Apple of the Vegetables – Tomato: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Wonderful, reddish balls hiding among the grass, a beautiful scent captivates your attention while you walk through the garden. „Is it a vegetable or a fruit“, you think to yourself. Just as you reach out to grab and taste the fresh tomatoes – you wake up. This tasty vegetable is found in the cuisine of many countries, and people enjoy them in meals of many cultures.

An interesting fact is that for many years in the past, tomatoes were considered poisonous and were forbidden for eating. When it appears in your dreams, it is usually a symbol from your subconscious mind related to passion, fertility, and sexuality. Also, these dreams can represent an urge for socializing and widening the scope of your connection and interactions.

On the other hand, if dreamed ripe, it implies a rich and blooming intimate relationship with the partner, your sexuality is at its peak. But if you dreamed about green or unripe tomato, it means that your romantic feelings are just starting to unfold and they require care and much patience. Scroll below to find the interpretation that best fits your kind of dream.

Hopefully, you will find the answers to questions that have been bothering your unconscious mind recently.

Definition of the Tomato

A glossy red, or occasionally yellow, pulpy edible fruit that is eaten as a vegetable or in a salad.

To dream about throwing tomatoes

If you dreamed about throwing tomatoes, it indicates that some problems will appear in the near future. It could be related to your professional life and financial situation –  disappointment and helplessness can’t leave your mind. Someone may have interfered with your workplace and tried to humiliate you in from of everybody in your professional environment. You are deeply dissatisfied, and you will try to change everything for the better. As a result of this kind of energy, new work opportunities will present themselves to you, make sure that you use that opportunity.

New people will also appear to whom you can trust, their sole purpose will be to support and uplift your spirits in this transiting period. During this time, you will feel ashamed to ask for help or to lend some money from a friend or family. No one was meant to live this life on their own, it is normal to lend a hand when it gets rough. Being vulnerable is not a flaw, it is a completely natural human emotion. No one would feel less of you if showed your weaknesses. Freely open to the people closest to you and discuss potential solutions with them.  

Seeing sliced tomatoes in a dream

When you dream about the sliced tomato, some significant changes in your life are just around the corner. Boredom and monotony are sure to leave your life very in no time. You finally realized that you were too attached to your belief system and you defended your values so fiercely that they’ve eventually got you stuck in the rut. You’ve suddenly become aware that habits and beliefs that you were tightly coupled with, are not irreplaceable. Changing things in life is not nearly as difficult as you think. You just need some kind of push like love and support from the people you care for. That way you will find the courage and determination to evolve into someone new and to break the cycle of monotonous life.

Look around you and ask yourself: „Am I truly happy?“ The answers will become obvious right away. Turn to the people you love and let them support you. Don’t meddle with the Universe’s way to transform your life, let go and everything else will just fall into its place. Just decide and relax, all will happen spontaneously.

Dreaming about eating tomatoes

If you dreamed about eating tomatoes, it means that some gossip about you will appear. Someone from your surroundings spreads some false information and you are getting a bad reputation. Their intentions are rotten and you know that they stem from jealousy and envy toward you. These people may be your colleagues or friends. Be careful with whom you talk, because not everyone is your friend. You have to be cautious with the healthy amount of doubt about other people’s confidence.

Remember to trust your gut, because it never failed you. Make sure to distance yourself from them, to keep your inner composure and peace. Give up the revenge – the lies they’ve been spreading will return to their doorstep in no time. Justice always finds its way.

Growing a tomato plant

If you dreamed about growing a tomato plant, it suggests fertility and concealed love. You are probably in a secret relationship with somebody – it might be an affair or a harmless flirt – but you are sure that you’re starting to develop some true feelings for them. Surrender to this wonderful feeling and let it guide you. Your heart thinks that this could finally be it, so listen to its call and follow your intuition. This dream also represents fertility, so if you’re a woman it may mean that you will soon conceive a baby with the one you love. Or simply that your maternal instinct has woken up and it is stronger than ever.

However, if you’re a man, it means that you wish to become a father or that you finally want to settle down with your significant other. Either way, your senses are very sharp and you want to build a nest in which love will always be given and received.

Dreaming about different tomato products

If you dreamed about different tomato products, the meaning differs depending on the content. If you dreamed about the tomato sauce, it means that you will encounter situations where you will have to be very careful and cautious, with both eyes wide open. These events will require intelligent and abundant experience to handle.

If you dreamed about tomato soup, it implies that you always choose the path of least resistance. You want to keep everything just the way it is because stirring the pot makes you extremely uncomfortable. Stand up for yourself and voice your needs loud and clear.

However, if you dreamed about tomato juice it indicates good health and peaceful and satisfying life in the near future. Enjoy these blessings.

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