An Observer From the Shadows – Stalking: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

You hastily walk down the street. Your breath gets faster and you have a strange feeling that someone is constantly behind you. But, every time you turn to look, there’s no one there. Numbness of anxiety and fear overwhelm your senses, but there is nowhere to hide. Luckily, you wake up.

Dreams about being chased or stalked, tend to be very unpleasant. The dream is usually symbolic and represents persisting issues in one’s daily life. It is a sign coming from one’s subconscious mind, pointing a finger to his or her experienced fear or anxiety around some recent topics. This kind of dream could also represent a dark side of the dreamer’s personality, attempting to catch on with another.

For instance, if the dreamer is doing something hurtful or condescending toward himself, the stalker in the dream represents that negative trait or habit. It may also symbolize a goal or a desire that you’ve been putting off for a very long time and were unable to accomplish or pursue.

Either way, the stalker always represents the hidden part of your unconscious mind that tries to surface to your conscious thoughts and actions.

However, if you are the one who stalks, it means that you’re having some serious trust issues with the people who surround you, and you are trying to test everyone who comes even remotely near. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had.

Definition of stalking

The act or crime of willfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of expressed or implied threats.

Hopefully, you will find the answers your subconscious was yearning to find.

Dreaming about a stranger stalking you

If you dreamed that someone is stalking you, it means that some troubles and difficulties are bound to appear in your daily life. Persisting problems are recurring in your mind, because of the negative emotional bond you’ve created with them. A lingering fear is trying to draw your attention to your subconscious insecurities and worries, to make you finally resolve all of them. This type of dream symbolizes your desire to run and hide from yourself because you think that the best problems are the ones that are avoided. Being haunted is definitely an unpleasant feeling, but running away from troubles won’t help you either. Try to turn your face toward adversity and find a way to accept it. Nothing is definite and final. Retrieve from your daily life to make some space and time for your thoughts.

Reflect upon your actions and images in your mind, and soon you will find that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Every difficulty has a solution, but first, you have to clear your head in order to think straight. The ability of decision-making demands concentration and calmness. When you attain that level of peace, the solution will literally pop into your head. Persistence is the key, just keep going.

Someone you know stalking you

When you dream that someone you know is stalking you, it usually means that you are consistently being watched. Probably someone is carefully observing your every move, wanting to control you. Pay attention to people that surround you, and trust no one. Think before you speak and only confide in the people closest to you. No one can take advantage of you if you don’t give them the chance to latch on to your weaknesses. Outsmart them with your behavior, and keep an eye on them. Everything will be perfectly fine, just be more cautious with your social circles.

Stalked by an ex

If you dreamed about being stalked by an ex, it usually means that you’ve probably been harshly treated in your previous relationship with them. This fear of them lurking around the corner represents your history of being physically dominated or even sexually abused. The trauma that permeates your subconscious, takes hold of your being. You think that this damage will stay present forever.

Although disturbing, their appearance in your dream has a very significant role in your soul evolution. The time has come to finally face down your fears. What happened, happened. First of all, try to forgive yourself, because only by doing that you will find absolute freedom. Maintaining a toxic connection to your past, only makes things worse and keeps you attached to your pain. By constantly going back to the traumatic experience, you are only reliving it but the problem stays unchanged. Go within and remember that your value doesn’t depend on your history. You are always safe, loved, and cared for, because there are certainly the people in your life that demonstrate it for you.

Even if there is no one around you, your very existence proves that you are meaningful and worthy. Heal your inner wounds and free yourself of the burden that has been weighing you down for a significant amount of time. You are meant to be safe and secure. Victim state will only attract more of the same and revenge will only bounce back to you. Give up the struggle and find serenity in forgiveness and love. You can do it because it is your birthright.

Dreaming about you stalking a stranger

If you dreamed about stalking a stranger, it symbolizes the shadow part of yourself. It may be a celebrity or someone important, or even someone valued in your close environment or country. It implies that you subconsciously want to become someone else. You are trying to achieve some goals in your life in order to compensate for the lack of self-confidence. You think that by morphing into another, you will gain the attention and respect that you’re longing for. By chasing a goal that is hard and unattainable, you are experiencing immense amounts of stress, because you are trying to live up to crazy self-imposed standards.

Instead of solving your problems, you are sidetracking yourself with other fantasies seeking distraction. The temporary change of your personality won’t magically make you love and appreciate yourself. Give up the wish to become someone else, everything you need is already within you. Focus on your qualities and advantages, and sincerely accept your whole being. You are one and only roaming this earth, there is no one like you. Appreciate that wonder and blessing of your life. Complete acceptance is the only way to your happiness and fulfillment. There is so much to adore in you, find those things and persuade yourself that you’re wonderful and absolutely worthy of attention.

Dreaming about you stalking someone you know

If you dreamed about stalking someone you know, maybe an acquaintance or even a close friend, it means that you are currently very obsessed with them. They probably fascinate you on a deep level, making you constantly ponder about them. This curiosity won’t leave you alone, even in your dreams. Possibly they display some trait or quality that you think you’re lacking. While it is a wonderful feeling to have a role model, this type of behavior can lead to degenerate and obsessive actions toward that person, which will make them feel very uncomfortable.

Try to integrate your personality and find those things inside of you, because they are certainly there – otherwise, you wouldn’t see it in them. Sink deep within and take time to admire yourself. You are very worthy of attention and love, you just need to see it yourself. Persist and you will detach from your toxic emotional habits. You are perfect and enough, just the way you are.

You stalking an assassin or spy

When you dream about stalking an assassin or a spy, it means that you currently have a great desire for power and control. You want to lead and be in charge of other people’s destinies. It can also have a metaphorical meaning – possibly you actually want to control the emotions and thoughts of other people without them knowing. Try to stop that behavior, because it always stems from your own insecurities and fears. You can only create huge damage in people’s life, by heartlessly neglecting their independence and right to express themselves the way they want. Reflect upon your thoughts and actions, you will see that what you do is extremely toxic.

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