To Dream About Zombies – Meaning and Symbolism


You witness last and dreadful days on Earth: burnt and barren land, polluted and toxic air – only a few lifeless, wavering figures are staggering toward you…and then you wake up.

Dreams of zombies are not uncommon, given that many apocalyptic books and movies were created. These are the resurrected creatures living between life and death, made to destroy and degenerate. Their appearance in dreams often symbolizes detachment from the world and loss of contact with your being. Probably you are going through a phase where everything seems so meaningless and futile to you.

Just like zombies you are searching for something to make you feel alive. Unconscious warnings are there to be taken into consideration, so don’t ever neglect them. Scroll freely through this page and you will find the interpretation of your specific dream and, hopefully, the solution to your underlying worries.

Definition of a Zombie

An imaginary creature, a corpse, said to be brainless and speechless, thought to have died and reanimated by witchcraft.

Dreaming about being chased by zombies

If you dreamed that you were being chased by zombies, one of the interpretations means that scenes from your past are reappearing in your mind. You’ve been pushed to resolve all of your old wounds and heal any residual pain. Your body longs to break free from the restrictive chains made by your thought patterns. Take time to detox and calm your being. You need to pause and reflect on your life choices. Admit your mistakes and take off that burden that weighs you down. In other words, you must witness the psychological death of self.

However, other interpretations suggest that distrustful and manipulative persons are surrounding you at the moment. They are possibly trying to lure you into some illegal or criminal actions, by subliminally brainwashing you. Break off of this negative influence that is posed upon you.

Being attacked by a zombie

When you dream about being attacked by a zombie, it means that you are currently under a lot of pressure. It’s a subconscious expression of your fears and anxieties. Your waking life is tearing you down in pieces, and you are trying to pull yourself together somehow.

Feelings of helplessness and victimization are keeping you stuck. You are probably having a difficult time accepting the harsh reality. All of this intentional – to initiate and evolve you. Hang in there, everything will pass and you will become stronger than ever.

Seeing monsters and zombies in a dream

If you dreamed about both of these creatures, monsters, and zombies, it implies that you are amidst trying times in your life and you are facing your fear. You may be hesitant about how to react. In emergency situations, there is no time to hide and retreat into solitude and isolation. Be fearless and look into your fear decisively. Freedom awaits you on the other end.

Being a zombie

When you dream about being a zombie, it suggests that you should find a suitable way to react to certain situations in your life. You have to find the strength to keep striving and pushing. Don’t give up, and don’t let fears wear you down. Leave everything behind that halts your growth and development.

A friend being a zombie

When you dream about your friend becoming a zombie, it suggests that you might be having quarrels with that person. Your lifepaths are about to part ways, and each of you will find happiness somewhere else – it is time for separation. An event will cause disruption in your friendship, the end will be inevitable. Do not grieve. Keep loving memories with this person close to your heart, appreciate them, and wish them all the best. The end of one connection begins with another. You will meet new people and will certainly grow into the best version of yourself.

Dreaming of killing zombies

If you dreamed about killing zombies, you are ready and willing to overcome an obstacle in your life, whatever the cost. You will possibly have to sacrifice certain things to achieve your goals and desires. Your focus is unwavering and strong, use it to your advantage. Anything you set your mind to right now is yours. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, find a way to constructively implement it in your current life. Luck is on your side.

Dreaming about zombies and vampires

Dreams in which you see vampires and zombies simultaneously mean that the people around you, drain you of energy and life force. Lies, fake promises, and dishonesty shattered your faith in true and valuable companionships. Day after day, those negative events crippled your will to fight for true things, overwhelm and depression washed over you. Get up and keep moving, despite the emotional wounds. Look around and you will find other people who treat you with respect and love that you deserve. No one is irreplaceable.

Dreaming about the good zombie

This kind of dream is very unexpected and unusual when it comes to zombies. It implies that you should retreat into solitude, to regain your energy and vitality. Other people have been wearing you down lately. Isolation and privacy are only going to help you. Human energy capacities are of limited supply. Take care of yourself, find time to relax and regenerate.

Seeing zombie invasion

When you dream about zombie invasion or apocalypse, it suggests that your community or family are in great danger. Maybe some violent or aggressive human behavior is at play, which needs to be stopped. Consider volunteering for humanitarian organizations, because it could be your small contribution to world peace. Make sure you also observe and notice problems that are affecting you and your family – this could be the wake-up call of your subconscious mind indicating that something between you is not quite right. Talk to them and try to resolve any misunderstandings.

On the other hand, this type of dream could reflect your feelings of hopelessness and despair about the world you live in. Changes of perspectives are mandatory. Solutions are within, not without.

Seeing zombie animals

Depending on which animal you see as a zombie, this dream can have multiple meanings. You can interpret it this way: every characteristic that that animal represents symbolically and psychologically should be inverted for the zombie version of it. For example, if you see a zombie dog, this reflects your current feelings of detachment.

Loyalty and honesty lack in your life. Aggressive and violent behavior is possibly also present. People in your life are distrusting and unreliable. In the same manner, the lion symbolizes courage, bear – strength, owl – wisdom, horse – vitality, and so on. When you interpret your specific dream, consider strengthening these qualities in your own life. Find a way to improve and empower yourself. It is your birthright.

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