Lifegiving Creature – Mother: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

You feel warm and loving hands around your body. A very familiar smell of home and safety fills your nostrils and you feel loved and cared for. You open your eyes and you see the face of your mother. She is embracing you and endless love is emanating from her. Just as you try to return the hug, you wake up. The archetype of the mother appears in many cultures and in many areas of psychology, mythology, and religion personified as Mother Nature, Eve, Mary, or by less personal symbols as nature, ocean, and forest. In Jungian psychology, those who failed to satisfy the need for the mother archetype in their youth, end up seeking comfort through religion or in life at sea. In dreams, mother figures represent nurturing and compassionate aspects of our personality and the need for selflessness and greater care. It can also represent the dark part of ourselves, personifying cruelty, abandonment, overprotection, and abuse.

Either way, in dreams the mother symbolizes the great unconscious, urging you to pay more attention to anything that is hidden from your awareness so you can face it and resolve it for good.

If you dreamed about speaking to her, it implies that you will hear very good news in the near future and all concerns will disappear.

If you dreamed about your mother calling you, it means that you’ve embarked on the wrong path in life, investing your time and energy into meaningless endeavors.

Definition of mother

A woman in relation to her child or children.

However, if you hear her cry, it usually symbolizes upcoming health issues in your close environment or some approaching difficulties. Scroll below to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been looking for.

Dreaming about seeing/talking to your mother

If you dreamed about seeing or talking to your mother, the interpretation will differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed of seeing your mother, it means that exciting and unexpected news awaits you in the near future. Whether from the personal or professional area of your life, it may be some unsettling event that you’ve been afraid to know the consequences of. Luckily, everything will go even better than you could ever have imagined it. Make sure to feel deep gratitude and appreciation for the miraculous unfolding of that situation. It is an extremely prosperous period of time for you, so enjoy every second of it.

If you dreamed about seeing someone else’s mother, it suggests that you are cultivating great feelings of envy for that person. Maybe they’ve possessed everything you ever wanted, and that feeling of always staying ‘behind’, in a sense, makes your head explode. Make sure to get those toxic thoughts and feelings out of your system, because they have absolutely no purpose except self-destruction and self-hate. You are you and they are them – there is space for everyone to thrive and succeed in this universe. Your achievement is in no way connected to theirs, and you should really let that sink in. Forgive and focus only on yourself. Show yourself some sincere love and appreciation, and all negative emotions will dissipate.

However, if you dreamed about your partner’s mother, it means that someone is spreading false stories about you. Don’t panic, because you will be able to deny all gossip that circles among people, and people will realize how real you actually look.

Dreaming about kissing/hugging your mother

If you dreamed about kissing or hugging your mother, the interpretation will differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about kissing your mother on the cheek it represents great professional success. You may get a professional promotion from your superiors, or you may even be transferred to a new and exciting project.

If you dreamed about kissing her on her hands, it means that you will be admired and appreciated by others around you. The immensity of respect that you will feel will raise your self-confidence and you will feel much more comfortable in your own skin.

If you dreamed about kissing her on the forehead, it means that people in your close environment will greatly appreciate the love that you’re showing them. Your gestures of affection mean a lot to them, and they will make sure you become aware of it.

However, if you dreamed that your mother is kissing you on the cheek, it means that you are safe, secure, and protected by those around you. You have no reason to worry because you are supported by them at all times.

If you dreamed that your mother is kissing you on the hands, it means that your loved ones will show extraordinary amounts of respect and appreciation for you. They really value your presence in their lives and you will recognize it in every act of kindness they show you.

If you dreamed about your mother kissing you on the forehead, it means that you have someone in your life that takes tremendous care of you and loves you deeply. Make sure to show them how much you also love and cherish them.

On the other hand, if you dreamed of your mother hugging you, it means that you are currently going through a period where you long for comfort and support. Some events are happening that you’re unable to share with those who are close to you, so you have to experience it all by yourself. Don’t carry that heavy burden on your shoulders, find someone with whom you can share your secret because you will feel much lighter and satisfied afterward.

If you dreamed that you are hugging your mother, it suggests that you’re probably very concerned with your loved one’s health. They’ve been having a rough patch lately, feeling very exhausted and drained from severe symptoms. Make sure to talk them into some sense and persuade them that they need medical attention. They highly value your support and love, so your opinion will have a great impact on them.

Dreaming about being angry with your mother/making her cry

If you dreamed about making your mom angry or even making her cry, the interpretation will differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about making your mother cry, it implies your constant habit of running away from your problems. Neglecting and avoiding responsibility for your own deeds makes things only worse. It is time to come face to face with your difficulties and solve them once and for all. Shoving your head up in the sand deters you from actually living and experiencing this gift of life that we’ve all been given. Accept your mistakes, fears, and insecurities and courageously dive deep into the matter. This is only one of many bumpy roads in life, well worth taking.

If you dreamed about making your mother cry, it symbolizes upcoming challenges in the near future. Transformative and life-changing events are right at your door, and you won’t be able to escape them, nor you should. You will have enough strength and courage to successfully overcome them, without anyone’s help. Trust your gut feelings and move bravely through the storm. You will get out of it as a more evolved and developed human being, enriched with experiences of great value.

Dreaming about your late mother/your mother dying

If you dreamed about your late mother or your mother dying, the interpretation will differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed of your dying mother, it represents the upcoming worries and frustrations in your life. Your mind is probably chaotically scattered and you are unable to focus no matter how hard you try. The perceived problems will feel all-consuming and rapturous, making you feel like your hands are tied and that nothing can fix the given situation. Take some time to isolate yourself from your usual environment, and practice mindfulness and meditation, or go for a walk in nature. You need to calm your mind before in order to make any sound decision.

However, if you dreamed about your late mother, it usually signifies great progress in your future life. There will be many reasons to celebrate because most of your goals will become reality. Although it may seem like you are moving at a really slow pace, actually everything is only coming at its own assigned time. Live your life to the fullest and immerse yourself in long-sought happiness and joy, because everything that you’ve strived for, finally bears fruit.

Dreaming about your mother visiting/calling you

If you dreamed about your mother visiting or calling you, the interpretation will differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about your mother visiting you in your home, it means that time for great changes is before you and the portal for your huge breakthrough is finally opened. There is no limit to what you can achieve right now, so make sure you don’t miss the offer of a lifetime.

If you dreamed about your mother calling you, it proclaims that significant challenges are right at your doorstep.

However, don’t be afraid of them, since their sole purpose is the complete evolvement of your soul. Collect enough courage and strength to face them and you will be substantially rewarded.

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