Make Room for Some Mansion Dreams! Or Three, or Five…

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of mansions? A type of homes that celebrities live in? A luxurious house from TV shows? Yeah, all of that and so much more. Mansions have always been a symbol of wealth and luxury, power and sometimes extravagance, built in so many different styles. And, no matter how in reality we really don’t need that much space inside out, we always get cravings when seeing many of these beautiful homes. 

Dreams of mansions are various and mostly depending on the situation in a dream. Since mansions are a status symbol, dreaming of them represents how you perceive yourself compared to others, and as well how others perceive you. 

Whether it has to do with the position in a company you are in or the success you achieved, you obviously feel superior to others. You are luckier, more competent, and experienced than others and it gives you great joy and fulfillment. If you are the head of the department then this dream has to do with you feeling like a true leader and visionary. 

Rest assured that this dream is not about being self-centered but rather self-confident about achieving great things and goals in life. 

Definition of a Mansion

A very large, impressive, and usually very expensive house

Never mind if you don’t have what it takes to buy a real mansion, if you had a dream of one then keep scrolling to find the answer to your questions. That is why you’re here, right?

You know it takes an army to clean a mansion? Still, dreaming of living in one? 

Besides the fact of how grandiose your dream is, it actually points out that there are parts of your life not yet explored or at least, not enough. Take that mansion as a symbol of something big, for instance, a project you are working on. The bigger the mansion, the larger the project. Thus, the rewards will be pretty satisfying. 

Regardless of how greedy it may sound, it has nothing to do with greediness. Simply, you have the potential of achieving great things. 

If you work hard and set your goals on strong grounds, then all you have to do is follow your vision. And if that vision happens to be living in a beautiful mansion, then so it be. Dreams do come true to those who believe.

Feeling chills up and down your spine when dreaming of a haunted mansion?

Just out of curiosity, what made you have such a dream? It’s not like you go every day thinking of haunted houses and then dreaming of them. Anyway, it sure isn’t the most pleasant dream. 

When thinking of haunted houses, we portray them as abandoned homes where ghosts of the deceased people keep on living between the walls, the way they used to live in that same house. What frightens us the most is that those people we imagine as ghosts have often died violently, and it sounds creepy just by mentioning it.

Comparing your dream to your inner being has nothing to do with an actual fear of supernatural or invisible matters. It has to do with something you have buried deep inside of you, not willing to face it. Perhaps you are aware of it but maybe even not. That is the reason why your deepest fears manifest themselves as a haunted mansion. Something scary and frightening. 

Whatever it may be, it is obviously hurting you in numerous ways and obstructing you in everyday life. You need to face it and you need to do it soon because if you don’t it will keep on following you and be a burden on your shoulders. 

Dreaming of an old mansion – does old always rhyme with gold?

Seeing an old mansion can be admirable and creepy at the same time, depending on how it makes you feel at the moment. One can never tell what secrets or stories are hidden behind the walls and that’s what keeps us cautious. But, when dreams of an old mansion happen, they are often related to someone old or older in your life. Probably your parents, whereas dreams like these come as a message that you should obey your parents or at least someone much older than you. 

Don’t be so self-centered and listen to those who have more to say. You may not act according to the advice that’s been given, but still, it is good to hear a word or two coming from someone with more life experience. 

Dreaming of beautiful mansions. Are the ugly ones too cheap for you?

In matters of taste, there can be no dispute, right? But hey, when something is beautiful, then it’s beautiful. A beautiful mansion in a dream represents a shiny and promising future. You are ambitious and aspiring, ready to grab every single opportunity that comes up. Even if most of it is subconscious, you know you can do it because it drives you forward. This dream can also be a sign that you are getting older and starting to think more rationally than you used to. Decisions you are about to make will lead you to success.

A rendezvous with a mansion? Sweet dreams! 

Paying a visit to a mansion in your dreams sounds like a dream come true, but in reality, it could mean that your well-being isn’t that good and it makes you feel like you’re stuck and not making any progress. 

Dreaming of something so grandiose as a mansion equals your wishes in reality. You have high hopes for the future and this dream is a reminder that, even if things aren’t working out right now the way you expect them to, you shouldn’t and you won’t lose hope.

Your dream mansion has more rooms than the Escape room 

Mansions are known for numerous rooms, sometimes that’s the whole point of buying a mansion. At the same time, all of those rooms could stand for numerous aspects of a human being’s life.

Walking around the mansion, discovering new rooms is equal to getting to know yourself every day more and more. As we grow older we believe we know ourselves very well, but sometimes life puts us in various situations where we are confronted with things or kinds of people we never thought we would. That is when some new aspect of our character might show up and surprise us. 

There is so much more to you than you can realize. That is why these dreams are a good omen and an actual direction arrow, telling you to outgrow all of those tiny imperfections you have and strive for improvements ahead of you. 

Some rooms you dreamed of may be outdated but it only shows the portrait of your life and all of those situations that shaped you into what and who you are today. 

On the other hand, if you were discovering some new rooms while dreaming, then it shows all the new skills you will accomplish, new places you will visit, and so on. Opportunities are endless.  

Dreaming of buying a mansion? Did you rob a piggy bank?

Buying a house is an expense. But buying a mansion is an investment. Whether you are planning to live in it or to rent it, it sure takes a lot of fundings, not to mention loans. And if you don’t have that much money you can keep dreaming about it, daily or at night.

Dreaming of buying a mansion is suggesting a change in your life is about to happen. You can never tell if the change is for the good or for the bad. The mansion could also refer to a great award that awaits you by the end of the project you have been working on relentlessly in the past. Your effort is recognized and will be rewarded, with a better position or higher salary.

So you are a wannabe real estate agent, dreaming of selling mansions?

Let’s agree that whoever owns a mansion is probably a rich person. Having fortune goes along with having power. When the owner decides to sell a mansion it is either because he wants to buy a new and better one, or most likely the mansion is too expensive to maintain. Or, in other words, debts, debts, and more debts. 

The fact that you were dreaming of selling a mansion means that you are experiencing loss of power or position that makes you so confident. Perhaps even a temporary lack of willingness for any type of progress. 

If selling a mansion makes you feel relieved while dreaming, take it as a good sign. It means that the loss of power makes you feel stressless and good at letting things go. Guess like we never know how good it is to let go of some things until we have no other option. 

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