What’s for Lunch? A Bowl of Sleepy Rice With a Pinch of Dream

Rice is probably one of the most adaptive cereals in the world, being able to grow over most of the continents. Besides the nutritive qualities and benefits, rice has been used for so many other purposes. Did you know that rice is built in The Great Wall of China? According to the scientists, The Great Wall – one of seven world wonders – owes its strength and longevity to a special mortar composed of slaked lime and sticky rice soup. In Japanese culture, rice is a dish overly consumed for its nutritive characteristic, like being rich in carbohydrates and therefore an excellent source of energy.

Dreaming of rice comes with many interpretations of which most are good omen. Rice in a dream is a symbol of purity, happiness and good luck, new beginnings, but also fertility, prosperity, and overall harmony in life.

You can never be worried after dreaming of rice because no matter the context of the dream, good things are to happen.

Having so many positive manifestations, rice dreams are ahead of you. If you are already on this page, it means you have dreamt of rice, so be sure that you will find the answer to your questions. Just keep reading.

Definition of Rice

Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa, cultivated in warm climates and used for food.

Grains of rice all over your dream 

Let’s mention it again. Dreaming of rice is a prediction of joyful events coming your way. Good friends, great achievements, fertility… You name it. 

If you were dreaming of a great pile of rice, whether at your table or in a supermarket, you should know that you are about to enter the era of life where everything you ever dreamed of will start to come true. Try rethinking all the things you worked hard for in the past, and start expecting positive outcomes. Like a chain of positive thoughts, it will load you up with satisfaction and self-esteem, closer and better to all the important people in your life. Starting as of family.

Some interpretations say that dreaming of rice could also be a sort of warning sign. You know that process of preparing a rice meal, where at first you wash the rice, fry it or cook it, and then serve it or mix with some other ingredient? Well, the same thing goes on when it comes to the meaning of dreaming rice. You should be more careful and detailed when planning your future actions. The more you plan your steps, the fewer problems you’ll encounter. Especially in professional life. 

If you dreamed it, doesn’t mean you should eat it – raw rice

Patience, dear friend. That is all you are going to need from now on. 

You were dreaming of unpacked or uncooked rice, and can’t quite be sure what it means. Well, it means that you have been pushing things and people around you to speed up their actions even though you had no right or reason. You feel as if things are going way too slow, and you are losing your productivity. 

Think of it in a different way. If you let others do their best at their own pace, they will be more productive and more certain of the quality of their work. The same thing could be done to you. If you keep pushing, eventually you will end up making a mistake that will cost you more than it should.

Relax, let things go the way they are meant to, and one by one your dreams will turn into a wonderful reality.

Pure white rice dream

No matter the lifestyle we are living, white rice is something that always stands for pureness and whiteness. So, if you have had a dream of white rice, it could imply that someone might give you a present, which is entirely unexpected.

Don’t just stand there, wash it! Cleaning the rice in a dream

If in your dream, you have found a small package of rice that seems dirty and you can’t properly use it, try connecting it to the real-life problem you have encountered lately. You may need to adapt to the newest circumstances in your life, accepting and facing the problems along the way, and staying faithful to yourself and your ideals.

To spill the rice in a dream

You just can’t keep it in one place? At least try, because dreaming of a spilled rice is probably the only negative dream interpretation. Seeing rice all over the floor, starting to get dirty, is a prediction of unanticipated circumstances that are about to happen to you. Those circumstances could be related to health issues, or work affairs that may be too big of a burden to your back.

Stop to shop! Buying rice dream meaning

A dream of rice like this one could be interpreted in various ways. For example, you could be getting yourself a new home pretty much sooner than you think. Probably, your chart line will rise, bringing you the improvement of a financial situation. There will be many choices to make, but keep the faith in yourself, and you have only the best to hope for.

Planting rice on a dreamy field 

Have you ever seen fields of rice crops and those hard-working people getting soaked up in the field?

When trying to explain to yourself the dream of rice you had, start with what is it in your real life that could be associated with the rice in your dream. Perhaps you have been working hard in the past, focusing all of your energy on your project? Planting rice is a demanding job, but if you really put yourself into it, you have every right to expect the best outcome. The same thing goes for your real life. Rice in your dream is a symbol of the good and overly expected results of hard work. The more hard work you put into the process, the more rice/results you will harvest. And as for harvesting the rice in your dream, no reason to be worried. The results of your hard work could only be better than you expected.

Cooking rice is challenging, even in your dreams

It seems that if you had these dreams, some new responsibilities are coming along the way. Don’t doubt yourself for a second, for all of your hard work will be rewarded. This way or another.

A perfect and yummy rice dish in your dreams 

Since dreaming of rice, in general, is a sign of prosperity and future fortune, then dreaming of a rice dish could symbolize a level up in your work project. You have been investing your time and funds into the project, and now it’s time to start earning from it. The prepared rice dish is a symbol of material benefits that will ease your life and financial situation, as well as your closest ones.

Bon appetit! Eating rice in a dream

Being the symbol of prosperity, dreams of eating rice could only be interpreted as a sign of tranquility and harmony that had found its way into your home and family, as well as your personal life. Family strings are strong and everlasting, being the fuel to your everyday tour de life.

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