What Does it Mean to Dream About Earthquakes? Dream Meaning and Interpretation

You feel a strong trembling force of the Earth as the cracks in the ground open beneath your feet. Wherever you look, everything moves and tears apart. Terrible fear runs through your body because nothing feels stable anymore. You try to run and save your head, but just as the building was collapsing onto itself, you wake up.

Dreams about earthquakes usually represent the dreamer’s waking life rather than emotional. Your subconscious mind attempts to prepare you for radical changes in your current life circumstances. The Earth symbolically represents the stability and safety of one’s personality, hence the basis of your character is about to be shaken to the core. The life topic in which you will experience that sudden change may vary – it could be a financial difficulty, health issue, intimate or professional problems, or any number of different things that could occur. Old opinions, attitudes, and principles are breaking down, causing you to fear, worry, and feel insecure. This enormous transformation will bring you nothing but blessing and a complete rebirth of your concept of self. You will have to abandon your outdated convictions and open up for new beginnings. But, metaphorically speaking, the cracks are the pathways where the light gets through.

Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers that your unconscious was trying to convey.

Definition of earthquake

A sudden violent shaking of the ground, typically causing great destruction, as a result of movements within the earth’s crust or volcanic action.

Dreaming about observing the earthquake

If you dreamed about seeing the earthquake, it means that some kind of threat to your self-confidence awaits you in the near future. The sudden collapse of your self-worth will make you question many things in your head. You will revise all your life decisions, thoughts, and actions, trying desperately to find the cause of it. Your insecurity stems from the lack of care and love. It is vital to human beings to feel those emotions in order to stay physically and mentally stable. You have to remember that we are all unique as we are. We are meant to have a purpose and value in this lifetime.

Think about what makes you a quality friend, spouse, son/daughter, mother/father, etc. You will see that the shift in your energy will happen instantly. Claim back your power and worth, nothing should be on a pedestal in your head instead of your well-being and self-appreciation. Trust and love yourself, no matter what you or anyone else thinks.

To see a destructive earthquake

When you dream about a destructive earthquake, pay attention to where the earthquake happens because it is the area in which you will be shaken to the core. It may be at your work, meaning that you may be promoted or kicked out of your job. If it’s in the love area, it may mean marriage or a break-up.

Either way, it means that enormous changes and transformative events are taking place, tearing down all of the mental structures that you had up to this moment. Get ready to be morphed into a different and upgraded version of yourself, because there’s no turning back.  But, don’t worry – the sole purpose of the dynamics of life is building up one’s personality and expanding one’s experience of this universe. Look at the big picture, because that way will be easier for you to get through this unusual time.

To be buried in ruins because of an earthquake

If you dreamed about being in ruins because of an earthquake, it means that you will be buried in obligations in the near future. You’ve accepted too many offers, overestimating your multitasking abilities and it created an emotional turmoil within you. Stress and anxiety are overwhelmingly hard to take so beware of health issues. The body cannot endure prolonged periods of fight or flight mechanism, and it is bound to break under the pressure after some time. Forgive yourself for not rejecting people when they gave you offers, and feel free to turn someone down, even if you said yes at the beginning. There are still ways to fix everything, but you must realize that you have to stop this habit of yours in the future. You have the right to say no to people, and it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a second chance. Respect your capacities and your time.

Dreaming about hiding from an earthquake

When you dream about hiding from an earthquake, it means that you are trying to avoid duties and commitments in your life. You will start to lie to others and yourself that you will get it done, but all that you are actually doing is sweeping it under the rug. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, they always return and wait for you.

When the earthquake happens it is omnipresent, hence it symbolizes not having the means to escape the problem that you’re currently in.

If you dreamed of running away from an earthquake on a field, away from heavy objects, it means that you will be able to solve your problem quickly, with the little help of your imagination. Trust your subconscious mind, it knows how to create the shortest path to break free.

However, if you dream about hiding from an earthquake in a basement or on top of a building it implies professional fiasco, huge financial crisis, or other business issues caused by your procrastination and ignorance. You should get serious when it comes to your work and profession because no matter how much you love it, it’s still the results that count.

Dreaming about losing a house in an earthquake

If you dream about losing your house in an earthquake, it means that some injustice will be done to you or someone close to you in the near future. Although it will be very hard to watch, you won’t be able to do anything about it. No matter how angry or furious you are, the circumstance will be completely out of your reach. You should train yourself to stay calm and focused during hardships because it is of vital importance in difficult situations.

Whatever happens, try to completely redirect your energy from a problem to a solution. Remember not to make things worse than that they are at that specific moment. That way you will be more useful to yourself and everyone around you. Move on and focus on settling the fires, instead of burning everything down.

An alternative interpretation of this dream is that your long-term goals and efforts around them will fall apart entirely like the sandcastles. You probably didn’t have good foundations and consequently, it all had to go down the drain. Reflect on your thoughts and actions when you planned your goals. The substance of your desire had to have a negative trait or an ill intention, or otherwise, it wouldn’t collapse like the house of cards. Rebuild your ideas, but this time find fair and pure motives accomplishing them.

Saving people from an earthquake

When you dream about saving people from an earthquake, it means that you will be solving someone else’s problems. Be it intentionally or unintentionally, everything will eventually depend on you. You will successfully overcome every obstacle you encounter on your way, and the people will be sincerely grateful to you. Remember that good deed is always recognized, and these people whom you helped, will return the favor. You are truly a generous, noble, and selfless person when it comes to others.

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