to go. 

When dreaming of a dentist extracting your teeth, you could relate it to an actual fear if you have scheduled an appointment. 

Alternatively, it could be linked to some other health issues you have been facing, that could seriously endanger your life. 

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