One Hot Smoking Dream – of Cigarettes!

Sometimes we experience unpredictable situations in life that can get so deep into our subconscious mind and make our dreams so alive. Cigarettes are a vice, doctors will say. They cause more damage than benefits. And it is all so true! Then why are so many people still addicted to it? Whether they are just a bad habit or a necessity, dreaming of cigarettes can have various interpretations. 

For example, you can dream of just having a smoke on an office break, or lighting a cigarette to an attractive stranger in a bar, but the mere seeing of a cigarette in a dream is mostly related to a power or a source of power. Whether it comes from a friend or inside of your household, it is good to have someone to lean on in times of need. 

Also, if you dream of cigarettes it can mean that in a way you are relaxed and carefree concerning everyone else’s opinion or remarks. It’s not that you don’t have the time to think about what other people are saying, it’s just that you don’t want to. Simple as that.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a smoker or not, because cigarettes are mainly related to certain behavior patterns. Check the lines below to understand better.

Definition of a cigarette

A paper-wrapped finest tobacco roll meant to be smoked.

Dreams of cigarettes just as they are

No matter if you are a smoker or not, you can understand how ‘’taking a smoke’’ is related to having a break for a minute or two. A moment when you need space to yourself. Dreaming of a cigarette, in a positive way, means you have finally taken time to take care of yourself. 

Regardless of what others may say or think, you don’t feel the need to be the good one anymore. Things are working just fine the way they are, but even if they’re not, you will fix it. On the negative side, cigarettes in dreams can be related to bad habits you are prone to or addicted to, someone or something that keeps you ‘’hooked’’.

Take a smoke or two of your cigarette and keep on dreaming

There is something inappropriate in your behavior. You could be aware of it but not necessary. If you are highly ranked in your company, possibly you are using your influence in a way you shouldn’t. That is why the dream of smoking cigarettes appears. 

Maybe, just maybe, you should reflect on the way that you treat other people, and be more self-critical before you speak or act. No matter what your position may be, you shouldn’t take advantage of it. 

Another smoking dream interpretation could be that you have some hidden desires and high hopes regarding someone special in your life. Possibly, a partner you have been separated from, expecting to renew your relationship. You’ll never know until you try.

Does dreaming of someone smoking cigarettes count as staring? 

If someone else was smoking cigarettes in your dream you could hear some unexpectedly good news. That source of useful information could be someone who is also your financial support, which is a win-win situation, don’t you think? The best thing is that your go-to person wants nothing in return. That’s what giving is all about, right?  

On the other hand, if you are not a smoker in real life and you still dream of someone else smoking this could be a sign of envy. If a cigarette is a symbol of relaxation to that person, possibly you are feeling overly stressed. Even more, if that someone has something you wish for and just can’t seem to obtain. 

Lighting up or putting off a cigarette in a dream 

This dream is mostly related to your love life. If it’s someone else’s cigarette you are lighting up, it somehow implies you are willing and ready to fall into an emotional relationship. You are ready to commit. But if you are putting off a cigarette, you could be saying goodbye to the life you are having right now. 

This could be a product of betrayal your partner has committed so you end up disappointed. Also, it could mean that you are ready for another life chapter, letting go of everything and everyone that makes you feel as if you are not enough.

Buying cigarettes has never been so cheap – but only if you dream of it

Let’s face it: cigarettes have never been cheap. Nowadays even less. But if you were dreaming of buying cigarettes, you might as well rest your mind and your wallet. 
Buying cigarettes in a dream is usually related to actions and words that people in your surroundings are using against you. In a way, there is someone who is trying to take advantage of you, no matter in what terms. You could be deceived by wrong intentions and harm you more than you think, so pay close attention to those who surround you.

Just another pack of cigarettes in your dream

Dreaming of cigarettes in a package is related to wealth and generosity. If the pack is full, probably the one who is holding the pack is the generous one. And by generosity we mean money. But if the pack was empty, it doesn’t necessarily mean poverty, but an emotional emptiness that needs to be loaded. It all comes down to love, doesn’t it? 

How generous of you to offer a cigarette, even when you sleep

Maybe you are just trying to quit smoking, so you decided to share a cigarette with someone in your dream. Could it be that you are taking a huge step in your real life, making a final cut in a relationship or at the company? This could be a major point in your life because dreaming of offering a cigarette implies that you are deliberately ‘’handing over’’ some job, or even emotions. It could be a big change in your life, something that will finally redirect you to your feelings. Perhaps you have neglected your health and you felt it’s the right moment for self-awareness.

Here’s an ashtray for that cigarette before dream burns out

Ever since we were kids, we could hear along the way how eventually we will all turn into ashes one day. As morbid as it sounds, it is true. But dreams can be interpreted in various ways. 

Dreaming of cigarette ash means the possible problems that will occur, but you will be giving them more attention than they are worthy. You will feel as if your plans, emotions, or hard work has burned out and turned into ashes. Just remember, you will never be given a burden your shoulders won’t be able to hold. 

Another dream interpretation relates ashes to problems vanishing one by one. It must be a good feeling to release yourself from such pressure.  

Keep an eye on that cigarette butt – dreams can be fierce

First, let’s get something clear, OK? Throwing cigarette butts is a sign of bad manners, and sometimes even dangerous. You could be dreaming about it, but that’s the difference between the dream and reality. The meaning of this kind of dream lies behind the necessity of personal growth. You have reached that point in your life where you realised it’s time to act like a grown-up. A piece of you is gone, burned out and you are ready to level up the game of life.

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