What Does it Mean to Dream About the Cow? Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Beautiful fields filled with flowers stand right in front of your eyes. You look at the birds circling above your head and feel your gaze disappear in the infinity of the skies. The field is brightly green and abundant in the grass, representing the rebirth of nature in the spring. In it, a herd of cows is slowly chewing on the crops. Just as you ponder how wonderful they are, you wake up. The cow is rich with mythological symbolism in many cultures all over the world. In the base of its meaning stands the symbol of nurturing and sustenance. Since the cow provides the meat and milk that are consumed by billions of people on the planet, the cow also represents the fulfillment of our primary needs. It is a metaphor for fertility and the significance of the feminine archetype.

Cows in dreams stand for love, nurturing, kindness, purity, and generosity. In some dream interpretations, it is a symbol of the Mother, while in Indian scriptures cows are considered sacred,  seen as the Earth itself, fertile and nourishing in nature. This simple domestic animal represents a variety of very important and deeply felt issues by our subconscious mind. Consider all the details in your dream to identify to whom this symbol of a cow is related. Additional characteristics also to consider when interpreting a dream with cows as one of the primary symbols are passivity, docility, and general satisfaction with life. For a man it symbolizes his feminine side; for a woman, it could be a reflection of her maternal instincts. It is usually a good omen of luck and prosperity. If you dreamed about looking at cows, it is a sign of good luck and prosperity.

If you dreamed about seeing a cow barn, it means that recovery from an illness or exhaustion will come very soon.

If you dreamed of someone else milking the cow, it means that you think that somebody from your surroundings is taking advantage of you.

Definition of a cow

A fully grown female animal of a domesticated breed of ox kept producing milk or beef.

If you dreamed about the cow chasing you, it means that the naiveness of one of your close friends is threatening your well-being. Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Dreaming about the cow running/being chased/catching a cow/seeing many cows

If you dreamed about the cow running, being chased by a cow, catching a cow, or simply seeing many cows on the field, the interpretation may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about cow running, it is a sign that great success and prosperity are entering your life. All your efforts and the energy you’ve put in over the years are finally paying off. Enjoy this extremely potent and wondrous time in your life, because you will be rewarded for all your endeavors.

If you dreamed about being chased by a cow, it means that you will finally get rid of someone or some past memory that has been haunting you for many years. The time has come for you to finally be free, remember not to fall into a trap like that anymore.

If you dreamed about catching a cow, it means that you must take a shot at realizing your dreams. One who risks prospers.

If you stand still and stagnant in life, you are bound to have nothing. Overcome your fear of trying, because there’s a good chance for you to succeed.

If you dreamed about seeing many cows in a field, it signifies good luck in your professional life. It is also a sign of good health and stamina, not only yours but also of the ones closest to you. This is a time of recovery and replenishment in your life, so remember to make good use of it.

Dreaming about cow’s milk/cow grazing/buying or selling cows

If you dreamed about cow’s milk, cows grazing, or buying and selling cows, the interpretation may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about cow’s milk, it means that you should visit a person close to you that’s in a nursing home. Your love and support for them will help them recover and heal any wounds they have. It will uplift their spirit and make them believe in their life once again. Cow’s milk is a symbol of family bonds, so make sure to help them as much as you can – your sole presence will be enough.

If you dreamed about cow grazing, it implies great progress in the achievement of your long-sought goals and dreams. This is an extremely potent time in your life to move rapidly forward, so make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. When making a decision, remember not to include only your emotions, but also your mind. Reckless decisions can derail you from your true path, so take all the time that you need to think things through.

If you dreamed about buying or selling cows, it symbolizes abundance and prosperity in the material aspect of your life. Make sure to rely on your good mood and optimism when dealing with the obstacles, because it will help you immensely in overcoming all difficulties that you encounter.

If you dream of selling a cow, this reflects a favorable phase in your work life – you will probably be promoted or awarded for your effort and dedication. Indulge in this favorable time of your life, because you’ve earned every speckle of it.

Dreaming about a cow with various colors/tame/fat/thin/dead cow

If you dreamed about a cow with various colors, of tame, fat, thin, sick, or even dead cow, the interpretation may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about a cow of various colors, the meaning will vary from color to color.

If you dreamed about a white cow, it means that a long journey awaits you. It is especially good luck for people who want to migrate and leave to a foreign land. You have a strong need to meet new cultures and people, to renew and replenish your soul with new connections. It is the right time now to go out and socialize, to expand and enrich your life experience.

If you dreamed about a black cow, it is a sign of approaching danger. You should take some time to reflect on your past thoughts, actions, and behaviors because all the hurt you’ve done to them will now be done to you. Forgive yourself and cleanse from all the negative energy that’s stored in your body. Dreams of black cows also signify a betrayal. It may be you and your partner, friend, relative, or coworker. How good is your relationship with others? Reevaluate your bonds and invest the effort to broaden your perception.

If you dreamed about the red cow, it means that new professional opportunities will appear in your life. It may be a promotion, increased salary bonuses, a new project, or even a new job offer. Remember to take that opportunity and fight for it.

If you dreamed about the brown cow, it means that you should try harder in your work and professional life. If you do it properly, the future has many rewards in store for you.

If you dreamed about the tame cow, it is a sign of achievement, excitement, and good luck. This is a time in your life when you’ll realize your dreams.

If you dreamed about the thin cow, it means that there are many difficulties in your life right now. Some unexpected things will appear which will alter everything you’ve ever known.

If you dreamed about the fat cow, it means that you will unbelievably prosper. Make the most of this wave of happiness, because it’s extremely rare and beneficial.

If you dreamed about the dead cow, it means the end of the long-awaited relationship issues. From now on, everything will flow much more naturally and smoothly. You will once again feel great love and appreciation for each other.

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