Wisdom Personified – Owls: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It is a dark and velvety summer night and you decide to take a stroll through the nearby woods. You are amazed by the beauty of nature and the abundance of sounds and smells that it offers. Soothing darkness overwhelms your senses and you feel very calm and safe in the kingdom of the trees. In the midst of your self-reflection, you see a glowing pair of eyes, gleaming like the buttons of gold through the tree leaves. You realize it is an owl, looking straight at you, focused and stable, appearing as if it has come to pass on the words of wisdom. Just as it has released its hoot, you wake up.

An owl in dreams usually represents wisdom, opinion, knowledge, and insight. Because the owl sees in the dark, it represents our intuitive sense of seeing into the depths of our unconscious mind. The unconscious seems to represent a synthesis of all life, and the owl personifies this body of collective wisdom. In the American Indian tradition, the owl is considered to be the eagle of the night.

Some dream interpretations that are based on superstitions suggest that dreaming about an owl is a negative omen, which indicates a twist in good fortune.

On the other hand, in Shamanism, the owl represents a creature that travels between worlds, between life and death, the underworld and the outer world. Dreams of this nocturnal bird indicate that huge changes are on the way. Since owls have the ability to see in the dark, they represent your intuition and ability to really see what is going on beneath the surface and within yourself. This makes them symbolically connected to the darker, more hidden sides of human nature. To hear the solemn, eerie, unearthly sound of the voice of the owl, warns dreamers that death creeps closely in spite of health and happiness.

Scroll below to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Definition of owl

A nocturnal bird of prey with large eyes, a facial disc, a hooked beak, and typically a loud hooting call.

Dreaming about seeing an owl/owl flying/owl landing/owl staring at you

If you dreamed about seeing an owl, owl flying, owl landing, or even owl staring at you, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about seeing an owl by night, it means that different news awaits you in the near future. The first one is related to a health issue – it may be a passing condition or some illness that will drain all energy from your body. It won’t be anything dangerous or impossible to heal, but you will have to get a piece of professional medical advice, so the condition won’t deteriorate in the future. Pay attention to your diet and your sleeping schedule – it is mandatory for you right now to take care of yourself, since you are extremely exhausted subconsciously. The second news will be related to the passing period of professional insecurity and lack of stability. Try to focus more on your tasks and short-term goals that are related to your work. Give your best and the rewards for your effort will be inevitable.

If you dreamed about an owl flying it suggests that financial success awaits you in the near future. Money will appear seemingly out of nowhere and you will be utterly shocked by the sequence of circumstances that brought it to pass. It may be a job promotion, salary bonus, or even an unexpected inheritance in the family. Enjoy this extremely beneficial period and freely treat yourself and others.

If you dreamed about an owl landing, it means that you should pay more attention to your health and overall well-being. Some type of illness will appear in your body, due to repressed emotions and fears, that will wreck your immune system. Long accumulated stress will finally surface and it will strongly affect your health. Take some precautions and seek medical advice or treatment, while you still can avoid these consequences.

If you dreamed about an owl staring at you, it means that you should better spend some time with your family. You long for their unconditional love and support, and you sincerely need their care and nurturing. Take some time to visit them, because it will improve your mood. Remember that family is a crucial part of our lives and it makes up the majority of who we really are.

Dreaming about various colors of an owl/owl chirping/many owls

If you dreamed about various colors of an owl, owl chirping, or many owls, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about the various colors of an owl, the interpretation is completely determined by the color you see.

If you dreamed about the white owl, it means that you will experience an unexpected setback in the near future.

However, you will have numerous opportunities to overcome the upcoming obstacles. The white owl represents the savior and light-bearer, so it personifies the solution in your current situation.

If you dreamed about the black owl, it means that on top of your current condition, there is an additional problem hanging above your head. It means that it will be very challenging to avoid this circumstance – you simply have to experience this. Its sole purpose is the expansion and development of your soul’s intended path, so make sure you courageously accept the challenge you’ve been given.

If you dreamed about the brown owl, it means that you will have a serious quarrel with someone from your surroundings. It may be a disagreement with a relative, a partner, or a close friend. Your connection will be stirred up with dissatisfaction from both sides, but don’t worry – everything will fall right into its place and you will experience a rebirth of your relationship with this person.

If you dreamed about an owl chirping, it means that your worries and times of fear will finally see their end. You will break free from all the restrictions of your life, ultimately finding peace and serenity within yourself. Much better times are ahead of you, prepare for wonderful moments of relief and sincere joy.

If you dreamed about many owls, it means that you will receive very good news about your many desires. It seems like everything is going your way, without you asking for it or needing it. Enjoy this extremely prosperous time, because you will experience a breakthrough on many fronts.

Dreaming about the baby owl/dead owl/being attacked by an owl/owl at home

If you dreamed about the baby owl, dead owl, being attacked by an owl or even owls at home, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about the baby owl, it means that you will experience huge luck and success but at the expense of the others. It is a mixed sign of good and bad luck because someone will have to go through various challenges in order for you to realize your goals. But don’t worry,  no one will be severely damaged, everything will fall into its place at the end.

If you dreamed about the dead owl, it suggests the symbolic death of your past self, meaning you’ve finally resurrected from your traumas and painful memories. You are ready to begin a new cycle, rejuvenated and refreshed, prepared to take on new life experiences and challenges. Enjoy this period of abundance and transformation, because you will be surprised with how different your world is going to look.

If you dreamed about being attacked by an owl, it is a warning sign from your subconscious mind that you should think carefully when making important decisions. Don’t jump before your leap, because recklessness will cost you a lot of nerves. Make a list of pros and cons, so your decision isn’t biased by your subjectivity.

If you dreamed about owls at home, it means that you’ve probably crossed the line of tolerance when it comes to jealousy. Excessive amounts of this kind of behavior can lead to ugly consequences, so make sure you calm yourself down. Remember that by being jealous, you’re only hurting yourself. Take some time to feel gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.

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