To Dream About Witches – Meaning and Symbolism

Warty-nosed old crones are an ages-old symbol and personification of malevolence. An archetypal character who is a representation of magic and mystery, having occult and forbidden knowledge. Witches were actually priestesses who possessed great wisdom and healing powers until Christianity showed up. They are usually associated with repressed thoughts and feelings, symbolizing the fear of the unknown and unfulfilled desires. They can also represent your experiences with women or anything feminine. Depending on the atmosphere within the dream, it can have multiple meanings. If you are feeling scared or weakened by this dream, it usually means that a problem will soon appear in your surroundings, either on a professional or personal plane.

However, if you feel empowered by this dream, it symbolizes your magical ability to create wonder and excitement around you, which makes you highly attractive. Dreaming about witches is only the implication of your consciousness that you should integrate all hidden aspects of your soul, making you a perfectly holistic being.

Read through the page to find the meaning of the dream that best suits the one you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers you were looking for.

Definition of the Witch

A woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick.

Dreaming about being a witch

If you dreamed about being a witch, it is a signal from your subconscious mind that you currently find yourself in overbearing helplessness and weakness. Some people or events in your recent past drained your vital energy and you feel like you are losing control over your own life. Pay attention to what kind of magic you’re using in your sleep. The kind of magic you practice usually implies where your burden lies. If you are creating magnificent and wonderful acts, it represents the altruistic and extremely humane side you wish to express more to the world by bringing goodness, health, and abundance through your power.

On the other hand, if you are creating disasters and tragedies with your spells, it implies that fear of loss and vulnerability is overwhelming at the moment. You feel as if you’ve lost all your power and individuality, by constantly settling for less. Take some time to dive deep within your mind and you’ll find an answer to why all these feelings arise. Judgment and criticism won’t help – be gentle and kind to yourself, because we’re all human and we’re all essentially the same.

Also, if you dreamed about practicing spells of shape-shifting, it means that you long to become someone else. Either to develop and evolve to another level of maturity and awareness or to acquire material things like money, power, and possessions. The shape you turn into implies the substance of your desire.

To see a witch’s broom

When you dream about seeing a witch on the broom, it means that you wish you can escape your current situation. It may be a misunderstanding with your coworkers or a quarrel with your partner concerning your relationship. The pressure you feel is immense and confining, but you don’t want to give in. You think that it’s best at the moment to follow the line of least resistance and to disappear for some time until the boiling water calms down. Staying low is useful at times, but frequently being in that position brings dissatisfaction, inferiority, and lack of self-love and self-confidence. You should turn to yourself and settle those beliefs about worth once and for all. Remember that you shouldn’t change the image in the mirror, you should change the mirror – because everything is a reflection of ourselves. Stand up for yourself calmly but firmly and show yourself some healthy self-love. Everything will change the moment you embrace all that you are.

To see blood spells

If you dreamed about practicing blood spells, it implies that great transformation lies ahead in your life. When the liquid of life is used as a part of a magical spell or witchcraft, it means that you will substantially evolve yourself and change your lifestyle from the root. This metamorphosis of your energy will bring you more abundance and better quality of life like you always wanted. All your passion and vitality are focused on that change at the moment. During this process everything that blocked your development may fall off – toxic relationship, redundant thoughts, and things that once were cramming your life. Depending on the purpose of the spell in your dream, it can have a different meaning – are they used for the power of evil of good?

Either way, prepare for a major turning point, find all the strength and determination you need and wholeheartedly welcome new circumstances. This change is the only one for the better – trust us on this one.

To see cauldrons and potions

When you dream about cauldrons and potions, it means that you will exhibit wonderful and immense creativity through unique expression in the near future. Different parts of your being are colliding and creating a strikingly beautiful mix of talents and qualities. You may display this type of behavior in the area of your profession or maybe you will attract loads of attention in your romantic life.

Either way, you are putting together your creative thoughts to create something magical in your reality. Open up for this bloom of your intelligence, you may meet wonderful people along the way or find yourself in situations that will forever change your life. Express everything freely and openly, eliminating any restrictions that may appear from the depths of your repressed subconscious mind. Now is the time to be completely liberal and to make space to expand and transform your personality. The consequences will be utterly magical, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Wearing a witch costume

When you dream about wearing a witch costume, it means that you have a deeply hidden desire to deceive and manipulate other people’s thoughts and behaviors. There is something about the positions of power that makes you highly malevolent. You love when you latently direct everything that happens around you and others and when everything is under your control. More and more frequently you are not choosing the means to get what you want – you’ve taken Machiavelli quite literally. This type of behavior usually suggests your deeply buried insecurities and fears, and as a consequence of your vulnerability, you want to manipulate the people around you. Deep down you feel unworthy and unlovable, so you try to induce love and appreciation by force. Remember that lies cannot last for long, it is only a matter of time when someone will see through your intentions. Turn within and search for the true reasons to respect and appreciate yourself – the love of others will come only as an echo. Let go of toxic feelings and manipulation, you already have all the qualities that you need for a peaceful and wonderful life.

Being chased by the witch

When you dream about being chased by the witch, it means that an overbearing woman is currently present in your life. It might be connected to your work, personificating the female boss that expresses dominion and supremacy upon you.

Or on the other hand, it can represent someone close to your family, a mother or a sister – a female that puts huge pressure on you, trying to control every outcome in your life. You have the right to voice your opinion, freely express everything that lies on your chest. Remember that you are the only one who should decide for you, but also the one who should take all the responsibility.

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