Being Disabled – Wheelchair: Dream Interpretation and Meaning

In distance you see a disabled person, rolling in a wheelchair on the street. You watch their behavior, the way they speak, and the look on their face. Feelings of great respect and appreciation of their will for life and strength overwhelm your senses. Tears of joy wash over you, and all you can think of is immense gratitude for your health and the wonderful Universe that takes care of every single soul on Earth. Just as you look toward the sky, you suddenly wake up.

A wheelchair in a dream represents your inner need for support during challenging and difficult times. You are battling with real or metaphorical confinement, possibly within the emotional, spiritual or physical area of your life. This dream may represent an aspect of your life that requires the most attention, healing, and nurturing. Wheelchairs symbolize restriction and inability to escape the things that weigh you down. Such dreams oftentimes initiate a huge change within you, reminding you to keep striving and moving forward to evolve into a more advanced version of yourself – in other words, you are trying to learn how to walk again.

If you dreamed that you are in a wheelchair it suggests that you need to stand on your own two feet and stop depending on others that surround you.

However if you dreamed of someone else being disabled, it means that person needs some kind of help from you. The symbol of the wheelchair depicts overcoming restraint of the movement, where the movement is challenged. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had.

Definition of a wheelchair

A chair fitted with wheels for use as a means of transport by a person who is unable to walk as a result of illness, injury, or disability.

Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Seeing wheelchair

If you dreamed about a wheelchair in a dream, it represents your emotional or material dependency on someone in your environment. You’ve given all your power to them, deeply trusting that you are unable to survive without them by your side. They’ve probably been there for you through trying times, which made you feel completely helpless when they’re not around. It is absolutely ok to appreciate someone’s help and effort to make your life better and easier to deal with, but you must realize that they’re only a mirror of what you are capable of. Their appearance was only a universe’s way of telling you that there is still hope and that you mustn’t give up on yourself. You are truly able to overcome anything on your own. All power resides right there inside of you. Never forget the good deeds of others, but be aware that you are strong, independent, and extremely powerful by yourself.

Dreaming about someone/yourself in a wheelchair

If you dreamed about being in a wheelchair or seeing someone else in a wheelchair, the dream meaning differs.

If you saw yourself being disabled, it means that times of peace and serenity await you in the near future, after many troubles and difficulties. You’ve been like a ball of energy all your life – dynamic and restless. Constantly on the move, living your life with all your being. You’ve finally realized that it’s time to settle down and have some time only to yourself. You want to dedicate your time and energy to your loved ones, possibly wanting to have a family and an isolated place in nature where you can develop your nest. A period of true fulfillment is right at your doorstep because you’ve finally chosen to pursue real values in this life, leaving behind fond memories of your past. Indulge in your freedom and immense joy without any regret. Sincere happiness is your future and surrender to all of its blessings.

If you dreamed that your loved one is disabled, it means that you will make some sacrifices for them. It is expected of you to take care of their needs and wants because they’ve become extremely dependent on you over time. You’ve stayed right by their side ‘through sickness and through health’, and you’ve subconsciously taken over that role, without even knowing. It is good to know that they would do the same for you, but you could become very confused and without boundaries. You should know where their problems end and where you begin. Codependency could slow your progress down because you are trying to make someone else perfectly safe at your own expense. Make sure to help and encourage them, but don’t neglect yourself and your own needs and happiness.

Helping a disabled person

If you dreamed of helping or being helped by a disabled person, the meaning of the dream may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed of helping a disabled person, it means that you are currently feeling remorseful for your past actions and behavior. Your subconscious mind is restless with guilt and overwhelmed with shame because you’ve probably done or said something that won’t leave you alone. You would like to make everything right by showing some care and kindness toward the person you’ve hurt. Take some time to reflect on your inner world of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Be fully honest with yourself and answer the question – what made you do the things you did? You will realize that the core reason is lack of self-love and self-confidence, while other people only served as triggers for your suppressed emotions. Don’t be hard on yourself, because it is only human nature – we tend to hurt other people purposely or unpurposely in order to protect and shield the most vulnerable part of ourselves. Firstly make sure to completely forgive yourself for that behavior and accept that everything is always eternally right; there are no wrong choices in life. This situation is only a lesson that is trying to learn you to love and respect yourself unconditionally, regardless of what you experienced in the real world.

However, if you dreamed of a disabled person helping you, it means that some person will enter your life that will leave you speechless. It may be a new acquaintance, a new love interest, or maybe a business partner – basically, it can be related to any area of your life. That person will completely seduce you with their way of thinking and behaving, making you ponder all your attitudes and beliefs. You will realize that you’ve been blinded by stereotypes too many times in your life, which possibly made you miss out on very good opportunities and meet wonderful people. Their honesty will make you crave them even more in your surroundings because they are initiating a huge change within you without even knowing it. Embrace that encounter that will reshape your whole personality, because you will be thankful to them for the rest of your life.

Fighting with a disabled person

If you dreamed about fighting with a disabled person, it suggests that you are not on great terms with your self-confidence. You think that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness and you are trying to hide your every emotion by being arrogant and aggressive when interacting with others. That way you’re always choosing a path of least resistance and falsely presenting yourself, instead of working on your inner world and transforming those negative attitudes for good. You are not doing yourself any favor by acting like you don’t care. The first step is to be completely honest with yourself and to admit all your weaknesses. Accept them as an indistinguishable part of you, absolutely equivalent to your good traits. Sit with those feelings and reflect upon your actions when uncontrollable feelings from your subconscious mind emerge.

If you put some effort into your inner work, it will pay off on so many levels.

However, if you dreamed about someone fighting a disabled person, it means that you should beware of tough competition in your near future. This person is watching your every step and is always one step ahead of you. You don’t need to descend on their level to get what you aim for, you just need to stay true to who you really are. By being you, you will show yourself in the best light possible, completely immune to their attempts to degrade you. Be aware that they are there, but don’t pay much attention. As much as someone tries to attack it, the truth always shines even more.

To kill a disabled person

If you dreamed about killing a disabled person it means that you are currently being too hard on yourself, You’ve set the bar of your expectation too high, completely neglecting possible obstacles on that path. While it is always good in life to have some kind of ignorance, this behavior could bounce back to you, completely wrecking your self-confidence. Keep your optimism high, but be careful with your decisions and possible disruptions on your way to success. Everything is part of the great unfolding.

However, if you dreamed about someone else killing a disabled person, it means that you will find yourself in a challenging situation that requires cunning and thoughtful moves. Take some time to think about how to approach the problem the best, while making the least mistakes possible. Use your people skills and qualities to diplomatically avoid any misunderstandings and solve this situation practically.

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