One Ring to Rule Them All – Wedding Ring: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Inexplicable happiness and joy fill your whole being. You cannot help but feel deep appreciation for the divinity of the most wonderful and soul-stirring feeling felt by all human beings – love. Your partner stands in front of you, taking your hand, looking you lovingly in the eyes, and putting their promise of eternal love right at your finger – a small golden ring, abundant with meaning. The whole universe seems to stop. You feel as though all love, trust, support, and faith in each other collapsed to that one moment. Just as you reach their lips to seal your togetherness, you wake up.

Rings in dreams symbolize wholeness and continuity, union and promise, devotion, and infinity. In a broader sense, it represents a bond to a particular group, society, or affiliation. It is a sign of heritage, metaphorically depicting a cycle and completion of life in and of itself.

The appearance of a ring in dreams is usually primarily interpreted as a declaration of love and whatever happens to a ring is instantly transferred to the thing it represents.

For instance, a broken ring forecasts separation or divorce, losing a ring suggests disagreements with the person who gave it to you, to put a ring on someone else, means that you impose authority over that person, and so on. In addition to the above interpretation, rings in dreams also stand for loyalty to principles and ideals. On a much deeper level, they symbolize eternity, with no beginning and no end, depicting the nature of our true, divine self.

Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers that you seek.

Definition of a ring

A small circular band, typically of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones, worn on a finger as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority.

Dreaming about you wearing a wedding ring/someone else wearing a wedding ring/getting an engagement ring

If you dreamed about wearing a wedding ring, someone else wearing a wedding ring, or even getting an engagement ring, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about wearing a wedding ring, it suggests that you will encounter the greatest love of your life in the near future. You will be awe-struck with that person, feeling inexplicably close to them, almost as if you knew them for an eternity. In a way, it will be like you’ve already met in the past life and right now you’re reconnecting again on a different plane, but with the same soul. Don’t be afraid of those unexpected feelings of familiarity, surrender to the flow and follow your heart, because in this kind of life connection you can’t go wrong.

If you dreamed about someone else wearing a ring, it means that huge changes are right at your door. Although it may seem scary and disturbing at first, the purpose of this period is to initiate you to become a better and more evolved version of yourself. Endure this transition with courage, because the rewards are well worth the effort.

If you dream about getting an engagement ring, it means that you will meet someone who will finally make you happy. Let go of the worries for the future and underlying subconscious trust issues, because this relationship will replenish you with hope and restore your faith in love. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity because you are destined to meet and enrich each other’s experience on Earth.

Dreaming about gold/silver/broken/rusty/stolen wedding ring

If you dreamed about the gold, silver, broken, rusty or stolen wedding ring, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about the gold ring, it means that you will welcome some good news in the near future. Be prepared for that stroke of luck, because it will open doors of possibility you thought were impossible. I also mean that a marriage is possible if you’re already in a committed relationship – your partner is ready to take your relationship to the next level.

If you dreamed about the silver ring, it signifies the upcoming growth, where you will realize that you’ve immensely progressed and evolved, because of all the previous life experiences. You will truly feel gratitude and appreciation for every fall because you’re aware that made you the person you are today.

If you dreamed about the broken ring, it usually suggests division and separation in one’s life. It can be an end to a long romantic relationship because you’ve realized that you’ve settled for less all these years. Your relationship possibly turned into a stale and monotonous obligation, a sheer formality that you used to cover up your fear of leaving your comfort zone. You have every right to get rid of everything that doesn’t support the person that you are. If you dreamed about the rusty ring, it means that you’re currently stuck in a rut with your partner – every day seems the same and routine is slowly but securely destroying your relationship. Try to spice things up a bit, and return the long-forgotten passion to your relationship. Make a surprise to your lover, or go somewhere on a romantic trip, because any novelty will make things work impeccably once again.

If you dreamed about a stolen ring, it implies some kind of betrayal or deceit by your partner. Try asking for advice from the people you love, because right now you can’t through this situation on your own. Everything will certainly be alright, just find the best possible way to approach the problem that you have.

Dreaming about selling/losing/finding/throwing a wedding ring

If you dreamed about selling, losing, finding, or throwing a wedding ring, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about selling a ring, it means that you must overcome the issues from your past in order to start a new relationship. The time has come to end your grudges and forgive the wounds made by other people and continue moving forward. When you take your time to solve these deep-seated fears, you will be able to love again with the full capacity of your mind and heart.

If you dreamed about losing a ring, it means that the greatest love of your life is on its way to you.  Surrender to this extremely potent period, because the experiences that await you with them are beyond words. It is worth sacrificing the fear of commitment and forgetting the past unfortunate experiences that you had.

If you dreamed about finding a ring, it means also that someone new is about to appear in your life, but unfortunately, the relationship won’t last long. It will be a fiery and passionate encounter, sparking with revitalizing energy, which will make you both remember each other. Despite the result, make sure to enjoy the connection with this person, because it has a wonderful purpose for expanding your personality.

If you dreamed about throwing a ring, it means that some bad news awaits you in the near future. Some people will leave your life, and you should regret it. Everything that needs to stay, will stay. 

Dreaming about giving/getting a wedding ring

If you dreamed about giving or getting a ring, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about giving a ring, it is a symbol of incompatibility with the person you currently have feelings for. Maybe you’ve rushed mindlessly into a relationship with them, putting them on a pedestal and making yourself extremely dependant. Don’t rush anything – take some time to get to know them better, maybe the things will take an unexpected turn.

If you dreamed about getting a wedding ring, it means that you will stay in a happy and reliable relationship with your partner. Have no worries, and just thoroughly enjoy the time and space you share with them. If you are still single, it means that you succeed in getting the person you have a crush on. They will start showing their affection for you and maybe even asking you out. Have patience, and you will be amazed by the results.

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