Medical Mechanics – Surgery: Dream Meaning and Interpretation

You slowly open your eyes. All you can see is a bright LED lamp that shines intensely over your face. Feelings of numbness and limp extremities overwhelm you and you are completely unable to move. You look around and see a circle of people surrounding you, all dressed in robes, wearing safety masks and medical caps. You suddenly realized that you are placed on a table in the middle of ongoing surgery of your body. Just as you startle and try to escape this disturbing situation, you wake up. Surgery is thought of as an invasive and healing procedure when the damage has been done. Essentially it’s a healing procedure that requires a change of structure of your body, or some part of it. Generally speaking, it symbolizes adding or removing something. While the dream about it can have a literal meaning, representing the urge to consider our health or health matters altogether, it can also have a more complex and metaphorical meaning for our life.

Dreams of having surgery performed on us means that some aspect of your life needs altering or removal, for ultimate healing to take place and to our benefit. Your emotional world has probably been disturbed and you need to take a deep dive within to find the root cause that you are subconsciously trying to ‘remove’.

If you dream that something is added to your body, you are taking on an unknown path in your life with accompanying feelings of fear and uncertainty. Regardless of the type of surgery that is being done, it implies that some part of your personality requires dramatic healing.

However, if something is being removed, an area of your life is facing loss and metamorphosis, releasing all condensed emotions and obstructions around it.

Definition of surgery

the branch of medical practice that treats injuries, diseases, and deformities by the physical removal, repair, or readjustment of organs and tissues, often involving cutting into the body.

Scroll below to find the dream interpretation that best describes the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been searching for.

Dreaming about having/performing/observing surgery

If you dream about having/performing/observing surgery the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed about having surgery, it means that the time of your troubles has come to an end. You will probably successfully avoid stressing over things that have taken a great deal of your time and energy and you will start to fully live your life at last. The rocky road of your previous experiences will serve you in the present, making you appreciate everything and everyone that surrounds you. Embrace this wonderful period of fulfillment and sincere joy – it is all yours for the taking.

If you dreamed about someone else having surgery, it may signify the upcoming change that won’t be pleasant from your point of view. Someone from your environment will completely change as a result of some event and you will not like it at all. You will try to avoid confrontation with that person because you are aware that nothing can be done. Let go of them – if their presence doesn’t make you happy anymore and it seems that you have nothing in common, be prepared to walk without them on your intended path.

If you dreamed about performing surgery, it means that you will be overwhelmed with pressure and stressful situations in the near future. You will gain the belief that you are the only one that cares about people and nurtures their needs. Take some time to yourself, recollect your energy and recuperate from others. And only then you will be able to serve everyone better, including yourself.

If you dreamed about assisting a surgent during the surgery, it means that you should let everyone you love take full responsibility for themselves. Your love and will to help is one of your most beautiful traits, but they shouldn’t depend on your good heart for the rest of their lives. Let them deal with everything alone – that way both sides will be satisfied.

Dreaming about waking up after/during surgery

If you dreamed about waking up after/during surgery, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details. If you dreamed about waking up during surgery, it means currently you are not prone to make hasty decisions. You don’t want to make an early conclusion about the situation, before collecting all the data about an issue and hearing both sides of the story. You are trying to avoid judging the people involved, basing your decision on subjective assumptions. Use that knowledgeable approach to help, because your evaluation of the set of circumstances will be the best possible at the given moment.

If you dreamed about waking up after the surgery, it means that the storm is well behind your back. Everything that threatened your well-being is finally gone and the times of worry and despair are now in your past. Let the feeling of relief overwhelm your senses, and enjoy the peace and serenity that the current circumstances bring.

Dreaming about being late/postponing/escaping surgery

If you dreamed about being late/postponing/escaping surgery, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed about being late to surgery it means that you are very irresponsible when it comes to your health and your well-being. You indulge in various vices, eating processed food, not exercising, and consciously destroying your body. Become aware of the damage that you’re creating and try to stay away from your pleasures for a while. Remember that you will regret your reckless behavior in the future, but it may be too late. Take more care of yourself and nourish and nurture your body with organic food, and spend some time in nature. Appreciate and respect your body, because it is your home for the rest of your life here on this plane.

If you dreamed about escaping surgery, it means that you currently don’t believe in yourself. Your lack of courage and self-confidence causes you to self-sabotage and block success and fulfillment from entering your life. Work on your inner world and develop healthy self-love. The effort you put into evolving your soul will certainly pay off – it is the biggest contribution that you can give to yourself and your being.

If you dreamed about postponing surgery, it means that some unsolved problem from the past will reenter your life. It will come creeping in, reminding you that the situation isn’t done and that the consequences of it still trigger a reaction in you. Come face to face with fears related to that person or event and release all accumulated rage, anger, and sadness related to it. Complete freedom lies on the other side of the fear.

Dreaming about various types of surgeries

If you dreamed about different types of surgeries, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed about heart surgery, it means that you’re currently doubting everything in your life and having many emotional dilemmas. You are hiding your feeling for someone for a long time because you felt unworthy of their love. This suffering and pain are represented in the form of heart surgery, reminding you that you should open yourself up to love. Admit your feelings to them and set yourself free of the burden that you’ve created. There is only something to be gained, nothing can be lost.

If you dreamed of having brain surgery, it means that you will be criticized in the near future. You will be intellectually manipulated for someone else’s interest, by being provoked that way. Stay immune to their comments, because they will give up after a significant amount of attempts to derail you.

If you dreamed about spinal surgery, it means that you have to be careful to whom you’re sharing your secrets and fears. Not everyone is your friend. Confide only with your loved ones, because they will never use it against you.

If you dreamed about abdominal surgery, it means that you have to decide in which direction you should channel your energy. You feel confused and lost because your attention is scattered all over the place. Once you come to conclusion about what is exactly that you want, it will be a lot easier to obtain all your desired dreams.

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