Not as Nearly Fascinating as Seen on TV – Nuclear Bomb Dream Meaning

You’re standing in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by darkness. The air is heavy, gives you chills. You really can’t tell where you’re at. Lights switch on. And there it is, right in front of you. The most powerful weapon in the world. The one that destroys years and years after. A nuclear bomb and you are in charge. 

Dreams of nuclear bombs represent a devastating situation that either happened or is about to happen. The kind of situation where crucial changes happen and you can’t predict the final result.

Definition of a Nuclear Bomb

A bomb that uses nuclear energy to cause an explosion

Standing in front of a nuclear bomb in your dream

One thing is for sure, dreams of nuclear bombs, or bombs of any kind, are not something that happens repeatedly. So what triggers them? 

Well, it could be the fact that day by day we are exposed to stressful situations that we don’t always know how to cope with.  

Seeing a nuclear bomb in a dream represents feelings you are repressing inside for a long time. We are usually unaware of these feelings until they accumulate to the point when they affect our physical health. 
Also, the dream of a bomb could mean that something in your life is about to change big time, and your constant postponing created a mess inside your being. Don’t be afraid of changes, even if it rocks your world. Sometimes letting go is the best move we can make.

Seeing an explosion of a nuclear bomb in a dream

Looks like someone has had an interesting week?! Or maybe a month?

Witnessing an explosion of a nuclear bomb in your dream means things in your surroundings have ultimately escalated. Probably something in your work environment is causing all this violent kind of situation and someone is trying to harm you by dragging you into a conflict, whereas you have nothing to do with it. Try staying neutral and aside so you don’t get hurt.

What happens when you activate a nuclear bomb in a dream?

What a lovely way to start your day when you’ve dreamt of a nuclear bomb. Exploding. Well, of course, you’re upset. Maybe even angry? Ever thought what might be the reason why you had such an explosive dream? 

We are not living in a telenovela and there are no real enemies in our lives. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who may want to harm us or impose radical changes to our lives. This brings us back to the explosion.

How you dreamed of activating a nuclear bomb, shows the way how you react to that pressure and social violence. If your coworker tried to undermine your work for some reason then it looks like you’ve decided to confront and stand up for yourself.

But what if it was the opposite side who ”pulled the trigger” and you are about to get hurt in that explosion? It could mean that the pressure was too much to handle. You know it might affect you big time but you’re unable to do anything about it. 

Dream of dying in a nuclear bomb explosion

Death isn’t the kind of dream we would ever want to have. On the other hand, not that we can control what we dream of. 

When you’ve dreamt of a nuclear bomb exploding and your death as an aftereffect, it leads to a feeling of a total loss of control over your life. You are feeling helpless and wounded by recent malevolent actions against you.  You could also be secretly afraid of death itself, due to some constant crashes in your life. 

Deactivating the nuclear bomb while dreaming

If a bomb deactivates itself, there is nothing to be worried about. There is a solution to the problems in your life and you can finally exhale that long time held breath. But, if you’ve dreamt of deactivating a bomb by yourself, even better so. It means you can stop being so overly concerned. As it turns out, the problems or conflicts in your life are under control and you have yourself to thank for. You have found a way to get that burden off of your shoulders. 

No matter how well we manage stressful situations in our lives and the impact they have on us, we should keep in mind The Dalai lama’s words “If there is no solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it.”

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