Facing the Faceless. Creepy or a Truth-Revealing Dream?

Imagining a faceless person is somewhat relatable to the horror movies we all get the chance to watch, but only if we decide so. It is not something we usually think of, therefore it is not easy to dream about it either. If only we could ignore that feeling in the pit of our stomach. 

When thinking or dreaming about someone, most of the time we make a connection between the face and the person. The fact is that the face is a part of our identity. Even if we don’t always recognize the people we dream of, it doesn’t mean we haven’t met them. A stranger may appear in our dreams even if we only spotted them on the streets. 

Even though dreaming of a faceless person is not that common of a dream, it happens and regardless of the context of the dream itself, a faceless person is always creepy and disturbing. But, these kinds of dreams do come along with various interpretations. 

You don’t have to dream about it to know that it can be pretty disturbing, but since you’re already here, keep reading to find out the interesting dream interpretation.

Definition of a Faceless

A personification of a human without face and without the possibility to connect to true identity.

A faceless person, a dream that gives you chills

A faceless person that you dreamt of is a symbol of some sort of identity crisis. You are having inner conflicts with yourself caused by the continuous social image you have been building up. 

Seeing a faceless man could be a sign of various feelings you have been going through lately. If you are the type of person that changes their mind often and is inconsistent with its plans and visions, then you may have brought confusion to your daily life. For some time you were ok with it, but now you are starting to feel like you need some order in life. 

A faceless man could also be a sign of anxiety when trying to portray yourself in the future. You are not sure of the path you are following, and where it will lead you, which is loading you with uncertainty and the feeling of identity loss. 

Without a face, a connection to a person’s identity is impossible. Therefore, dreaming of a faceless person is your way of expressing how lost and invisible you feel compared to the rest of the world. Try taking some time off to reflect on your actions, life, relations, and everything that is important to you. We all need to reset at some point. 

When a faceless person is your own mirror reflection in a dream

Equally disturbing is to dream of someone else to dream of yourself being faceless. No doubt about it.

 There is a side of you that you have neglected while struggling with your daily commitments. As you were growing up, you have been setting goals and plans for the future, and it all seemed so easily achievable. But now that you have reached a certain age, and you see all that is accomplished as opposed to all that is not, you have fallen into an identity crisis. You are questioning your ideals, wishes and goals, to define that side of you that’s been left out. 

Still, if you are simply struggling with existential issues, not knowing if you are going to lose your job or work position, then the faceless look you have dreamt of is a symbol of your deepest fears of the future. Not knowing how your future will look like, and where you see yourself in the following years can be quite tricky. Try taking it one step at a time, and living in the present day. Sometimes, the present is all we have. The future is yet to come.

Leave the door open and lights ON – someone faceless could be out there in a dream

Maybe your dream won’t seem as scary if you can remember whether the lights were ON or OFF in your dream. The more the faceless person is surrounded by light, the more positive dream interpretation is. Generally speaking, if a faceless man is covered in light then it shows a kind person, opposed to an unkind one hiding in the dark.

Dream of a faceless man pointing a gun in your direction

Well, of course, it sounds like a scene from a movie! Not everyday you get to dream of someone without a face pointing the gun at you. So, take it as a warning sign. Not in a life-threatening way, but more socially and work-related.

If you are working in a large company or having to deal with a lot of associates, then you might be exposed to fraudulent behavior. Not everyone has to like you or mean you well, so beware of falling into the trap of mean people. On the other hand, the faceless person with a gun in your dream could actually be you. 

You are the one who could be the carrier of bad choices and actions towards others. Bad calls that you make can ruin your image or reputation, and we all know that some things are irreclaimable.

How can you tell if you kissed a faceless person? Too much of a dream

Regardless of what some might say, we all want to love and to be loved in return. It is the basic desire of any human being. That is what your dream of kissing a faceless person is implying. But, it could also mean that your dream is a reflection of something that happened recently in your life or even someone who probably hurt you. Being hurt and let down is drifting you apart from other people, and you are trying to avoid getting personal with anyone. 

Another interpretation of what a faceless person stands for in your dream. Someone you loved, someone that hurt you, whose face you don’t want to remember. 

Dreaming of a faceless lover

You are probably thinking the same thing as everyone else reading this. Not only it is hard to find a true lover in reality, but to dream of a faceless one is really beyond reason. But it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. One thing is for sure, if your lover is faceless in your dream, then you are probably not satisfied with how your relationship is going. Perhaps you have standards to measure up, or you’ve been comparing your relationship to others. In any case, your desires in real life are not satisfied.

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