Defying Gravity – Elevators: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

You see in front of you an unusual and modern skyscraper, almost as if it came out of a recent sci-fi movie. As you slowly enter it, wondering its unique beauty and design, a strange and robot-like elevator opens right in front of your face, calling you to come in. After some hesitation, you finally decide to go inside. You hear very weird sounds around you, almost as if the rocket was launching right below your feet. Just as the elevator started moving and unexpectedly accelerating, you wake up.

Elevators in dreams, usually represent a broader meaning of promotion and demotion. Hence, an ascending elevator can mean anything from rising in social or material status, or rising in awareness, whereas a descending elevator means lowering one’s status and diving into the depths of the subconscious mind. Going upwards can also represent looking forward, the evolvement of your spirit into higher realms of reality. Going downwards usually has more unsettling interpretations. It means that you are submerging within, visiting the hidden or shadow material of your personality that requires your immediate attention.

If you dreamed about being stuck in an elevator, it means that you are also ‘stuck’ midway through some process in your life or a major shift. Your response to being stuck reveals the level of impatience you’re at with the mentioned progress.

Definition of elevators

A platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different levels; a lift.

If you dreamed that you’re in a falling elevator, it implies an unexpected upcoming loss in your life. Some also believe that the elevator may also be a symbol of unexciting and monotonous sex life. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.  

Dreaming about elevator movements

If you dreamed about different elevator movements, the interpretation may vary depending on the details. If the elevator moves up or down, it represents the ups and downs of your life. Going up symbolizes rising in social and material status, or rising up in consciousness. It is required of you to get higher insight into the situation you’re in, looking at it from a different aspect and a higher level of awareness.

If you are descending in an elevator, it is required of you to dive deep into the depths of your subconscious mind and face your shadow world. You have to declutter from long-accumulated frustration and dissatisfaction with your life, once and for all. Take all the courage you have to look at your past decisions and choices until you settle them for good. The descending elevator usually signifies grand challenges and misfortunes. The fully functional elevator represents different levels of mind. You literally travel through the layers of your personality and access them by riding an elevator. If you by any means, have an option in a dream of going up the elevator instead of using the stairs, it means that you are choosing the path of least resistance when dealing with your life issues, or you may even be seeking external help every time you find yourself in a tough situation.

If you dreamed about an elevator moving sideways, it means that you are not on your intended path when it comes to the professional or business area of your life. Certain movements are definitely happening, but not in the desired direction. For example, you may be promoted to a better working position, only to find that new job exhausting and depleting. The same concept may be applied to your relationships. It may be that your relationships are growing more boring and stale, making you feel dissatisfied and constrained.

Dreaming about an elevator being broken

If you dreamed about the various ways in which the elevator may be broken, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about the elevator accident, it means that you are facing a crisis in your waking life. You are currently overwhelmed with feelings of fear and insecurity because you are aware that you are losing control over certain areas in your life. For example, it may be that you are afraid of losing your job, or completely neglecting and destroying your romantic relationship. Your entire life perspective is bound to shatter and transform forever. Even though the nerve-wracking experiences may feel extremely uncomfortable at the moment, they have a huge purpose in your life. Keep going through them, without any fear, because it will be well worth the effort. 

If you dreamed about an elevator crashing to the ground floor, it means that the mentioned loss of control may have serious consequences for your life. Pay attention to any self-destructive behaviors that you may have, and work on them.

If you dreamed that an elevator crashes through the roof, it suggests that you are being catapulted to the position of authority in your professional or social circles. You don’t have a clue how to deal with the amount of responsibility in newfound status, and all your insecurities and fears come up to the surface.

If you dreamed about the broken elevator door, it means that you should pay more attention to your surroundings, you are living your life on autopilot. Look for apparent dangers that lurk all around you, and find a way to avoid them.

If you dreamed about a stuck elevator, it means that your emotions are raging wild, and you have absolutely no control over them. You are metaphorically stuck on your intended life path and you’re unable to move forward. You’ve faced a dead-end and it is time to reflect on where you want to be and who you want to become in your life. If you are in a shaky and unstable elevator, it means that the travel on your path will be a very bumpy and dangerous ride. You will not attain your goals easily and everything will require much effort on your part. You have an option of jumping through the ring of fire or give up and seek other possibilities for yourself.

Dreaming of the position and condition of an elevator

If you dreamed about the various conditions of an elevator, the interpretation may vary depending on the details. The place where the elevator is located suggests the area of your life where your perspective needs shifting. For example, if an elevator is in a business building, it represents your professional life, social status, and career. An elevator in a shopping mall represents your spending habits, whereas an elevator in a hotel represents your family situation. The level of cleanliness of the elevator depicts the current atmosphere in the given area of your life. If it’s dirty the energy is very negative and destructive, and if it’s bright and clean it means that the energy is extremely inspiring and constructive, making everyone involved blossom and progress. Pay attention also to the people that are riding with you, because they are the ones who will go through this process of change with you. A crowded elevator with strangers implies a competition in which you’re currently taking part. Maybe, you’ve recently applied for a job with many applicants of an excellent reputation.

Either way, take a deep breath and diminish your anxiety around the subject by not paying attention to others.

Dreaming about different types of elevators

If you dreamed about the different types of elevators, the interpretation may vary depending on the details.

If you dreamed about a fast elevator, it means that you will be abruptly accelerated on the path to your dreams – in other words, brace yourself.

If you dreamed about a glass elevator where you can observe the surroundings, the things you see depict your perspective on the given area of your life. Pay close attention to the type of environment and the people you see, because they are all you.

If you dreamed about a medical elevator, it is related to the state of your health.

If you dreamed about a service elevator, suggests that you have access to a piece of certain inside information, not usually obtainable by the public. This information will assist you in getting closer to your desires and dreams, opening up numerous possibilities for you to progress.

If you dreamed about the spinning elevator, it means that your perspective on every possible thing in your life will completely shift. You will embark on a journey as one person, and come out of it as another.

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