Some Dreams Should Have an 18+ Sign. Like Dreams of Stripper

If you could close your eyes and try to imagine a stripper, who would it be? A girl in the Red District? Or maybe some random girl at the strip club, movie alike? How about Demi Moore? Well, it makes no difference for they all represent the same. Desire. Lust. Body overly exposed.

No one can say dreams of strippers are that common, but when trying to interpret the dream, it all comes to one thing. A part of character or personality that likes to show off and tease. Dreams of strippers are more common to the persons already being a stripper and it shows how they portray themselves in that area or business.

If you are the type of person that likes to make promises but fails to deliver, if you don’t mind lying in order to get what you want, if you like to provoke a reaction and to use it in your favor, then a stripper in your dreams is like an alter ego. Manipulation is your way of handling things and solving issues.

Additionally, seeing a stripper in a dream means you are well aware of your appearance and you want to open up more about your sexuality.

Definition of a stripper

A person or a performer that seduces with dancing and clothes removal in an exciting way.

Dreams of strippers may sound kinky, but they’re not. See for yourself why. 

You are the leading role of your stripping dream

Opposed to how this dream made you feel after waking up, it can be pretty clean and neat. The meaning of a dream reflects on how you feel about exposing yourself in both a physical and sexual manner. You could be repressing the true feelings of your sexuality for too long. 

Maybe there is even a part of you that has the need to show off in front of other people, whom you don’t feel as successful, pretty, or interesting at all. You don’t mind if they understand how you feel about them, because what other people might call bragging to you is just pure truth. 

These dreams may come as a warning sign to you, so you could stop being so self-centered and start actually seeing others for what they really are. Maybe someone in your environment needs some driving force to be the better version and you might be just the person to help. 

You can look, but you can’t touch! Not even in a dream of stripping someone

Just when you thought that a dream couldn’t be nastier, there you are, sitting in the front row, watching the show to the fullest. The same show left you wondering what it could mean in reality. Well, the interpretation of this dream is the opposite of a dream of you being a stripper. It means that now you are the one feeling mocked and annoyed by others who consider themselves exceptional. You feel as if there is nothing you can do to achieve the same level as the persons you compare yourself to. 

If you take a closer look at this dream, it may not be as hurtful as you feel. It only means that if you want something so bad, you have to work hard for it and not let anyone diminish your effort or make you feel worthless. Also, some things are out of our hands, no matter how hard we want them. We can’t have it all. And this dream should teach us that it is OK to not have it all. 

Hold on! You’re not a firefighter, it’s a stripping pole you are dreaming about

Looking at a stripping pole in movies, one might think it is too easy to dance around it. Well, it is not. It takes practice and a lot of effort to control your body to the most difficult maneuvers. But, when dreaming of a stripping pole, interpretation tends to be a little kinky. 

A stripping pole is a manifestation of a man’s genitals. 

Simply said, dancing around the stripping pole in a dream is a simplified version of your sexual cravings towards someone. You feel the need for seduction and sexual interaction with someone special. 

On the other hand, if you have been reluctant to anything that has to do with sex and sexuality, then this dream means it is only how you see yourself. How you feel is totally the opposite and that is a good sign. 

A strip club – Not an ordinary office to dream about

Looks like someone’s a bit curious? No need to feel ashamed, you are obviously full of feelings of shame in reality. Too full, as a matter of act. You have been suppressing your sexual feelings and ideas out of fear that you will be subject to malevolent judgment and gossip. Well, newsflash! Other people have sexual cravings too, and somehow they find a way to express it. 

This means not only you are not alone but if you open up, then you might find someone having the same thoughts willing enough to share them.

It is seduction and sexuality that you have been having issues about. This may be a result of the way you were raised and the principles you have been taught. You may feel awkward and shy about your dreams of a strip club, but you shouldn’t. Instead, try talking about what really bugs you. 

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