What Happens When a Dream Sounds Just Like a Prayer?

In this life, we all have ups and downs, and there comes the time when we all need a little extra help to surpass the challenges life puts us through. There are so many religions of the world where people find comfort in the most demanding situations. 

No matter if you are a believer or an atheist, at one point every one of us has been in a situation where we instinctively close our eyes and pray for something or someone.

Prayers may be a true or even a superstitious belief that there is an invisible, out-of-this-world force, somewhere out there, that will help us resolve the problems we got ourselves into. Sometimes our prayers can be immensely deep and profound, to the point where they are transferred into our dreams.

What happens next? What happens when we start dreaming of praying?

Well, for one thing, prayers in our dreams are in deep connection with our subconscious mind and our inner spirit. The act of praying for something is related to our deepest desires, our life goals, and plans, dreams we have in waking life. 

Therefore, when we dream of praying it is the actual desires that come out to the surface, even if the surface is a dream itself.

Definition of Praying

A religious ceremony of addressing God in order to express admiration, love or to ask for something.

You could be praying in dreams even if you are an atheist, or you could be praying to Satan even if you are a God worshiper. Scroll down to see for yourself. 

Are you praying in a dream or are your dreams part of your prayers?

Whatever it is that you are dreaming of in your waking life, prayers in your dreams are just a subway to the streets of your reality. They could be a manifestation of life goals and plans, but they could also be a sign of humility and obedience, as well as respect and a feeling of guilt, for being too weak to do things by yourself. 

The fact that you decided to ask for help, even if it’s through prayer, means you are ready to face your problems and let go of your fears. No need for self-punishment.

Sending a prayer to a God – putting a stamp on a dream envelope

Regardless of what religion you belong to or you have found yourself in, when praying to God, it is our deepest fears and yearnings that address us to this higher level. Praying to God while dreaming is a sign of a wish-fulfillment. 

There is something important you have been wishing for a long time, working hard and relentlessly, and you have been streaming all of your positivity into making your wishes come true. Don’t be surprised if you manage to bring to an end more plans than you expected. Therefore, this dream is a really good omen.

Someone is in your prayers and your dreams. Who might that be?

Even though praying for someone is an act of deep empathy and fondness, these kinds of dreams have tendencies to be the opposite of Good Samaritan behavior. Someone might be taking advantage of you, probably someone close to you and it could be related to money or emotions.

On the other hand, praying for someone is a sign that you are surrounded by kind people that care for you as much as you care for them. When you dream of praying for the health or better well-being of someone, it means that you are protective towards that person, you have the need to be a sort of safe haven and of use to that special someone.

Praying together – sending dreams and wishes to the universe

Dreams in which you were praying along with other people, or with someone special, carry a good omen. It means that in reality you are surrounded by a friend or members of a family, or people in general, who are full of respect and admiration towards you. These people are the ones you can lean on in difficult times, the ones you can share common goals and passions. They will not betray you or work behind your back. Consider yourself a lucky one. 

When it comes to family, it is good to know that they got your back. Cherish that. 

Praying against Lucifer, malevolent dreams

Praying, in a way, is a defensive mechanism, where a human being is either fighting or trying to run away from a situation that is awkward or even disturbing. When dreaming of praying we are defending ourselves from bad, deeply hoping that something or someone will help us resolve problems or carry us through hardship.  

If your dreams are more specific, like praying against satan or evil forces, then you might end up pretty disturbed. The thing is, someone in your waking life is giving you hard times, enticing strong feelings of fear, anger, even hatred, for not being able to get rid of it. Probably someone very close to you. All of a sudden you feel as if everything bad that is happening to you is a side effect of your connection to this person.

If you are feeling this bad in your dreams, and it makes you pray within, then you are probably much worse in real life. Why don’t you just disconnect from the ones who make you feel that bad?! 

Some ties are just meant to be cut off, with no extra explanation. Take it this way: not worth it.

Praying in church, pouring your dreams at the altar

The church is a sanctuary, the last resort we come to when in need. And not only for that reason. 

If you are a religious person then a church is the place where you put the foundations to your belief system. This special dream of praying inside the church reflects how you cope with the big and important issue in your current life. Feeling like you’ve reached the dead end and you can’t return backward?

Now that you are awake, try taking steps backward in your mind, and figure out where is it that you’ve made a mistake and can you do anything to fix it. It might not be unsolvable as you think, but it sure might demand more effort. If it means you will stop praying while dreaming then it will be worth it.

Pray it out loud – volume up those dreams

When saying our prayers out loud, it means we want them to be heard. The same thing goes for dreams. 

If you were praying loudly while dreaming, you are obviously experiencing some really tough issues and you need help. Saying it out loud gives you hope that someone might hear your voice and offer a helping hand. The thing that frightens you the most is that nobody hears your voice and you’ve been left completely alone to fight your battles. If this is how you feel in reality, try getting professional help. 

Sometimes a total stranger could be the one that unties the knot.

Praying mantis visiting you in a dream

Some like it, some fear it, but dreaming of a praying mantis does have deeper meaning and, in many cases, not a kind one. In a way, you find yourself in a relationship that is toxic and harmful for both sides. Either you are the one acting malevolently, or it is the other person that is totally disregarding your feelings. Both of you are being destructive and pushy, so maybe you should reevaluate your relationship. Some people are better off without.

According to some interpretations, dreams of a praying mantis may suggest that you are starting to realize your hidden potentials but you’re still not ready to face it entirely. What you need to do is to level up your self-confidence. No one knows you better than you do. 

Trust yourself.

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