What Lies Beneath Dreams of Pythons? Interpretation and Symbolics

From the Garden of Eden, through Greek and Egyptian mythology, across Aztec religion and Buddhism, up until today snakes have played a significant role in cultures all around the world. 

Thus, interpreting a snake in a dream should be taken with a grain of salt. 

There are so many traits and symbols that snakes have been in association with. Such as allurement, viciousness, lies, but also fertility and rebirth, revival, and health. Even though pythons are the largest nonvenomous snakes, dreaming of them should be separated from other snake species.

Definition of Python

A nonvenomous snake usually found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Some of the largest snakes in the world are among the pythons family

Seeing a python in your dream – good or bad omen?

Unlike any other snake, pythons have skills that are quite intimidating and disturbing. Sometimes even leaving you breathless. Literally. Dreaming of python can indicate so many contradicting meanings. 

Since pythons are an embodiment of extremely dangerous life situations, seeing them in dreams could point out the type of danger we are in. 

When seeing a python in a dream represents an enemy. 

Whether in a social or work environment, most probably there is someone who is not that big fan of yours. That person could easily be qualified as your enemy. Someone who posted a trap, waiting patiently for you to get caught. Your subconscious is sending you a message to be cautious.

When seeing a python in a dream mirrors a sexual desire. 

Regardless of how we feel about it, looking back at the Old Testament, women have always been associated with snakes. Speaking of pythons, in particular, dreams of them could signify a sexual desire of a woman. The reason lies in the fact that most of the time women aren’t open to discussions on their sexual yearnings as men are. Are you afraid of speaking out on your sexual wishes to your partner? Or maybe you are in a violent and abusive relationship, and you see your partner as a culprit? If so, then you are in need of professional help. Don’t hesitate. 

When seeing a python in a dream means being trapped

You have reached that point in your life where it feels like you are stagnating, with no hope of progression whatsoever. Feelings like that are equivalent to suffocation caused by python, and your day-to-day struggles to surpass the situation. 

Seeing more than one python in your dream

In addition to seeing one python in your dream, seeing more of them implies more problems, more enemies, more of everything that conveys a malicious and violent attitude. 

Fighting with python in your dream  

Pythons are vicious and ambush predators. Their significance lies in their ability and strength to wrap around their prey and strangle it to death. That being said, dreaming of fighting with a python could be interpreted in various ways, where each symbolizes the strength of willpower. Therefore, it has a positive as well as a negative connotation. 

If you are overpowering python, it means you were strong enough to deal with the enemy in your life, maybe defeating your competition at work, and all in all taking your life back into your hands. 

If you are overpowered by a python, then you are probably flooded out by your aggression and desire to revenge for something. Also, it could mean an abuse of power, whereas you act like a bully or sexually abusive towards someone inferior to you.  

Dreams of killing a python. Should you be worried?

Although killing itself is an act of violence and immorality, there are times when we feel like it’s morally justifiable. Killing someone or something in a dream can seriously affect our mental health, even for a day. Dreaming of a python being killed, on the other hand, can point at many problems in our lives. 

If you are dealing with health issues that have been impacting your life for quite some time, then a python that has been killed and buried in your dream, could indicate that you will get better and healthier, recovered from diseases. 

If you are experiencing difficulties at work or being abused by your superiors, then killing is a symbol of overcoming the problems, possible confrontation with your opponents or competitors, and a positive solution to a problem. 

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, killing a python means that you were strong enough to stand up for yourself and leave, despite your feelings. 

Being bitten by a python in a dream

Though pythons unlike other snakes are not venomous, they can and do bite. And when they do, they usually see you as their prey, which leads to them folding around you and never letting go. 

So, now that we got that clear, dreaming of a python bite is as scary as it is in waking life. It could be interpreted as a sign that you are doing something way too wrong and prohibited. 

Since dreams of pythons are a sign of either an emphasized aggression or sexual cravings, it could be that one of these two states is describing your current attitude. Maybe you have been abused by the person you confide in, your partner, or you are acting abusive to the person you love, due to fear of being abandoned.

You had a dream of a pet python

Let’s be honest. Not many people are loving the idea of a python as a pet. Wonder why? Are you familiar with the way they measure their prey? That’s why.  

But, dreaming of a python as your pet displays a certain sexual element that has to be taken with caution. If you are, let’s say, getting along with your pet, then it could imply that your cravings are under control. Vice versa, being attacked or even overpowered by a python, means you have been held hostage by your deepest passions. Be aware. If used against others will, most of those actions withdraw legal sanctions.

Dreaming of a colored python

When it comes to dreams, no python is the best python, agreed? Yet, if you could choose, which color would you pick?

Dreaming of yellow python (a Burmese python) – as opposed to standard enthusiastic symbolism of yellow color, it also stands for caution and signs of warning. Combined with python in your dream, be twice as careful with your actions in waking life.

Dreaming of a red python – stop and look around. Whatever it is that you are doing right now, you should stop. It may harm someone. 

Dreaming of black python – besides the fact that its look and color indicate a strong personality of a dreamer, it can also be a sign of bad tidings in the future. 

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