Dreams Shining Bright, Just Like a Diamond

Once upon a time, Marilyn Monroe sang how diamonds are a girl’s best friend. According to Mr. Bond diamonds are forever. Ladies all over the world wear it as if it was a trophy. And yet, numerous nongovernment organizations are fighting against the inhumanity of the process that brings diamonds to the surface. All of this doesn’t have anything to do with dreams of diamonds, but it sure is related to the stigma that follows this precious thing. 

Did you know that diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, made of almost 100% carbon and that they are over a billion years old? Wow, right?!

Now that we got your attention, let’s see what it means to dream of diamonds. 

Diamonds are a symbol of eternity. Thus, when dreaming of one it can signify persistence and strength. If diamonds in your dreams are related to someone special, it can mean that the relationship you have with that person will last and resist despite all odds. In that way, the dreams of diamonds refer to someone you love deeply. 

Definition of a Diamond

A precious stone consisted of pure carbon and therefore the hardest existing natural substance

They are cute, tiny, and worth billions. They are diamonds and if you are here because you dreamed of one then you are on the right page. Keep following the lines below. 

Blinded by the bling, bling! Diamonds in your dreams

Generally speaking, dreaming of diamonds can mean you are about to get into trouble. Trouble doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing but can be related to some hardships a work has given you. Could it be that some of your colleagues are working behind your back and you are too busy to see it? Be careful, because envious people around you might cause you anxiety and a lot of stress.

Aren’t you the lucky one to get a diamond!? Who cares if it’s just a dream!

It would be nice to get such a gift, so if by any chance you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit your style, don’t be stingy, pass it on. Now that we got that clear, here is what it actually means to dream of receiving a diamond as a gift. This dream is definitely a good sign, especially if it’s your partner who gave you a gift. It represents his feelings and how deep and strong they are. Therefore, consider it as a sign of positivity and love coming your way. 

Another thing about getting a diamond in a dream could be connected to your feelings of holding too much to the past or something that happened long ago. Life is not about yesterday or tomorrow, life is about now, and as soon as you leave the past in the past, your present will thank you. 

Finding a diamond is true luck, if only it wasn’t just a dream

For one thing, finding a diamond in real life is not that easy. A lot of controversies are involved in this process, but let’s not get into it. The thing about dreaming of finding a true and shiny diamond is that whatever it is that has been troubling you lately, it will come to an end. Especially if it has to do with your family. But watch out for those who try to lure you with tempting offers, for you may have serious and damaging consequences if you obey. Your reputation and position in a company are at stake. Open your eyes.

Extra interpretation brings new love into your life if you really found that diamond while dreaming. One can never be late to find a true soulmate and love for life.

Dreaming of buying and selling diamonds? Looks like someone has got a side gig!

Besides the fact that your bank account is suffering, dreaming of buying a diamond is a good omen. Take it as a sign that you will be able to finish what you started and that your goals will be achieved. Someone above you, whether it is your supervisor or you like to call him a boss, will be aware of your good work and you will receive the long-awaited award. 

If by any chance, you were dreaming about selling diamonds, then you can be relieved in waking life because it means you will soon receive some money from someone very close to you. On the other hand, be careful about your personal relationship, because it might be that some financial difficulties you’ve been having lately are affecting your partner. 

You think stealing diamonds is a piece of cake? Keep dreaming!

It is being said that stealing a diamond brings bad luck to the stealer. Then how come all those famous, or shall we say infamous thieves have no problem with bad luck whatsoever? With that in mind, dreams of stealing might bring you misfortune in waking life, so be careful and aware. Your life could be going through some downs in the near future, so try saving more money just in case you need it.  

You want that diamond ring? Stop dreaming and do something about it!

You could be wearing tiny earrings or a luxurious necklace, a diamond is a diamond. It brings good luck, in many ways that you could be dreaming about. If you received a diamond ring, whether just as a gift or as an engagement ring, you are about to feel enormous happiness and blessings. But, even if you are in a long-term relationship and expecting to level up, it is completely normal to be having dreams of a diamond ring. There is nothing wrong or sad about it. 

Generally, when dreaming of diamond jewelry it is the context of the dream that counts. If you were given jewelry as a present, it stands for commitment, loyalty, and true love. But, if you were dreaming of losing diamond jewelry, it’s a premonition of hardships that are about to happen in your relationship. 

It is not easy to break a diamond, so feel free to dream a little longer

Okay, so you haven’t been very careful and you broke that stone? Don’t worry, it is just a dream, with no room for a panic attack. Still, you could be going through some tough times pretty soon, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Dream of you breaking a diamond is just a warning sign for you to be cool-headed when things get rough and keep in mind that everything passes. You will be able to solve issues if you have faith in yourself and don’t let fear take you over.

On the other hand, if someone you know broke a diamond and did it in front of you in a dream, it may suggest that in reality, someone is giving you hard times by challenging you in a way you don’t like or fancy. Nevertheless, keep your head up straight and you will overcome all the obstacles.

You dreamed of a diamond falling out of your ring? Hm, where exactly?

A diamond falling out of your ring is like losing something way too precious in your life, therefore you could be facing some hard times in your private life, as well as your career.  Possibly, your good work and intention, not to mention ideas, are not being recognized and valued enough. Keep that in mind next time you decide to look another way when someone tries to diminish your effort. 

If you look at a diamond as something strong and resistant, as it truly is, then this dream of a falling diamond might be related to your vulnerable side of the character. It makes you withdraw and not face the true problems. You might reconsider fighting for yourself finally. Nobody is going to do it instead of you. 

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