The White Bird of the Seas – Yacht: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Floating freely in the open seas, you lean onto the metallic fence while the wind gently tangles your hair…eh, the wonders and beauties of dreams. Dreaming of large bodies of water represents your subconscious mind. Depending on the way the sail goes, the dream can have multiple meanings. If the sail is smooth, all should go well with your plans for the future. On the other hand, if the sail is disturbing and wild, get ready for emotional upheaval.

Seeing a yacht in the dreamland not only represents your desire for leisure time and pleasant pursuits but also how well you handle your emotions and reactions. It symbolizes a desire for luxury, abundance, and freedom. You want to escape confining restrictions of societal norms and find a way to express your unique self to the world – you feel limited and suffocated by the world you see.

With every boat, as well as with the yacht, you are floating above the mysterious depths of the ocean of your subconscious mind. Like Walt Whitman said: „O the ship, the immortal ship! O ship aboard the ship! Ship of the body, ship of the soul, voyaging, voyaging, voyaging.“

Look below to find the interpretation that best suits your concrete situation. Hopefully, you will find the answers you seek.

What is a Yacht?

A medium-sized sailing boat equipped for cruising or racing.

To buy a yacht

If you dreamed about buying a yacht, it means that you will wisely manage your financial situation. The investments you make in the upcoming period will definitely turn out to be cleverly directed. They can be related to buying properties, stocks, or things that will endure for a long time. Right now, the cosmic gates are open for initiations of any kind, so you might want to consider starting your own business or taking on an interest of yours that you thoroughly enjoy.

Energies are extremely beneficial for establishing your own grounds. Use this favorable situation to accomplish your long-standing dreams. Everything will go better than expected.

However, if you are not sure how to behave concerning your investments, turn to someone who is more experienced in the field and take notes. They will transfer very valuable knowledge for your own future professional independence.

To steal a yacht

When you dream about stealing a yacht, it means that someone who you unconditionally trust will turn their back on you. Unfortunately, a big disappointment on your part lies ahead. It might be a person with a stellar reputation – a well-known authority in your environment. They probably offered you help with a long-standing problem in your life, promising to solve everything thanks to their strong influence and variety of contacts. Unluckily, you will once again fall prey to seducing words of extremely manipulative and sociopathic people.

Your excessively open and naive nature will hit a wall. But don’t worry, this situation is completely normal and solvable. This experience is there to teach you to believe in yourself and your instincts and that you should only rely on your qualities and abilities. No one can care more about you than yourself. Trust only your mind and feelings, you already have all the answers that you need. Just be willing to dive deep and the resolution will come.

Giving a yacht as a gift

If you dreamed about giving someone a yacht as a gift, it is usually a sign of your subconscious mind that you are currently full of yourself and not afraid to show it. Your pompous behavior is very egoistic, overbearing, and snobbish. People in your environment sense that you are being terribly condescending which only repels them further from you. No one likes narcissistic maniacs in their surroundings. Everyone should definitely be proud of themselves and feel worthy (as they unquestionably are), but there is a fine line between healthy self-love and toxic arrogance.

Take time to think about your actions, because more than likely you may have unintentionally insulted someone you love. Listen to their advice and tips – they only want you to stay grounded and true to your real self. The higher you fly, the harder you fall – let that sink in.

Dreaming about seeing the yacht

If you dreamed about seeing a yacht, it means that you will meet someone very important and influential in the near future. You will probably see them as the perfect ticket to enter higher social circles. You will do anything to get under their skin and gain their complete trust. Not only do you see them as the chance to upgrade your social status, but also you think that they can magically solve the problem that has been wearing you down lately. You will not care about the sacrifices that you will have to make in order for them to like you.

Take some time to reflect on your self-worth and self-image in general. Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are, because no contact or connection will fix a problem so deep. Turn inward to find the answers and deeply appreciate your existence and being. True strength stems from a healthy relationship with oneself.  

Sailing a yacht

If you dreamed about sailing a yacht, it means that you will falsely represent someone in the near future. You will try to use lies and manipulation to earn their love and respect. It could be from a person you like for years, but you were too afraid to admit it, or it could even be concerning a close friend of yours.

Either way, you will be willing to do just about anything to be noticed and accepted. You will even go to the lengths of taking the credits for things you didn’t do, telling lofty stories how you achieved them, just to be embarrassingly caught up in your lie.

Try to ask yourself, why are you doing all this? What is the true reason behind the superficial wish to pursue a relationship with someone? See what pops up in your consciousness when you ask these questions. You will see that the answers are intimately connected with your self-confidence and the way you perceive yourself. Learn how to see your worth and purpose, because you certainly have it. Don’t rely on lies and deception – you are only sinking deeper into the despair that got you there in the first place. Take time to appreciate and love yourself – the results will astonish you.

To lie on the yacht

When you dream about laying on the yacht, it means that you will receive a financial update in the near future. You might inherit unexpectedly large sums of money or even get a property from a distant relative. Either way, you will acquire great wealth totally unexpectedly. This lucky strike will profoundly change the quality of your life. You will experience the places and people you only saw in movies. Feel free to enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime circumstances, but stay aware that the human characters are extremely fragile under the pressure of money and power.

Although you will fight to stay the same person you were before, there will be no way to avoid the transformation. Pay attention to how you act and behave, and how you speak. If you neglect taking care of your awareness, you could easily turn into the type of people you once judged. Find a way to stay humble and true to your identity. Wealth can come and go, but the human soul is irretrievable.

Burning a yacht

If you dreamed about burning a yacht, it can have multiple meanings. It may imply a financial loss in the near future. Watch your investments and carefully plan where your money goes. Unexpected expenses will put you in an uncomfortable position, bringing you worries and sleepless nights. Don’t waste money, uncontrollable spending will drastically influence your long-term finances.

On the other hand, it could mean that you will find closure with your previous life. You will leave behind all the people and circumstances that are no longer aligned with your true purpose. You will probably change your life habits and maybe even a place of residence. Embrace the change,  it will only enrich your life with new experiences. Everything happens for your personal evolvement and growth.

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