Dreaming About Fruits – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

A colorful and shiny bowl on a living room table stands in front of your eyes. The pieces of all kinds of fruits are calling you to taste and savor them. The sweet scent of their ripeness fills your nostrils and you are craving their freshness. Just as you extend your hand to have one, you wake up. Seeing fruits in your dream usually signifies distinctiveness and diversity, because the fruits have their own shapes, colors, and smells that differentiate them from one another.

For example, figs symbolize wisdom and wealth, golden apples financial opportunities, cherries a lost of love, oranges promise devotion from a love interest, and melons indicate travel and adventure, just to name a few. If you dreamed about harvesting fruits, it represents a harvest of your talents and qualities – a reward for your long invested efforts. In other words, you are reaping what you have sown.

Dreaming about forbidden fruits, like the Eden apples symbolize things that tempt you to try them, only to lead you astray from your path. Fruits also symbolize a desire or appetite, emotional or spiritual. The taste of the fruit can also reveal much about the meaning of the dream. If the fruit was too sour, it means that it will take a while until you enjoy accomplishing your goals. If the fruit is rotten, it means that you will reach your goals when it’s too late to enjoy their pleasures or even that you are on the wrong path. Because every fruit carries a seed, it symbolizes new beginnings and expansion of your life experience. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had.

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Definition of the fruit

the sweet and fleshy product of a tree or other plant that contains seed and can be eaten as food.

Dreaming about preparing fruits

If you dreamed about preparing fruit, the meaning may differ depending on the details. IF you dreamed about washing fruit, it means that you’ve come to the point of cleansing in your life. You are entering a phase of growth and expansion, evolving yourself through numerous events. Allow this change to enter your life and surrender, because everything will undeniably fall into place.

If you dreamed about picking fruits, it suggests that you will soon reap the fruits of your efforts and be rewarded for your persistence. It represents times of pleasure and richness ahead, so be ready to experience the joy of your accomplishments.

If you dreamed that you’re cutting fruits, it means that you are currently trying to probe into illusions of your waking life. You want to get to the core of them and reveal the true motivation that drove them all along. Diving deep can be a hard and disturbing process, so get ready for buried fears to surface.

On the other hand, this courage will change your future life tremendously and it will morph you into a more evolved and complete self.

However, if you dreamed about receiving a fruit as a gift, it means that someone will do you a big favor. Their act of kindness will open multiple possibilities, furthering your personal success.

Seeing various states of fruits

If you dreamed about various states of fruits, the meaning may differ depending on the details. If you dreamed about a healthy and beautiful piece of fruit, it implies pleasant and exciting future experiences. But, it could also suggest that you will fall victim to the illusion of outer appearances, believing that everyone’s life is better and more abundant than yours. Be aware that people always hide their failures and insecurities, presenting themselves as perfect and complete. You should pierce through that veil and become conscious of the beauty in your own life.

If you saw an unknown wild fruit, it means that an unexpected opportunity will present itself to you. Despite uncertainties, you will gain the confidence to take a chance and fully accept the risk. Go for it, and trust that whatever happens, you cannot possibly fail. If you dreamed about a large piece of fruit, it implies great happiness and joy. Unexpected rewards and financial gains will follow you all throughout the following days. It can be related to your job, personal business, personal relationships, etc.

If you saw a rotten piece of fruit, it means that some unpaid debts may appear in the near future. It can also represent debt in a metaphorical way – a debt toward a loved one, a debt toward a friend, and so on. Misunderstandings will arise with various people or even authorities. Understand this as a warning to be more careful when it comes to closing the doors of the past.

However, if you saw a moldy fruit, it means that you will suffer great financial losses. Consider being more careful and focused. The order must be established in your professional or business area.

Dreaming about consuming fruits

If you dreamed about consuming fruits, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about birds or animals eating a fruit, it means that you will have to spit your upcoming rewards, because it was a combined effort. Focus only on the recognition of your work, it doesn’t matter if it was done by a team or individually.

If you dreamed about drinking the fruit juice, it suggests that you will quickly spend your accumulated wealth, for the sake of instant pleasure. Beware of overindulgence, because it gets escalated pretty easily without you noticing it.

However, if you dreamed about eating exotic fruit, it means you will soon have a connection with abroad – be it a visit, or a trip – it will profoundly change your view of the world. You will become inspired and motivated to broaden your perspectives and enrich your life with wonderful experiences.

Dreaming about tastes of fruits

If you dreamed about various tastes of fruits, the meaning may differ depending on the details. If you dreamed about a sweet fruit, it refers to a stroke of luck and abundance in your future. You will enjoy life and all that it has to offer. If you dreamed about a sour fruit, it means that you will experience jealousy and envy. Right now for you, the grass is always greener over the fence. You underestimate your successes and accomplishments, feeling profoundly regretful. Focus on yourself and the positive aspects of your life.

If you dreamed about fresh fruit, it means that you can count on your luck in the near future. Savor your success and accomplishments.

If you dreamed about tasting unripe fruit, it means that you are reckless with your decisions. Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly. Take your time to collect your pros and cons, sum them up, and then you will be able to judge objectively.

Growing fruits

If you dreamed about growing fruits, the meaning may differ depending on the details. If you dreamed about growing a fruit tree without fruits, it means you will have to invest your time and effort to achieve what you’ve imagined. Take some time to reflect and find the root of your problems. You are probably wasting your energy, trying to tackle the problems from the wrong direction.

If you dreamed about a fruit tree with many fruits, it means that a business opportunity will present itself to you. Maybe some important project that will cause your breakthrough on the market. Just persist and you will be abundantly rewarded.

If you dreamed about the falling fruit, it implies exhaustion and tiredness. You are drained of your obligations and everyday life. Retrieve inwards and take some time only for yourself. Sacrificing your health to get anything in this universe just isn’t worth it. Relax and recuperate. When you recharge yourself, everything will seem much easier and clearer.

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