Emperor of the Sky – Eagle: Dream Meaning and Symbolism

A large, majestic bird that powerfully soars through the sky. Its glorious build and magnificent wings leave you awe-struck and speechless – a true king of the heavens. You sit and behold this wonderful creature, trying to capture its amazing appearance, unfortunately, you wake up. In ancient Rome, this bird represented a totem of an emperor, who was thought to reincarnate as an eagle.

Alternatively, in Ancient Greece, people placed eagles on the rooftops of temples, because they were deemed as protectors who „stopped the fires from the sky“. In dreams, eagles symbolize freedom, courage, power, nobility, and pride. They imply persistence and the desire to achieve your deepest goals and highest ambitions. It was believed that this bird was the messenger of the sun god. Hence, the eagle may represent a herald of your subconscious mind, indicating your innermost wants and desires.

Father of psychology, Carl Jung, said that birds in dreams generally depict our fleeting and changing thoughts and behaviors. If the bird is flying freely, it is a symbol of psychological, physical, and spiritual freedom. As a powerful and inspiring creature, the eagle in dreams is an unconscious message of prosperity, success, and liberation from the monotony and dullness of life.

Scroll below to find an interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers to all of your questions.

Definition of the Eagle

A large bird of prey with a massive hooked bill and long broad wings, known for its keen sight and powerful soaring flight.

Dreaming about your actions toward an eagle

Depending on the actions that you took in your dream, it may have several meanings. If you dreamed about catching an eagle, it means that you will take away somebody’s freedom, metaphorically or literally. You will put pressure on others to behave a certain way, thinking that your opinion and advice matter the most. To some degree, you are right, because you will be able to make a good judgment of their situation, but meddling in other people’s lives can be a troublesome task to undertake. No one loves intrusive advisors, who treat others like their project. Try to tone down your enthusiasm, and approach people with reverence and respect. That way they will be more likely to take you seriously and listen to your instructions.

However, if you dreamed about feeding an eagle, it means that you need to update your skills and abilities concerning your profession. You want to educate and inform yourself more about the matter, in order to become an expert in your field of interest. Keep going, because luck is certainly on your side.

If you dreamed about killing an eagle, it means that you will take no prisoners when it comes to realizing your dreams. You will do whatever it takes to take down everything that stands in your way. Competitive spirit has taken you over, and you will probably use your position or some kind of force to eliminate everyone who could stop you to achieve your ambitions. Remember that there is plenty of opportunities for everyone in this world, and no one will obstruct your happiness.

Eagle interacting with you

If you dreamed about an eagle attacking or biting you, it means that you will make some mindless action or investments in the near future. These risky endeavors may lead you to total financial scarcity or problematic events if you don’t think your actions through very carefully. Maybe you are planning to buy some real estate or you want to take over a business that can be deemed risky. This could also mean that you will take control over a person, who won’t hesitate to fight you back. Try to let go of manipulation, because it is a very high price to pay in terms of possible consequences.

If you dreamed about an eagle chasing you, it means that you are currently experiencing financial insecurity, and you are probably overwhelmed with fears and anxiety that come with it. Find a way to relax and collect your thoughts, because someone will help you to get through these challenging times. Maybe a friend or a family member will lend you some money to close your debts.

Either way, a solution is on its way, your only job is to calm your nerves.

Dreaming about eagle actions

Depending on the actions that you took in your dream, it may have several meanings. If you dreamed about an eagle catching its prey, it means that your desires and actions are conflicting with each other. The layers of your personality can’t agree when it comes to a current decision that you have to make, because of all the repressed fears and insecurities that you feel around that subject. Open up for change and everything will fall into its place. Don’t resist your pending transformation, and let go of old thought patterns that are interrupting your development and soul expansion.

If you dreamed about eagle flying, it means that you will courageously and fiercely accomplish your highest ideals and greatest desires in the near future. You will hold a firm focus on your target, regardless of all the obstacles that you may encounter along the way. Your efforts will be supported and appreciated, just continue investing your love and dedication into your dreams and the universe won’t fail to deliver.

If you dreamed about eagle landing, it means that you will embrace and accept your dominant and superior nature. You naturally draw everybody’s attention and admiration, which additionally inflates your ego. Try to keep that behavior in check, because the higher you fly – the harder you fall.

Other eagle symbolism

If you dreamed about an eagle crest or symbol, it means that you will inherit something in the near future. Perhaps it won’t be anything large, but the significance will be just as valuable. If you dreamed about an eagle’s nest, it means that you will quickly climb the social ladder through professional or personal success. You will be supported on your way to the top.

If you dreamed about an eagle tattoo, it suggests your individuality and uniqueness. You will be open to spiritual development and advancement. If you dreamed about an eagle pet, it means that someone will look up to you. You are their role model and hero because they appreciate and admire you the most. They will try to get to know you, in order to improve their own life. This is a great and wonderful responsibility – take it very seriously, because the influence that you have on them is immense.

Colors of an eagle

If you dreamed about a golden eagle, it means that once-in-a-lifetime opportunities await you just around the corner. You will be able to overcome any obstacle that presents itself on the way to your success. You may in some way contribute to the whole of humanity with your efforts, so be aware of your impact and responsibility.

If you dreamed about a white eagle, it represents your willpower to realize your goals. It is a reminder to stay true to your moral code and to get there only by the means of justice and fairness.

If you dreamed about a black eagle, it means that someone of authority will conspire against you. You may be demoted, manipulated, or lied to. Be all eyes and ears, and stay away from negative energies.

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