What Does it Mean to Dream About a Daughter? Dream Meaning and Symbolism

It is a wonderful, sunny day in the countryside. You are looking over the hills and valleys in front of your house, while your kids are running around the backyard. Your daughter calls your name, and you turn to see why. She runs with her little legs straight toward you, with a huge smile on her face carrying a kitten. ‘I will take care of Mr. Furry, feed it and keep him warm, just like you take care of me!’ Tears of joy roll down your eyes, and just as you try to hug her, you wake up.

Seeing your daughter in a dream is a positive implication, foretelling that your worries and troubles will soon be soothed and replaced with love and harmony. The appearance of your daughter in a dream, whether you have it or not in real life, represents the feminine archetype and vulnerable aspect of you that needs support, care, and direction. The qualities that you ascribe to her, symbolize either your yearnings for a daughter or guidance regarding your inner child that is currently afraid and lost.

If the relationship with your daughter is emphasized in a dream, she personifies the relationship between you and your partner. In a woman’s dream, the daughter represents her mirror and successor on whom she’ll pass on the wisdom of life. In a man’s dream, the daughter symbolizes his doubts and insecurities about his own ability to accept and embrace his vulnerabilities. It is also important to note that dreams of your children usually imply a contrary vision – what affects your girls in a dream, will affect your boys, and vice versa.

Scroll below to find the dream interpretation that best describes the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers that you’ve been searching for.

Definition of daughter

a girl or woman in relation to either or both of her parents.

Dreaming about your existing/unexisting daughter

If you dreamed about your existing or unexisting daughter, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed about your existing daughter, it means that you are trying to get in contact with a feminine or more gentle side of your personality. It can also represent personal affairs and their nature. If you are currently in a relationship, the daughter suggests that your partner will remain faithful to you, displaying his or her love and affection. It is a form of reassurance from your subconscious mind that everything will remain stable in the love area and that your significant other will remain loyal and be by your side until ‘death does you apart. It is wonderful that you can count on their infinite love and support, no matter what. Make sure to let them know how much you love them. All the love you put in this universe will definitely come back knocking at your door. If a man dreams about his daughter, she represents a soft and often hidden side of his personality that longs for acknowledgment and approval. He should open himself up more to the people that he loves and show his unbounded affection without the fear of judgment or rejection. He won’t be any less of a man if he sheds a tear or two. He should embrace his vulnerability and be more himself around the ones he loves.

If you dreamed about a daughter that does not exist, it symbolizes many fortunate opportunities in the near future. It may be a new project or venture or even a new person that will enter your life.

Either way, your focus will be fixed on that new opportunity, capturing all of your attention and energy. Through that novelty, you will find happiness, fulfillment, and joy. Fully immerse yourself into this stroke of luck, and let the wave of exhilaration take you over.

Dreaming about your daughter getting married/living with you

If you dreamed about your daughter getting married or living with you, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed that your daughter is getting married, it suggests upcoming blessings and numerous wonderful opportunities coming your way in the near future. You will probably spend more time with your loved ones and various amazing events will unexpectedly appear in your reality. Sharing those heartwarming achievements with the ones closest to you will make you appreciate life more. You will be immensely grateful for their infinite love and support.

If you dreamed about your daughter living with you, it represents sudden and drastic changes that are about to enter your life in the near future. You subconsciously feel threatened and afraid, so your daughter symbolizes the love and protection that you currently long for. Take some time to relax and calm yourself, being paranoid can only do you damage. Feelings of anxiety and fear are probably disturbing your sleep and well-being, you need to find a way to forget the circumstances that you find yourself in. Remember that everything has a solution and that you are always infinitely safe. If it helps, confide in your friends and tell them what is worrying you. Their advice and support will help you get through these trying times.

Dreaming about a happy/sad daughter

If you dreamed about a happy or sad daughter of yours, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed that your daughter is happy, it means that you are in sync with your feelings and emotions. You’ve learned how to recognize the signals from your subconscious mind and you were not afraid of what might pop up. You courageously find a way to deal with your demons and your inner world, and right now you are reaping the fruits of what you sow. Enjoy your inner alignment and stability, and be proud of all the things that you’ve done that brought you this deep fulfillment and appreciation toward yourself.

If you dreamed that your daughter is sad, it is a reflection of your inner disruption of normal emotional flow. She represents your own frustrations and dissatisfactions regarding your life. You probably think that everything you’ve done is a failure and that you can’t move on. Feelings of helplessness and unworthiness are overwhelming your subconscious mind and it seems like there isn’t a way out. Retrieve from your regular worlds for a few days. Go within and sit with these feelings, no matter how strong they are. As you get to know them you will notice that they slowly dissipate and loosen their grip on you. Take away their only power – your attention. Freedom and infinite love wait for you on the other end of your fear. Just keep persisting and a new door of happiness and peace will open to you.

Dreaming about the daughter missing/dying

If you dreamed about the daughter missing or dying, the meaning of the dream may differ, depending on the details.

If you dreamed about your daughter missing, it means that you’ve lost your connection to a softer and more vulnerable part of you. You suddenly became someone you’ve never wanted to become. Years of emotional repression made you tough and even a bit cruel, and you’ve lost all your empathy and compassion along the way. This kind of situation implies that you’ve probably been severely hurt in the past, and you’ve built your walls high as means for protecting your fragile core. Find a way to reconnect with the tender aspects of your personality, remember what it feels when you’re loved and taken care of. Open yourself as much as you can, even cry if you have to, just let all the suppressed feelings out of your body. You will feel like tons of accumulated burden just falls off your shoulder. Allow yourself to breathe again and to believe in love again. The immense amount of relief that you will feel is well worth the effort.

However, if you dreamed about your daughter dying, it means that you’ve strictly forbidden admitting anyone into your emotional world. You’ve completely blocked access to everyone, isolating yourself from life. While isolated, you forgot how love and support feel. Alienation is a serious problem that should definitely be addressed. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help, severe depression can lead to a series of ugly consequences.

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