Baby, it’s Icy Outside! – Freezing while Dreaming

When we speak of ice, it can have so many interpretations, depending on the context. The main symbol of ice is coolness, but it can also be attached to a person’s character. Sometimes we use an expression that someone is cold as ice, pointing out his rigidity and lack of empathy or emotions in general. 

We often use ice to explain different situations we get involved in. Like, being on thin ice. But in spiritual meaning, ice is usually related to feelings of being suspended or stagnating in life, with no progress whatsoever. 

Dreaming of ice is in some way connected to a feeling of anger when some things in our lives are not working out the way we wanted to. Sometimes achieving goals isn’t as easy as it seems, and we need to calm down and think. Not everything is someone else’s fault, and maybe we should reflect on our actions and ways of handling important issues. Stubbornness and rigidity can be a real enemy when used in tackling situations. 

Another point of interpreting dreams of ice is connected to our emotions, in terms of how we express them concerning important people in our lives. We are all shaped by our experiences, but some people deserve to be a part of our present, and if we keep them on thin ice, the loss is inevitable. 

Definition of Ice

A solid-state of water, formed when the temperature reaches 0 °C.

Whether it gives you chills or soothes your temper, the dream of ice is inevitably connected to human traits. See for yourself which ones.  

A body of ice – a frozen dream 

Just by looking at a gigantic water surface hidden below a thick layer of cold ice is both fearsome and tempting. Makes you take your skates or some slippery shoes and slide. On the other hand, when dreaming of ice bodies such as lakes, ponds, etc. the icy surface represents a part of us that is trapped or a relationship that is holding us back from our goals.

 Look around and try to figure out if there is anyone that seems a bit envious of your success and trying to withhold you from progressing. It may be someone closest to you. In other ways, ice dreams could also point out the part of you that is holding you back, due to your insecurities or lack of confidence.

Mind your steps – Walking on ice isn’t dreamy at all 

You feel that knot in your stomach while dreaming of walking on ice? That is fear leaving your body, stirred with enormous respect you have towards nature. 

If you hear the sound of cracking ice beneath your feet, it means you are filled with insecurities and doubting yourself. These feelings are toxic to your health and you need to stop underestimating yourself. In the long term, emotions like these are proven to be dangerous to your psyche. 

The same thing refers to a dream of walking on thin ice. 

But, if the ice starts to break, then you have probably made some bad decisions lately and now you are afraid of the consequences. 

Slipping on ice dream – Feel like wearing those slippers grandma gave you? 

Yes, ice can be really tricky when it gets slippery. Dreaming of walking and slipping on the ice surface is correlated to you being too trusting in terms of relations with other people. Too trusty, too soon. Try not to get attached to people you don’t know that well. You might end up being tricked and played out.

Do you hear that sound? That is your icy dream cracking

The sound of ice cracking beneath your feet is not pleasant at all. Especially while dreaming about it. Makes you feel uncomfortable along with having chills down your spine. You could be going through emotional stress which is causing you to act insecure and reckless. You need to regain your emotional stability and balance. Get rid of toxic people and relations.

Dream of falling through ice – feeling like a stunt, ha?

It seems as though falling through the ice is the last step when facing an icy surface. Like a dead-end or a point of no return. The coldness is everywhere around you. Falling through ice in your dreams equals your sudden emotions in real life. Something has happened to you, and it is quite serious, for leaving you overwhelmed with such cold and strong emotions. Still, your emotions are suppressed big time, which is not good. Doesn’t matter how, you need to find a way to process these feelings, or they might crush you entirely.

Looking at these icy dreams in the long-term aspect, you could be suppressing these frustrations for quite some time. The origin of it all could be out of false friendships or from unloyal colleagues. Even from a relationship with your partner. Go back to where it all began, maybe then you will be able to find some answers.

Crushing ice in a dream – got some extra energy to spend, ha?

Dreaming of crushing ice is a good sign. When crushing something so solid and tough, not to mention cold, it feels good to your psyche. Dreams like these point out that you are facing your fears in waking life and it is a great opportunity for changes in your life. You are fighting your deepest insecurities and letting positive energy come into your life.

Even if the ice doesn’t break or crush the way you wanted, it just might indicate that you need to push harder and stay strong on your breakthrough. A new chapter of life awaits you.

Ice skating in your dream? How about a triple axel?

Your dream might make you feel like an Olympic medal winner, yet in reality, it is much more. Dreaming of skating on ice means so much for your personal growth. You are acknowledging your fears and dealing with them along the way. Not letting them disturb you.

In most cases, these dreams are related to your connection with your family. Most of our fears are created while growing up, therefore facing them doesn’t mean all the problems will suddenly disappear. Rather, it means that, with the help of your closest persons, you will be able to solve any issue that comes along.

Is it the sun or are you that hot? A dream of ice melting

An ice melting is probably the most confusing sign when dreamed of. Neither good nor bad. It could mean that you are letting off your fears which is good. On the other hand, you could still be feeling helpless and vulnerable. One thing is for sure, challenging moments are ahead of you.

Try embracing the positive side of fear release. You are finally freeing up and letting yourself go with the flow. Challenges and obstacles ahead of you are solvable, and you should hold onto whatever keeps you motivated and standing. Even if it means facing your long-lasting issues, this is the time to shine. 

Hold onto your umbrella, the rain is icy and nasty. Even in a dream.

Any type of fallings from the sky is usually not something we enjoy. Whether it is rain or snow, or any stormy weather, we surely prefer sunny days. Dreaming of an ice rain signifies some concerns you are having lately. Maybe even for a longer period of time. The thing about dreaming of rain is it usually means those kinds of troubles will not pass any time soon. Especially if the rain is icy. Instead of letting the ice freeze you, find a shelter and give yourself some time to try to resolve whatever it is that’s been bugging you. 

The good thing is, no rain has ever been falling endlessly. It shall pass. Along with your problems. You just need to keep your mind steady and focus on finding the best solution. 

Dreaming of icebergs – spoiler alert! You’re not on Titanic!

You could be a member of an expedition, and keep having these iceberg dreams. Or, you could be dreaming of these mountains of ice because the problems you have been neglecting and putting under the rug have formed a mountain ready to break through the roof. Procrastinating has pushed you into the corner, and you have nobody to blame but yourself. 

This iceberg you have been dreaming about could only be broken when you start facing and solving your problems one by one. There is more hidden underneath it all than you could imagine. 

Dreaming of ice cubes – would you like some drinks on the rocks?

You could be dreaming of ice cubes in your favorite drink or you could be dreaming of a bunch of ice cubes spilled all over the table. No matter the purpose, the ice cubes are a symbol of your frigid emotions, your bad temper, especially towards people that are close to you. It wouldn’t kill you to be nicer and more polite and warm to those surrounding you. Stop scattering your energy and start pointing it in the right direction, or shall we say, toward the right people.

The icier the road, the more dangerous the dream

Watch out for the icy road, it might cost you more than you are aware. Dreaming of an icy road reflects your actual state of mind and life. You feel stuck, without any kind of progress and purpose. If you don’t have a job, most likely you are feeling like losing time and not being valued and of use to your family and community. It is not easy to deal with, it sure makes you feel more and more insecure. 

Whatever you do, and no matter where life takes you, try not to lose sight of the things and people that really matter. Your subconscious is telling you how impatient and nervous your actions are. Learn from your dreams, icy roads are not a long-term state. At some point, the sun will come up. 

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