Dreaming of The Most Wonderful Time of The Year – THE WINTER

Some of you may like it, others don’t, but even though it is the coldest of four seasons, winters always have that special charm. They are a period when everything rests, and almost goes through hibernation. 

Depending on the state of mind we are in, dreams of winter can be associated with a lot of positive, as well as negative aspects. If we think about it solely as the period of coldness, dullness, short daylight, and the absence of the sun, then we should prepare ourselves for a long and depressive yet inevitable season. 

On the other hand, if we associate it with crystal snowflakes, a snowman in the front yard, a bar of warm chocolate or wine in the mountain cottage, or numerous holidays, etc. then it could turn into a festive and self-reflecting time of the year. 

Definition of a Winter

The coldest season of the year in the northern hemisphere, coming after autumn and followed by spring; in months of December, January and February

Winters don’t have to be as cold to our hearts as they are to our bodies. If you follow the lines below, you will see how many good omens lie behind coldish winter dreams.

Dreaming of the winter season – can you hear the jingles? 

The context of a winter season in a dream can point out the feelings we have towards it, and the interpretation of that dream is a reflection of what is happening in our lives at the moment. 

If you were dreaming of standing out in the cold winter weather, then you are probably going through a period in your life where you feel like you are stagnating, and holding your potentials hidden. Maybe you are feeling trapped in hiding your emotions under the surface, pretending to be cool while waiting for an opportunity to rise and shine. You feel sentimentally frozen, but have patience, for something new is just around the corner waiting for you. 

If your dream was about enjoying being out on the cold winter day, then rest assured because there is a lot of positive energy within you, that gives you the power to resist all the challenges coming at you. Regardless of how difficult or harsh life situations can be, you can handle them while smiling at the same time. 

If in your dream you are somewhere out there in nature, looking at all the whiteness of a snowy and sunshine day, then cheer up, for it’s a good omen. Good things are coming your way.

If you are dreaming of wintertime, while going through another season such as summer, some interpretations refer to it as a sign of prosperity and financial improvement in the future period. 

If in your dream of winter you are somewhere out in the cold with someone you know, possibly you are going through emotionally challenging situations where you feel you are emotionally detached from that person. If it happened to be your partner, perhaps you have become distant and emotionally unavailable, and you are buying yourself time to figure out what’s the next step to take. 

If you dreamed of feeling lost in cold winter weather, it may indicate feelings of sorrow and despair, related to a possible loss of someone close to you. You are going through a mourning phase and feel cold on the inside, no matter how much time has passed since your loss. Give yourself time to grieve, but hold on to positive things in your life, so you don’t fall under the burden of melancholy. 

If you were dreaming of closing the window to protect yourself from the cold winter breeze, then most likely you are about to experience some difficulties on your life path, probably at work. Some physically and emotionally challenging projects may come along, so be prepared to put in a tremendous effort.

Dream of a rainy winter day 

You wouldn’t be the first to dream about the rain in the wintertime, but it can surely happen and not only in dreams. While rain can be quite annoying sometimes in waking life, dreaming about it in the winter is usually interpreted as a good omen. 

It comes as a sign of wealth, good projects coming your way, positive vibes from your friends and coworkers, motivating you to keep up the good work. Given it all, prosperity and a stroke of good luck

It could also mean that troubles or worries you had in the previous period of your life are now left behind, washed out, and gone. Good news, isn’t it?

A sandy and dreamy winter day on a beach

Thinking of going someplace warmer, drinking a mojito, and suntanning while the rest of us deal with frosty eyelashes? Nice try. Still, no one can forbid you from dreaming about it. 

Dreaming about a beachy winter day signifies you are feeling nostalgic for the days when you had fewer worries on your mind, with much more daily bliss. It’s always a good feeling to go back and recap the good memories, but no use in living in the past. Try giving your best at present and you will end up having more good memories to hold onto when the future gets rough on you. 

Entertainment during the cold and dreamy winter day

If you are dreaming of having fun on a cold winter day, it could imply the way your subconscious mind is fighting against the present dullness of your life. Maybe you are locked in the moment where nothing special is happening at work nor in private life, and you are not willing to let it go with the flow. No matter how slow life can be sometimes, just keep up the good faith and never give up. 

How to get out of the snowstorm in a winter dream?

If you are dreaming of a snowstorm in the wintertime, then it’s a reflection of the way you are struggling through the decision-making process. You are well confused, distressed, and disorganized, and maybe even under the bad influence of other people’s judgments, which are quite distracting. Just like you would do in a waking life situation when being caught up in the middle of the storm, pull over to stop and think of what to do next. Calm down and breathe. No storm lasts forever. 

Dreaming of winter clothes

Of course, you are going to protect yourself from cold weather in waking life, but it’s interesting to see what it implies when dreamed of. 

If you are wearing winter gloves, for instance, it indicates that you are being careful while dealing with a complicated situation. 

The same interpretation refers to wearing a winter coat or jacket as if you are protecting your sanity and well-being in difficult times. You will drape yourself in warmth while reflecting and confronting your emotions and future actions.

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