Dreams of the Undead – Vampires: Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams of the undead – Vampires Meaning and Symbolism

Vampires – creatures of eternal, but peculiar life span, that makes most of us tremble of dread and terror. Their name originates from the Serbian language, and surprisingly all other languages also adopted this terminology. According to myth and tell-tale stories, they feed themselves with human blood and twilight is their favorite time of the day.

People have believed in vampires for many centuries now, and superstitions about them are widely known. They appeared in many books and movies, symbolizing eternal life – cursed and full of dread and damnation. But what does it actually mean to dream about vampires?

We all know that our subconscious mind stores all life experiences and events that we live, keeping them deep within us and out of our sight – until something makes those impressions reappear and surface once more. Therefore, dreams about vampires often symbolize repressed fear, disease, or even seduction and sensuality.

Depending on the context of your dream, they can have differing meanings. Dive into the interpretations below and find a suitable explanation of what you saw with imaginary eyes in the warmth of your bed.

Meaning of a Vampire

An imaginary creature from European folklore, actually a reanimated corpse, believed to leave the coffin at night to drink human blood by biting their neck. They are described as having sharp front canine teeth and they aren’t supposed to expose themselves to direct sunlight. They often wore shrouds and were of pale complexion.

Dream of being bitten by a vampire

If you dreamed about being bitten by a vampire, it can have positive and negative connotations. First of all, this dream symbolizes serious health issues. Possibly a disease could happen or a small physical injury that will require medical attention. Hospitalization could also be possible. Make sure to listen to your doctors’ advice, and take care of your health. Breathe deeply, drink lots of water and spend time in nature – everything that heals our bodies is free.

However, these dreams could also represent future romantic events in your life. A love interest may appear that could completely alter your perceptions about relationships. It could as well mean that your sexuality is being suppressed because of your own restrictive thoughts.

Express yourself freely. It is absolutely normal to experience such things. Relax and loosen up a bit. If a bite pleases you in a dream, it means that a significant relationship is on its way. Prepare yourself for wonderful moments of pleasure and love.

Someone turning into a vampire

When you see yourself turning into a vampire in a dream, it suggests danger is approaching. You cannot rely on your impulsive behaviors right now. Control your emotional outbursts and lay low, otherwise, you could become fatal not only to your surroundings but also to yourself. Confrontation and conflict will do you no good because you are weak and without energy. Let go of dense emotional states and take time to collect your thoughts.

However, if someone else is becoming a vampire, be careful when it comes to people surrounding you at the moment. Expect nothing, only rely on yourself.

To see a vampire drinking blood

This kind of dream often means that there is someone in your environment that seeks more of you than that you’re able to provide. You are enduring immense pressure from that person. As a result, you’re feeling drained and overwhelmed, with no energy for yourself. Someone obviously takes advantage of your kind heart and takes you for granted. It could possibly mean that a chain of unpleasant events might take place. You might want to stay away for some time from that person, to reflect and regain your life force. Not everyone is your friend. Anything that is toxic should momentarily leave your life.

Being chased by vampires

When you dream about being chased by vampires it symbolizes health issues. Benign sort of disease might be present – common cold, or slightly raised temperature. Make an appointment with your doctor, and make sure that everything is alright. It could also be a warning of your subconscious mind about a person in your environment – someone is taking away your time and energy, ‘sucking up’ your happiness and joy. Keep your eyes and ears open and know your worth.

Alternatively, this kind of dream could mean that pursuing your goals hasn’t been going well lately. Just keep pushing, the breakthrough moment is very near!

To see a vampire in a coffin

Dreaming about a vampire in a coffin usually means that liberation of all problems and worries is coming your way. Take a break, because everything is going to fall into its place. On the other hand, this dream could be about a dysfunctional relationship that you’re in. Your spouse or partner possibly takes you for granted and puts no time and effort into your relationship. Some things are meant to stay broken. Go within and you will see that selfless love doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself to earn someone else’s love. Respect and love towards self is the only thing necessary. Don’t worry, the right relationship will follow.

Dreaming of a loved one being a vampire

If your significant other is a vampire in your dream, it suggests that there is someone you cannot say no to. Someone who knows all your weak points and is using them against you. Even when you sincerely try to break free from them, you always end up being obedient. Fight for your freedom and openly express your dissatisfaction. Manipulation and control are psychological types of abuse. Your voice must be heard.

To shoot a vampire

Dreaming about shooting a vampire has different meanings depending on your relationship status. If you’re single and experiencing troubles of unrequited love – it is time to let that go. Redirect that love and respect to someone who is truly worth it. Be aware of your inner and outer beauty. If you are in a relationship already, this type of dream means that you are forcing your partner to change.

You are trying to revive your relationship the wrong way. Mutual support and attention to your partner’s needs are the only things needed to heal your wounds.

To see a vampire

This kind of dream means that you will soon get an unexpected love offer. Someone has been watching you for a long time and they will possibly admit their affection. Think about the pros and cons of your potential relationship. If needed, ask someone for advice. If you’ve been single for a long time, maybe you should finally give someone a chance. Take a shot, love is a wonderful thing.

To stab a vampire into his heart

If you dreamed about stabbing a vampire, that often symbolizes an end to a relationship because of your own mistakes. Long-term cheating, flirtation, or deception might be the case. Revise your recent decisions and evaluate your choices – have you taken other people’s feelings into consideration? Sooner or later you will regret the things you’ve done. Repent sincerely, say you are sorry and fairly part ways with that person. We all make mistakes, the only differences are our intentions. Admit it is your fault and move on with your life.

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