Is There Life After Life or Are we Just too Dreamy About Heaven?

When thinking of heaven, how do you picture it? Endless meadows, exotic flowers, a calming sound of a harp or a never ending walk over the clouds, with no shapes whatsoever? Going back to when we were kids, heaven was pictured as a place where the lost souls find their peace, and where our beloved ones rest in peace. So difficult to explain, yet so easy to accept.

Dreams of heaven are often related to a state of true and infinite happiness, a life in bliss and joy, eternal existence. This doesn’t mean that it has anything to do with the actual thinking that the life after life truly exists, but rather with emotions of pure delight on earth.

The thing that could explain why we’re dreaming about heaven is that probably we are in a stage of life where we feel true happiness and joy without any given reason, almost like a state of mind. It is our subconscious that sets the heavenly stage in our dreams.  

Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, heaven is what we call the moments when everything is right as it should be. You’ve said it at least once in your life, so it looks like nothing is stopping you from reading further.

Definition of a Heaven

In religious aspects, it is the abode of God, the angels and the spirits of the deceased. Literally, it is a place above the sky and the universe where souls and divine beings live.

Is dreaming of heaven beyond any reasonable doubt?

When everything works out as we planned, when we enjoy life to the fullest and everything we hear sounds like music, we like to call it heavenly. So when dreaming of heaven alone, it is our deepest emotions and subconscious thoughts reviving in these dreams. An optimistic belief, a faith that everything will be in place and perfect in waking life.

In one point of view, dreams of heaven could be interpreted as a feeling of extreme luck and the enormous support from people around you, close or not that close to you.Another point of view may suggest that you are way too optimistic and enthusiastic, almost unrealistic. Could be that you are too dreamy and not real, and it might leave you disappointed if things don’t end up the way you expected.

Having vivid dreams of going straight to heaven

Comparing these dreams to real life, they can imply that you will be given new chances in your life, the ones that will get you a step or two closer to achieving your goals. It sure would be the perfect ending for something you dreamed of for so long.

Alternatively, dreaming of going to heaven could be related to your wish of reuniting with beloved people, the ones that have crossed over. You obviously miss someone, or more of them, and this is your way of reconnecting with them. Transferred into real life circumstances, maybe you just need to text your friends or members of your family, meet up and have some quality time and joyful chat.

Stairway to heaven – a dream that has nothing to do with a song

So, you are sliding on your way up to the sky? Are you sure you aren’t watching too many movies? As crazy as it may seem, stairs that lead you to heaven are the steps that lead you to the accomplishment of your goals in waking life. Depending on whether the heaven doors might open or not, is whether your goals will be reached. Keep in mind, both in your dreams and in real life, it is almost like an unwritten rule: when one door closes, the other door opens.

Show some ID before entering heaven, or keep dreaming

Dreams of entering heaven is a good sign, a premonition of an exceptional life ahead of you. Your career, relationship, marriage, friendships, everything you are involved in will be successful. If there is a feeling that could be described as perfect, then walking into heaven would be the closest to that feeling. And if you dreamed about it, then have no fear.

Alternatively, if you are rejected and not being allowed to enter into heaven, then you may want to reevaluate recent happenings in your life. Something has got into your way and it is blocking you from heading forward. It could be that you are feeling less worthy compared to others and it is making you jealous and less confident. Just remember, each time you put someone else’s actions in front of your own, you will be blocking yourself from advancing.

Heaven versus hell. Looks like you are competitive even while dreaming

An eternal struggle between good and the bad reflects in your dreams. If you can transfer it to your real life, then hell would stand for times when you had difficulties and fears of not being up to standards of success. Crossing the line between hell and heaven is a symbol of a victory over your deepest fears and resistance to numerous temptations.

Being in heaven feels like dreams coming true

This kind of dream could be even dreamed in reality. If we associate heaven to perfection and joy in life, accomplishing those two might seem like heaven to us. But, before you put a sign ‘’perfect’’ on something, make sure that you are confident enough and that perfection is possible. In reality, there is no such thing as perfection, but that doesn’t have to stop you from seeking and working for better chances.

Being expelled from heaven? Aren’t you a naughty dreamer!?

It is one thing to dream of leaving heaven on your own, but to be expelled from it is a level pro, if you must ask. Let’s say you were dreaming of voluntarily leaving heaven. Nothing bad is going to happen, don’t worry. You will only be given an opportunity to review your goals and ways of accomplishing those goals. Some things don’t work out as you thought they would, so it is time to reflect and find another way. There is still time to win, if you do this properly.

But, if dreams were about you being an outcast from heaven, then you probably missed the chance you were given due to an easygoing attitude. Still, no reason to worry, you will find your way out of the situation, just like you always do.

Divine dreams of prayers made in heaven

This dream may not have anything to do with whether you believe or don’t believe in the existence of heaven, or in a religious kind of way. It means that you have true desires of success and accomplishment of your ideas. You are so focused and determined, and you just need a bit of encouragement and a leap of faith that everything will end up as you want it to.

When awake, hold on to this dream, because it is a good sign, a sign that you are on the right track and happiness is just around the corner.

Fountains of heaven that only dreams can describe

Water flowing in a dream is a symbol of financial and material wealth. The fact that you’re dreaming of a fountain, means that there will be constant income in your life. 

Drinking the water from the heavenly fountain might not only be the fulfillment of your dreams, but a sign that you will be earning money faster than you could spend it.  This is the time and an excellent chance to make an investment plan and use that money for something more grounding and permanent.

Are you sure the fruits you’re dreaming aren’t forbidden in heaven?

Eating fruits in heaven sounds like an ideal portrait of a life. You could easily be hungry in waking life, but more likely you will be awarded with a prize for no true reason. It is not something that comes as a reward for hard work, but rather some profit or gain that your friend or coworker decided to share with you. It is almost like a privilege to be enjoying the pleasures with no effort invested. 

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