A Hamster in Your Dream – Could the be any Cuter?

Seeing a hamster in a dream could be taken for feelings you have been baring with lately. It appears that some things are frightening you, to the point where you are afraid of ending hurt, and not being able to protect yourself. 

This dream can also mean that you find it hard to connect your sexual and emotional life, for the same reason – fear of getting hurt. 

If you honestly want to help and ease yourself, then stop overthinking that much, and just let it flow. Not all emotions can be controlled, nor hidden. It is so OK to surrender yourself to the full range of emotions, without expecting anything in return.

Definition of a Hamster

A small animal covered in fur with a short tail and large spaces in each side of its mouth for storing food.

But, the fun fact about hamsters is that they are nocturnal animals. Mostly active during nights, while sleeping in the daytime. Maybe this fact is somewhat correlated to dreaming of hamsters. Check out below to see for yourself.

The sweetest hamster comes out of the dessert straight into your dream

As previously mentioned, the Syrian hamster is the most popular species when it comes to having a hamster as a pet. Dreaming of this tiny hamster is associated with positive happenings in your life. Create some sort of pattern of positive thinking, and you can thank yourself later when you are well satisfied with your life. 

If your dream revolves around a black hamster, you should know that you could be suffering major expenses soon, due to some material damage. On the other hand, dreaming of a white hamster reflects your yearnings for wealth and richness. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are greedy, or overly ambitious, but you seem prone to spending more than you can afford. 

A caged hamster in your dreams

No matter how imprisoning it may be, some animal pets are more manageable if held in cages. Still, if you dream of a hamster in a cage, without the possibility to walk freely, it means that you are the type of person that likes to have everything under control. 

If the hamster keeps running away from the cage, no matter how hard you try to catch it in your dream, it will find its way. That is because some emotional relations in your life are not as strong as you thought. You feel as if the person you love is not loving you in return, or at least not as much as you would like. Maybe that person finds it hard, to be honest with you, which is why you have been feeling like losing someone you love. 

If in your dream the hamster did manage to find his way to freedom, it could signify that for days ahead of you, you will not feel like you control the strings in your life. Perhaps it has something to do with your workplace, whereas you feel some new faces have taken your perfectly organized business in another direction. For a change, try facing the fact that not everything in your life can and will go by the book.  

If it’s you who actually liberated the hamster by taking it out of the cage, this dream implies that finally, you have accepted the fact that not everything can be controlled and that in most cases, some things are meant to happen, with or without us. So, go ahead, and feel free to make important decisions and yet still be OK with whatever. 

Feeling dizzy in your hamster dream? 

With being an active animal, once you have them as pets, you must be aware that your sleep could be interrupted more than once if you are sharing the same room with your pet. They are vivacious and pretty much alive during the night, spinning in their hamster wheel, sniffing… 

But, if you see a hamster in your dream endlessly running and spinning in his wheel, it could point out several meanings. Could it be that you are having some issues at your workplace, a kind of chanted circle, where problems just keep rotating without the slightest chance of being solved? Perhaps, the hamster wheel is a symbol of family or relationship ties, making you feel stuck on the top of a rollercoaster. No way out.  

If for some reason, you find yourself being a hamster and spinning inside the wheel, it can surely mean that your life is headed nowhere. You’re living a life without purpose, constantly repeating itself. Maybe you should force yourself to pull over and reflect on what it is that needs to be changed. 

Don’t even dream about leaving your hamster hungry

Hamsters are always sniffing around, in pursuit of food or at least something to chew. If in your dream a hamster was surrounded by tons of food, that could symbolize the greediness that has been growing inside of you. You are buying ridiculously and most things you don’t really need. So, the piles of food are a symbol of unnecessary things you have purchased but still not used.

If the little hamster was constantly chewing something, even for fun, you could be having some extraordinary income in the near future. Perhaps you will win on a lottery ticket or something like that. If such a thing happens, then try keeping it cool for some time. 

Contrarily, if the hamster is constantly filling his food bags with tiny food, you should be aware of the upcoming events. Tough days are ahead of you, and you will have to face some bad news. You could be left without a job, causing you money issues more than you think. Filled food bags at hamsters, it could be a correlation between savings in real life, just in case you resign or get fired at work. 

Ouch, that hurts! Why is a hamster biting in a dream?

 If a hamster bit your hand, it is usually taken for a bad omen. You have become the victim of your eccentric need for more. More money, more power, more influence… Thus, a hamster biting on you is a sign that your financial aspect will suffer in the near future. 

Dreaming of a hamster’s death – poor little fellow!

Needless to say, dreaming of a hamster’s death could be pretty awkward and sad. According to dream books, you could be experiencing some difficulties in communication with the people that surround you. Whether it’s your partner, husband, or wife, you are holding onto that person out of belief and love, but deep down inside you doubt that you do not work as a couple. Not always an easy thing to say, but in the end it gives liberation. Other interpretations of a dead hamster dream could be that in the future, most of your plans will not be doable.

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