What Does it Mean to Dream About Menstruation? Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A weird abdominal cramp wakes you up at wonderful summer dawn. You try to stay asleep, but the pain only gets stronger. After much struggle to avoid leaving the bed, you finally get up and realize that you’ve been lying in the blood puddle the whole time. Just as you start to panic, you wake up. It is widely known that menstruation is a cycle of a female body, occurring every lunar month, being perfectly fine-tuned with nature. At this time in a month, the uterus sheds its lining from the body, coming out in the form of excessive bleeding. In religious interpretations, menstruation is perceived as ‘the curse of Eve’, because when Eve defied God in the garden of Eden, all women after her are cursed with bleeding every month and painful childbirth.

When you are having a period in your dream, it usually means that you are currently releasing stress and piled-up tension from your system. It symbolizes the end of troubling times and the beginning of a more serene period in your life. In some cases, ima may mean that you are rejecting the feminine aspects of your psyche, regardless of you being a woman or a man. For women, it may also have a more straightforward interpretation, where the menstrual cycle represents the anxiety around the potential pregnancy.

If an aged woman dreams about still having a cycle, it may imply that she will bear a son. If an unmarried woman experiences a menstrual period in her dream, it means that she will probably get married.

Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Definition of menstruation

The process in a woman of discharging blood and other material from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy.

Dreaming about having a period/others having a period

If you dreamed about having menstruation or others having it, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about having a period and you are a woman, it means that you want to become a mother and your wishes may actually come true in the near future. If you are already a mother, it signifies your desire to get pregnant once more.  If you are a man, and you dream about your wife having a period, it implies your subconscious need to become a father. Even if you never thought about it, it means that the time has come when you are fully prepared to take on that role in your life. Enjoy this blessing and extremely potent time for true happiness, because children are true masterpieces of human design.

However, if you dreamed about others having a period, it is a warning from your subconscious for you to become aware of intrigue, gossip, and ill intentions that surround you. Someone you consider your friend, maybe well on their way to becoming your darkest enemy, without you even realizing it. They will try to manipulate and control you for their own selfish interests. Their interference with your life must be stopped, so pay close attention to who it may be and remember – not everyone is your friend. Avoid talking about your intimate issues to anyone, because they won’t have second thoughts to use it against you in the future. Protect your integrity and stand up for yourself; you have every right to do it.

Dreaming about menstrual blood on clothes/having menstruation after menopause

If you dreamed about menstrual blood on clothes or having menstruation after menopause, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about having menstrual blood all over your clothes, it means that you are finally ready to release the secrets that severely hurt you in the past. It is a sign that your subconscious mind wants to get rid of your deeply buried feelings and memories once and for all, so you can finally find closure and let go of past disappointments and sufferings. You will succeed in healing your wounds and freeing yourself from lingering fears and infinite cycles of shame and guilt. You’ve decided to break free from chains and keep doing so because it will be well worth the effort.

If you dreamed about having menstruation after menopause and you’re a woman, it means that you won’t be able to have more children. It is a symbolic representation of the death of your old self, and the rebirth of a new one. New beginnings, new encounters, new offers, new environments – all of this is extremely probable for your future. Don’t give up hope, because this temporary discomfort bears no meaning when it comes to the big picture of your life. Handle this transition with courage, because the rewards will be life-changing for you.

Dreaming about not being able to menstruate/men menstruating

If you dreamed about not being able to menstruate or if you are a man and you dreamed that you are menstruating, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about not being able to menstruate, it is a sign from your subconscious that you need to purify and cleanse your spiritual body of long-accumulated negative energy. It is finally the time to get rid of the situations that make you feel heavy and dissatisfied with your life. Pay attention to what bothers you every day in the back of your mind, and try to find the root cause of your discontentment. Take some time for yourself and disconnect from your usual surroundings and schedule. Reflect on your past decisions and choices that led you here and learn how to establish an energetic boundary with people – it is perfectly normal to say no to someone.

However, an alternate interpretation is also possible.

Dreams about not being able to menstruate for women may also mean that they don’t have the desire to be mothers yet. It reflects their fear of not becoming pregnant, because of the fear of taking on that serious role. If that is the case, you should release all the burdens you carry and make way for new you to emerge. Try meditating or taking long walks in nature, just to clear your mind.

If you are a man and you dreamt of menstruating, it means that you will reconcile and reconnect with your partner, establishing a stronger connection with them. You will rekindle the spark and revive the passion, almost as if you’re at the beginning of your relationship.

If you are serious enough, you may even evolve your connection into marriage.

If you are single, it means that this is the perfect time to meet someone new and start meaningful relationships.

If the connection with your partner is going through a crisis, right now extreme improvements and resolutions are possible. Enjoy this wonderful period of your life, where everything is intended to blossom.

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