What Does it Mean to Dream About Cats?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Cats

Since ancient times, cats played very significant role in traditions and civilizations all around our planet. They have heavily influenced human imagination which eventually gave birth to numerous folklore stories and myths about them.

Mysterious, powerful, and silent they’ve been called „guardians of the Underworld“, eternally bridging life and death. Therefore, they are thought to have the ability to cross all five dimensions of reality. In Jungian psychology, they represent the hidden and secretive part of human nature. Dreaming about cats signifies feminine archetype, sensuality, wisdom, power, and transformation of the self.

Even though old dream interpretations say that cat-based dreams are a bad omen –  conveying messages of evil and deceit – actually they’re an emblem of rebirth and new beginnings. In the following lines, look for the interpretation that best suits your own dream, and find what has been bothering your subconscious lately.

What is a cat?

Small carnivorous mammal (Felis Domestica) of feline species, the only member of Felidae family that’s domesticated. They are existent in a variety of breeds and are usually kept as pets. Widely known for catching rodents.

To see a kitten in a dream

Oftentimes, dreaming about kittens symbolizes innocence, purity, and charm. They reflect happiness, joy, and fulfillment, as real kittens truly are – enthusiastic, always in awe of nature, and keen about life. It is usually a suggestion that there exists a part of your life that needs nurturing and attention. You should bring back that foregone, child-like joy and rediscover the essence and true meaning of life.

On the other side, kittens may be interpreted as underdevelopment and immaturity when it comes to serious life concerns. Try taking on your responsibilities and constructively direct all your energy towards building a more stable, liable, and evolved self.

Dreaming about playing with a cat

If you see yourself playing with a cat in a dream, it usually means that you possibly have traitors and enemies in your surroundings. The people you used to trust will show their true faces and will soon prove to be the opposite of what you’ve considered them. There is someone that is dishonest and fully capable to betray your trust. You should pay attention and take care of whom you are confiding in. Not everyone should know your secrets. However, if a dreamer is female, it means that you are ready to confidently show your feminine and playful side – you are opening to new and refreshing opportunities.

Consider having some fun and pamper yourself. Take part in activities that could rejuvenate and loosen you up.

To see a dead cat

When you dream about a dead cat it symbolizes your long-lasting dependence on someone or something in your life. It is as if someone often puts restrictions on your freedom – controls your actions, criticizes your choices, and keeps you under their surveillance 24/7. This could be a result of your feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. You should know that everyone has the right to their space and free will. Turn inwards to find reasons to love and appreciate yourself truly from within. Everyone has worth and their contribution to this world.

Dreaming of a black cat

It is widely known that black cats symbolize witches and the intimidating world of black magic. In real life, they are a common symbol of bad luck, evil, and misfortune. In dreams, they are interpreted as your subconscious fears and tendencies towards worrisome thoughts. There must be some internal uneasiness and harbored anxiety that you keep ignoring. Be in the present moment and try to focus your energy and thoughts on the good things that surround you.

Black cat also means that a major decision is coming and it’s up to you to make the right move. This transition will initiate enormous change in your life. Stay level-headed and grounded – it will certainly pay off.

Dreaming of a white cat

White cats in a dream symbolize true, pure, and innocent love. Someone special is about to show up in your life, with whom you will share sweet and tender moments of intimacy. Look around for a bit, and you will find people that show genuine care and affection toward you. Be careful not to make this upcoming relationship the center of your world. Make sure that you also pay attention to other important things in life.

To hear a cat meowing

When you hear a cat meowing in your dream, it often means that you are extremely doubtful and skeptical of the people that surround you at the moment. It represents misunderstandings and difficulties in communication and thinking. Be aware of paranoia and other psychological disorders. Not everyone is against you. Distinguish friends from foes and take care of your nerves.

Dreaming about the cat chasing or eating a mouse

Dreaming about this Tom and Jerry type of scene indicates good fortune and prosperity. Your recent short-term goals will finally bear fruit. Right now, everything you envision has a huge potential to materialize in this world. Use this subconscious information to pursue what you truly desire at this moment.

To see a cat attacking you

When you dream about a cat biting or scratching you it has various meanings. Depending on the body part where you were injured it indicates different things. For example, if the cat is biting your hands or fingers it may imply that you are not in touch with your feminine side. If it is biting your legs someone or something is causing you to lose balance in life. However, if the cat is hissing at you, it could mean that an overbearing female figure has dominance over you and your decisions. Think about who could it be. Drawing the line does not mean that you are being disrespectful. Speak your mind and don’t let anyone manipulate you. It could also indicate professional jealousy and envy toward your success.

Dreaming about cat feces

If you dreamed about seeing cat droppings, it usually suggests that you or someone close to you is experiencing financial or health problems. But do not lose hope – severe conditions are soon going to get better.

To see a cat sleeping

Dreaming of a cat asleep signifies that times of peace and serenity are about to show up in your life. Finally, all troubles and difficulties are dissolving, leaving you space to relax and recover. There is nothing you should take care of or do, just let every intruding thought go. Set aside all burdens and enjoy every moment of every day.

Dreaming about the catfight

When you dream about cats fighting, it means that you could possibly become a victim of criminal actions posed upon you. It could symbolize burglary, trespassing on your property or some trifle events that go against the law. Don’t panic – the sole purpose of these happenings is you becoming aware of the importance of safety and security.

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