The Experience of a Free Fall – Skydiving: Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Complete weightlessness in the depths of the atmosphere. You feel free and unbound as a bird, soaring its way through the skies. The blessed feeling of being unattached to Earth makes you see the beauty and magnificence of nature and the Universe. You free fall through the sky, and just as you try to open the parachute, you wake up. Dreams about skydiving tend to be very pleasurable for people experiencing them. They generally represent the willingness to risk and the highest of your ideals. Floating down gently through the sky with a parachute, signifies that you feel protected and safe during a time in which turmoil surrounds you.

However, if you dream that the parachute doesn’t open, it implies that you feel deserted and abandoned by someone who was supposed to support you when things are tough. The essence of skydiving is the adrenaline that one feels with the risk of falling directly to the ground. The power of that thrill is the relinquishing of control as you gradually descend. It symbolizes a need to let go of something you are trying to control.

Skydiving also represents taking a leap of faith when you have to free fall in your life, metaphorically speaking, and you have trust in the support of the unknown. Your firm morals and great principles are giving you immense strength and courage to do what many would try to run from. See the interpretations below, and find the one that best suits the dream that you had. 

Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been looking for.  

Definition of skydiving

The sport or activity of jumping from an aircraft and performing acrobatic maneuvers in the air under free-fall before landing by parachute.

Dreaming about skydiving

Depending on the details this dream can have multiple meanings. If you dreamed about skydiving without a parachute, it symbolizes fear of not being supported, because you think that no one can save you. That thought of not being safe, makes you feel extremely anxious and insecure. You feel as if you are left alone to cope with the happenings in the everyday life. Try using meditation and mindfulness exercises to calm your mind.

If you’ve already gone way down the rabbit hole, detach from your surroundings immediately and breathe as deep as you can. Even breath will help you to gather your thoughts and cool down your head. When you settled your mind’s havoc, reflect upon your recent thoughts, feelings, and actions and try to find the best solution to your problem.

However, if you dreamed about jumping with a parachute, it means that you are currently feeling safe and secure – loved and supported by the ones closest to you. It indicates a successful conclusion of the risky adventure.

Either way, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone, as it will only bring you decent results and evolve you into a stronger and wiser person.

Seeing someone skydiving

If you dreamed about someone doing skydiving, it means that you are jealous of someone’s freedom and laid-back life. You envy their casual and confident behavior – they are convinced that everything will turn out only for the better. They possibly have nowhere near as many blocks and self-imposed restrictions as you have, which makes you feel inferior when compared to them. These subconscious thoughts have everything to do with your lack of self-love and self-appreciation because for you the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Stop comparing yourself to other people, everyone has their own unique path in this life that they are bound to follow. Turn inward and find intrinsic motivation to be proud of yourself, to love and appreciate your current life and everything that comes with it. You will see at that moment all envy and jealousy will start to fade because you are finally focused on yourself and the beauties of your own life. When you believe in yourself, you believe in possibility. Feel gratitude and all will fall perfectly in its own place.

Falling while skydiving

When you dream about falling while skydiving, it means that you might face some health issues in the near future. You’ve probably been heavily stressed in the last couple of days, so your subconscious and suppressed anxiety will surface in the form of the illness. Don’t be afraid, it won’t necessarily be anything serious, but you might break under that pressure that you’ve been experiencing lately. Sometimes, these dreams appear as a subconscious protective mechanism against disease.

Either way, take care of your mental diet because thoughts are responsible for more than half of your body’s health. Do everything that calms your mind and your nerves. Try meditating, going for a walk in the park, exercising, or having meaningful and heartfelt conversations with your friends or family members. Anything that makes you feel safe and loved.

Becoming a skydiver

If you dreamed about becoming a skydiver, it means that you are recklessly making decisions about your future at the moment. You are probably taking too many risks without thinking about the consequences. Try not to haste to conclusions, because it could bounce right back at you. List all pros and cons concerning the situation, and systematically come to conclusion about what step is the best you can take. Nothing will run from you, so take a few deep breaths, roll up your sleeves and slowly build up the best solution. Everything you need to know is already within you.

Seeing a parachute

When you dream about seeing a parachute, it means that you are full of doubts lately. You can’t surrender enough to the chance, but instead, you have a very huge need to control the desired outcome. If the parachute breaks, it means that you shouldn’t start the projects that you have right now, because they are bound to be very insecure or full of risks. You should only start it with the people you trust.

Seeing a parachute in a dream can only signify that you could lose a critical project. Your efforts will certainly pay off, because of all the work that you’ve put in. If you dream about seeing a parachute wing in the sea, it means that you will continue to experience stressful situations. The parachute in water generally represents overwhelming emotions and anxiety. You should find a way to center yourself and calm down, because only under those circumstances could you ever bring a realistic decision. Try meditation or mindfulness exercises.

However, if you see many parachutes, it means that you should learn how to properly express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Try communicating more openly with people around you that you trust. You have all the rights to say what you think, not fearing anyone’s judgment.

Seeing someone jumping from a plane

If you dream about seeing someone jumping from a plane, it indicates troubles and real-life problems. Something unusual happens in life that causes you to be stressed and worried. But, luckily, you will be able to overcome all obstacles that present themselves to you.

If a parachute saves you from death, it means that you desire to escape your problems and avoid facing them. You need to remember that you have everything you need to solve them. Cultivate enough courage to show up for yourself and settle your fears once and for all. Put in all the effort that you can, because the results are worth fighting for.

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