The Source of Infinite Love – Family: Dream Interpretation and Symbolism

It is a cold and snowy winter morning. You and your family sit near the fireplace, warming up and drinking your morning coffee. You look over the familiar faces and you suddenly feel an enormous wave of gratitude overwhelm your senses. Every single soul in that room contributed to the person you are today and you cannot feel more appreciative for their presence in your life. Just as you hopped off this train of thought, you wake up from this idyllic scenery. The family is the first and basic security image that we have. The process of individualization happens exactly within the safety of the family unit. Almost every problem we have in life stems from the previously experienced problems in the family, especially when it comes to relationship issues. Some believe that this dream usually has nothing to do with your actual family members, but rather the male and female sides of your own personality or psyche.

Usually, our dreams warp these existing connections with family members, making them better or worse in order to conform to our own innermost desires. Since all our future relations depend on the ones we first developed in the family, these dreams have really important significance in our life. Individual members and their position within the family can also symbolize the various archetypes – the father can represent the masculine principle and authority, whereas the mother represents the nurturing, protective principle.

The dreams about the family also imply loyalty, strength, and deeply rooted beliefs. It is an indication that healing needs to take place in the depths of your subconscious mind to finally resolve your blocks and insecurities.

Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Definition of family

A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit

Dreaming about your own family/being a part of some family/making a family bond

If you dreamed about your own family, being a part of some other family, or even making a family bond with someone, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about your family, it means that unexpected kindness will show up in your reality very soon. Your life will be overwhelmed with happiness and joy, and everything will fall into its place. With the help and support of your friends, you will be able to overcome every obstacle and challenge that presents itself to you. You will have a good life of peace and true contentment, which you will be immensely grateful for. Remember to fully immerse yourself in this period of ultimate love and care, because the intention is to evolve you into a more whole and complete version of yourself. 

If you dreamed about being a part of a family, it means that numerous opportunities and possibilities will come your way in the near future, especially concerning your professional life. Remember to take advantage of them and use this prosperous time for your first breakthrough and significant public recognition.

If you dreamed about making a family bond with someone, it means that an important event is about to happen in your life that will completely alter the course of your destiny. It could be the arrival of true and eternal love, which will leave you speechless and dumbfounded. Surrender yourself, because the upcoming award will be well worth the loss of your control.

Dreaming about being orphaned/an unknown family/distant family member

If you dreamed about being orphaned, about an unknown family, or seeing a distant family member, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about being orphaned, it means that significant problems around an inheritance may appear. It also means that you may break some family ties. You need to take extra care around what you speak and how you behave, in order to leave that connection intact. Take some time to reflect upon the importance of family in your life and you may come to astonishing conclusions.

If you dreamed about an unknown family, it means that you will take part in a highly important event that will make you quickly climb the social ladder. Although demanding, don’t be afraid that you will not make it, because it will certainly be an extremely significant and pleasant experience for you. This dream may also mean that a person you truly miss, will suddenly appear in your life. Enjoy these abrupt but beautiful events, because they will immensely impact your overall mood.

If you dreamed about a distant family member, it means that your family will suddenly be reunited again due to a happy or sad family event. You’ve been longing for everyone to finally come together and enjoy some quality time, but be aware that reunion may also be caused by an unpleasant situation.  

Dreaming about your family being sad/fighting with family/a dead family/your ex-family

If you dreamed about your family being sad, about fighting with your family, a dead family, or even your ex-family, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about your family being sad, it indicates that they may have wrong or harmful desires, which can cause many problems. Try to stay away from them for some time to make sure that you’re safe, independent of what happens. A crying family also indicates that you will meet someone significant after a trying and difficult time. This connection may completely transform your life and the way that you see the world. Pay attention to who enters your life, because they will have an immense role in your soul’s development.

If you dreamed about fighting with your family, it means that your partner is being very dishonest with you at the moment. You will be severely hurt and disappointed, not knowing how to go on with your life. Everything will seem doomed and destroyed. This dark hour of the soul can be overcome with the love and support of your family members. Let others show their love for you and protect you during this extremely difficult time. It may also mean that you will experience conflict elsewhere in your life, but remember to always stay above the situation. When you feel that things are starting to get heavy, just leave the room and don’t participate. Avoid every type of conflict, because it will benefit not only you but also everyone around you.

If you dreamed about a dead family, it means that you deeply long to spend some more quality time with your family. You want to share your thoughts and dilemmas with them because you know that they will always offer their advice, love, and support.

If you dreamed about an ex-family, it means that a stroke of luck is waiting to enter your life. Unexpected opportunities will appear out of thin air, and you will feel as if you’re in a fairytale – everything you come up with, simply comes true. Enjoy this wonderful period of your life, because its purpose is to raise your awareness of the abundance and richness of this existence, making you appreciate everything way much more.

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