Dreaming About Quarters – Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

You walk down the street, slowly roaming and gazing around when suddenly you see a silver, shiny coin, standing in front of your feet. Feelings of happiness and joy fill your heart. Just as you lean forward to pick it up from the ground, you wake up.

Dreaming about finding quarters usually means that it is time to display your natural abilities, reestablish your belief system and take on new perspectives and bright ideas. In other words, you will make crucial decisions that will completely change the way you live. But these novelties will only bring you new opportunities and enhance the quality of your life experience. This paradigm shift will immensely improve and enrich your time on earth with wonderful people, situations, events, and knowledge. Everyone also knows that finding a coin implies great luck. If you dream about getting heads, it means that miracles await you in the upcoming days.

However, if you get tails, it symbolizes difficulties, challenges, and troubles. The spiritual meaning of finding all types of coins means that you are being currently valued and supported by spirits. It may imply that the spiritual creatures are trying to contact you, such as angels or spirits of your passed loved ones.

When you dream of quarters, an alternative interpretation would be that you will receive unexpected gains, but you will also have to take on a huge responsibility for it. You have to make sure that you act in accordance with your inner values. Also, it may mean that you will experience some delays or changes in your current plans. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had.

Definition of a quarter

Each of four equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided.

Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Dreaming about finding a quarter

If you dreamed about finding a quarter, it means that you are bound to try something new in the upcoming days. It symbolizes freedom, strength, encouragement, and insight gained with experimenting with various ideas. The exploration will happen either on an emotional or mental plane. You have huge potential at the moment for the growth and expansion of your soul’s journey. Keep your eyes and ears open for information of all kinds, because that will propel you to your life’s true path. You and some aspect of your personality may gain valuable experience and knowledge by trying something new and exciting.

Anything adventurous, intriguing, and inspiring will occupy your desires and thoughts. Stay active, curious and enthusiastic, because this type of energy is very potent to initiate a transformation of your personality.

However, a bad indication of this dream could be that a quarter in a dream may reflect that you are trying hard to constantly maintain dynamics in some area of your life. You are pressuring yourself to keep things interesting and flowing, but forcing things to happen won’t get you anywhere. Remember that spontaneity is the key to ultimate freedom.

Dreaming about losing a quarter

When you dream about losing a quarter, or any money for that matter, means that you currently feel very financially insecure. The feelings of scarcity and lack won’t leave your mind, because you are constantly fearing that you stay without protection, safety, and security. You subconsciously believe that your well-being is threatened in some way, and you are feeling afraid and extremely cautious. It is good to take care of your welfare, but overprotection can create ugly counter effects. Try to calm down and refocus your thoughts in the direction of happiness, love, and freedom. Forget about your fears and worst-case scenarios where you feel threatened and lost. Turn inwards to find the answers that you seek. Everything you need to know is right inside of you. Feel the love as much as you can, and focus only on the bright side of every situation that you find yourself in.

Dreaming about giving a quarter to someone

If you dreamed about giving a quarter to someone, it means that you are a generous person and that you love to help others. Your caring and selfless personality effortlessly draws people toward you. You are always there to support, protect, advise, and help as much as you can. This kind of dream reflects your desire to see the good in people and oftentimes it is a positive symbol that blessings are on their way to you. You will reap whatever you saw – so make sure that only good stems from your thoughts and actions. Being a good person guarantees you the future rewards for your noble deeds.

Dreaming about saving quarters

When you dream about saving quarters, it can indicate that you are in a difficult financial situation at the moment. Your intense worry makes you lose sleep and serenity because you fear bankruptcy and poverty. Now is the time to consider ways in which you are being irresponsible with your finances and where do you usually leave your money.

On the other side, try to relax a bit because constant stress can seriously backfire in the form of illness or some serious health issues. Remember that nothing in this life is final and everything has a solution. Surrender to your circumstances, because whatever you want awaits you on the other side of the fear. Try to meditate and reflect upon your thoughts and feelings and you will see that you’ve only ever focused on negativity in your life. Turn the page and build a new dwelling place in your mind. Use all the imagination and enthusiasm you have left to notice the great things in your life.

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