Through the Eye of the Needle – Sewing: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Needles and threads are sitting all over your lap, while you’re trying to sew or tailor a piece of cloth, calmly creating and peacefully daydreaming. Every act of creation is a wonderful one, even if it’s imaginary. Dreams of sewing symbolically represent the restoration of a condition or a person in your life. It demands great precision and concentration which are also often needed when solving some of the greatest problems people encounter. It may mean that you will in a way radically transform and revolutionize your perceptions and personality.

When you’re sewing in a dream (or in reality) you are actually trying to join pieces of fabric together – subconsciously you’re actually trying to shorten the gap between the high amplitudes of your strengths and weaknesses. It can also be an implication of growth, fertility, and emotional and mental maturity.

Either way, you are incrementally climbing toward the big vision of your life, slowly but steadily enriching and developing your experience. Depending on the context this kind of dream may have different meanings.

Scroll through the page below to find the interpretation that best fits the dream you had. Hopefully, you will solve the latent mysteries of your mind.

Meaning of Sewing

A craft of stitching and joining pieces of a garment with a needle and a thread. One of the oldest textile arts.

To see yourself sewing

When you dream about seeing yourself sew, it usually means that you will take the matters of your life into your own hands. The previous person probably left you scattered and lost, so you will finally try to mend and repair the pieces that are left. You are focusing on actions and things that can concretely be done to move forward and beyond the current obstacles. The time of self-pity and sorrow is behind you, at last. Take the responsibility and think with your own head, because you’ve probably been under someone else’s manipulation and supervision. Use your courage and strength to step out of the shadows and make your own statements and decisions.

All the painstaking effort will definitely be worth it, just keep pushing through the storm. Trust your abilities and intuition and remember that you will cross the river of change as an evolved version of yourself.

On the other hand, you might give a nice gift to someone in the near future. You’re trying to show your care and affection by making something crafty and beautiful for the people you love. You want them to know you’re always there for support and comfort whenever they need it. And you’re right – happiness is made of small acts of kindness.

To see others sewing

If you dream about the others sewing, it means you won’t defend people that are close to you, because of your own selfish interest. Someone in your surroundings will accuse them of actions they didn’t do and you will do nothing to prove them otherwise – even though you know the truth. You are probably afraid of their authority and influence, thinking that the payoff could be brutal. While everyone should take care of their own existence first, it is in human nature to show empathy for others.

Take time to reconsider your choices and actions. Think about how many times they’ve stood up for you when you were in a tough life position. It is only natural to lend the hand to those who are threatened. Stop being a coward and show your real attitude – people you love deserved it.

Dreaming about sewing a dress

When you dream about sewing a dress, the dream can have various meanings depending on whether you are a man or a woman. If you’re a woman, it means that you will do anything to be noticed, either in the domain of your profession or your private world. Using your appearance, intelligence, or sense of humor, you will try to get under everyone’s skin. You want to prove that you are well worth of time and attention. Whatever the reasons, you should be aware that everyone is worthy, just simply by existing in this universe. Everyone is unique and purposeful, regardless of falsely constructed human norms. When someone truly sees you, nothing more will be needed to take them to you.

However, if you are a man, this dream implies that your creativity and imagination are a bit rusty. You are probably constantly focused on dry analysis and practicality of things, so much so that your creative channels are completely blocked. Don’t settle for a dull, lifeless, and rational approach to life – a touch of imaginative madness is something that enriches every human experience.

Sewing a suit

If you dream about sewing a suit, it means that you are currently especially determined around an issue in your life. You are not afraid to chase your dreams and goals and materialize them into your reality. It doesn’t matter what are the challenges and obstacles you need to overcome, you are always ready and willing to fight for your happiness. Not many people have the ability and courage to take their ideas into action. When you notice the negative reaction of others to your way of doing things, you transmute that spite into an incredible driving force that moves you even further. Keep staying true to yourself and your nature, regardless of the consequences. Remember that authenticity and audacity are the bearing pillars of a satisfying life.

Dreaming about sewing pants

When you dream about sewing pants, it implies that you are afraid of not fitting into a new environment in your life. You’ve recently gone through a huge transition by moving to another city, changing jobs, or even taking your lifestyle to a whole new level. You are constantly anxious and stressed out because you’re not sure you’ll ever be able to conform to the new circumstances. Try with getting to know people superficially at first, and every following time will be much easier than the previous one.

However, the most important thing is that you stay full and uncompromisingly yourself. Your worth should never be dependant on others. Whether someone likes you or not is none of your business. Only by staying true to yourself could you ever accomplish your dreams and desires. The uninhibited individuals are irresistibly attractive. Keep your grounds and fiercely step into the new and exciting chapter of your life.

Sewing a coat

If you dreamed about sewing a coat, it means that you are currently trying to save yourself from negative influences in your life. An event or situation in your past keeps haunting you to this day, and you just can’t be careful enough not to experience it again. Wounds are just too deep for you to ignore them. You can’t forget the seemingly evil things that were done to you. It may concern a person that use to be your partner or a once close friend of yours.

Either way, you are building walls around your fragile heart, not letting anything like that happen this time. Being suspicious and distrustful of everything and everyone won’t really help you to deal with the demons of the past. Avoiding pain only lets the repressed fear grow, making you more vulnerable and fearful as time passes. Try to isolate yourself and reflect on that event. Attempt to integrate all of your trauma and pain to finally liberate it from your body. Traped energy doesn’t dissolve – it only keeps building inside of us until it finds its way out.

To sew children’s clothes

When you dream about sewing children’s clothes it implies the desire to become a parent in the near future or to play a similar role in someone else’s life. If you have already fulfilled this aspect of your life, it means that you should spend more time with your loved ones. You’ve probably been very occupied with other things in life, that you unintentionally began ignoring your family. Open your heart and spend some heartwarming and lovely moments in the comfort of your home.

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