Marijuana – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Walking through the fields of some unknown grass, you gradually start to feel a bit strange. An intoxicating and intense odor fills your nostrils and you’re suddenly feeling more relaxed and a smile sneaks out on your face. You suddenly want to lie down on the ground, because your eyes and limps are getting heavier and heavier. Just as you touch the ground below, trying to enjoy this inexplicable feeling of relaxation and tranquility, you wake up.

Marijuana is a drug obtained from the hemp plant, having a strong influence on one’s psyche, and while simultaneously being a herb, it also has profound healing capabilities. Considered still illegal in some countries, this psychoactive substance can be considered as such when appearing in a dream. It probably stands for some illegal activities that you’ve undertaken or witnessed, stretching beyond the bounds of the law.

If you dreamed about smoking it, it suggests a strong desire to escape reality and explore other dimensions of existence.

If you dreamed about hiding marijuana, it means that you’re keeping some secrets that you are trying to protect from awareness of others fearing condemnation and rejection.

However, if you dreamed about being a drug dealer, it means that you need to stop avoiding responsibilities in your life and take on some more positive role in your life.

However, if you dreamed of someone overdosing on marijuana, it implies that your behavior is completely out of control and has become utterly self-destructive. You long for meaning and purpose in your life because you constantly look at life from a cataclysmic and disastrous standpoint. In each case, you are called to go within and find a root cause of your misfortune, which is a lack of self-love and self-worth. Scroll below to find the dream interpretation that best describes the dream that you had.

Definition of marijuana

cannabis, especially as smoked or consumed as a psychoactive (mind-altering) drug.

Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been searching for.

Dreaming about smoking marijuana

If you dreamed about smoking marijuana, it means that you are currently having the great urge to escape the responsibilities and daily stresses of waking life. It seems like you can’t find a way to cope with the burden that you feel and everything feels impossible to solve. Taking the path of least resistance won’t take you anywhere. Find a way to face your problems and come to terms with them once and for all. Admit all your mistakes and don’t judge yourself for your past thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Forgive yourself, and set yourself free of guilt and shame that accumulated over time.

If you dreamed about someone else smoking marijuana, it means that someone will benefit from your for their own interests. They will try to use and manipulate you, leaving you alone when they obtain what they want. Stay away from such people, because they are extremely cruel and heartless. Pay attention to everyone around you and how they treat you. You will be able to spot that person, with a little effort and observation.

Seeing marijuana in a dream

If you dreamed about seeing marijuana in a dream, without smoking it, it usually represents an upcoming opening of new horizons for you in the near future. You are taking down your walls, and finally opening yourself up for brand new experiences and you are finally allowing other people to enter your life. These new events will inspire you to behave completely out of character – you would do things that you would normally not. Embrace this change and let your thoughts and feelings run wild for a change. Tasting this immense freedom will be intoxicating for your being – you will probably wonder why have you ever been closed and isolated from the essence of life and the very living of it. Open your heart and inhale the immense thrill of experiencing your days with all your being.

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