What Does it Mean to Dream About Eggs? Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It is a wonderful and crisp Sunday morning. You stretch in your bed, enjoying the sun that bathes your face and somewhere in the distance you hear a rooster crowing. During your morning walk, you stop by the chicken coop and see freshly laid eggs in a nest. Just as you bend down to get them, you wake up.

Dreaming about eggs is generally a good omen. They symbolize fertility and the circular motion of life. This kind of dream generally represents prosperity and abundance, except if the eggs are broken. In that case, the dream symbolizes fears and insecurities that you project onto your outer world. In Jungian psychology, they represent rebirth and the seed of life, as well as economy and caution for the upcoming events in the future. They may also symbolize your being in the most profound sense – are you confined by the hard shell or are you ready to break free? Eggs symbolize a new life form and fragility; while seeing the nest represents a deep, subconscious desire for parenthood. Depending on the nature of the dream, the meaning may significantly differ.

If you dreamed about eating eggs, it means that difficulties await you in the near future.

If you dreamed about broken eggs, it means that luck is ready to knock on your door.

However, if you dreamed about the rotten eggs it denotes future losses and failures that will make you rethink your thoughts and behaviors.

Either way, an egg in a dream always represents our innermost creative potential and the essence of our existence. While associated with Easter, they also signify resurrection and indestructibility of life itself. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had.

Definition of an egg

An oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate, usually containing a developing embryo. The eggs of birds are enclosed in a chalky shell, while those of reptiles are in a leathery membrane.

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Dreaming about eating eggs

Depending on the details, this kind of dream may have multiple meanings.

If you dreamed about eating eggs, it means that you are currently in a phase of life when you’re fully embracing the creative potential inside of you. You will see all your thoughts and feelings come to pass in the 3D reality as if you’re some kind of magician. You will also effortlessly affect others and their goals, by giving them the strength to keep moving forward toward their dreams. Strikes of luck will follow you everywhere you go, enabling you to manifest desires not only for yourself but also for everyone that surrounds you. Don’t take your power lightly, use it for ultimate good only.

If you dreamed about cooking eggs, it means that something sudden, abrupt and unexpected is about to happen in the near future. Prepare yourself for miracles and unforeseen changes in your life path, which sole purpose is to initiate you to become your greater and more evolved self.

If you dreamed about scrambling eggs, it means that you’ve recently taken on a commitment that is almost impossible to avoid. Accept your responsibility and bravely show yourself in the best light.

If you dreamed about peeling a hard-boiled egg, it means that you need to pay more attention to how are you leading your life at the moment. Try not to make hasty decisions, because you might experience a huge loss and end up severely disappointed. Channel your energy wisely – only into constructive and overall positive things for your life.

If you dreamed about cracking an eggshell while cooking eggs, it means that you are subconsciously trying to find a way to break out of your ‘shell’ and leave your comfort zone for good. You want to embody your full potential and express your true attitude and thoughts. Trust your instincts and listen to the voice inside your head. The chances are that you will experience an extreme breakthrough in your talents and qualities.

Dropping eggs

If you dreamed about dropping eggs, depending on the details the dream can have multiple meanings.

If you dreamed about dropping eggs on the floor, it represents your current poor judgment and insecurities that are in control of your life. Low self-esteem could cause a domino effect – a sequence of failures that will only make you feel afraid even more. Try to get a hold of your thoughts and invest some effort to watch them closely and you will realize that amount of fear is absolutely redundant. There is nothing that can ever go wrong – mistakes are the most accurate indicators of aspects of your life that require more attention and nurturing.

However, if you dreamed about cleaning up broken eggs, it means that you need to accept the consequences of your recent actions. The damage may also be permanent, but that won’t derail you from your intended path. You will be able to move forward and become a more evolved and developed version of yourself. Trust your gut feeling, it is always right.

Getting eggs

If you dreamed about getting eggs, depending on the details, the dream can have multiple meanings.

If you dreamed about selling or buying eggs, it means that you will make some material or intellectual investments in your business life. Try to wisely choose people whom you can trust, and pay to beware of manipulations and deceptions. Everything will go as imagined if you carefully avoid that kind of obstacle.

However, if you dreamed about stealing eggs, it means that you will take advantage of other people. You will try to gain at the expense of others, not caring how damaging your actions toward them are. Try to reflect upon your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors at that moment. Pathological ambitions are turning you into a cold-blooded opportunist, that only cares about his/her interests. Practice empathy and care toward other fellow humans. Evil in any shape or form will only come knocking at your door.

Dreaming about different types of eggs

If you dreamed about different types of eggs, depending on the details, the dream can have multiple meanings.

If you dreamed about bird eggs, they represent your private or professional relationships. The way that egg is handled by the bird, is the same way you handle your relationship.

If you dreamed about duck eggs, it means that abundance awaits you in the near future.

If you dreamed about goose eggs, it suggests that you are currently acting on impulse. You are recklessly making decisions and not thinking much about the consequences of your behaviors and actions. Try to slow down and think everything through, before undertaking any concrete moves.

If you dream about quail egg, it means that you are overindulging in unnecessary luxuries of your life. Watch how you spend your money and your energy – it is, after all, a limited resource.

However, if you dreamed about an ostrich egg, it represents current stagnation and monotony. You’ve probably neglected the red flags and avoided responsibilities of your life, which is taking its toll at the moment. It is time to collect your courage and strength and finally step out of your comfort zone.  

Dreaming about the egg parts

If you dreamed about the different egg parts, depending on the details, the dream can have multiple meanings.

If you dreamed about pre-mixed eggs, it means that you are hiding an aspect of your personality from the eyes of others, because you are afraid of judgment and criticism. Maybe it is finally time to strip away the mask and show your real face, whatever the consequences. You will feel immense freedom and lightness of being, just by being your true self. Break from the chains of your own mind – there is more on the other side of the fear than it meets the eye.

If you dreamed about egg whites, it means that you could use some help and support from other people in your future endeavors. Their assistance and encouragement will help you reach your long-standing goals with unbelievable success.

If you dreamed about egg yolks, it symbolizes your most intimate ideas and imaginations. You have unusual and groundbreaking thoughts and schemes in your head, which you should share with the universe. The unique gift that resides within you should see the light of the day and possibly change the world as we know it. Follow your instincts and trust that they will never fail you.

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