And Then There Was The Light – Candles in Our Dreams

Did you know that the earliest surviving forms of candles, made of whale fat, were made in China, and are dating around 200 years B.C.? Right about the same time, in India, people were boiling cinnamon and used residues to make wax candles. 

Just looking at these facts can tell us how deep symbolic meaning candles have had throughout the history of civilizations. 

The symbolism behind candle dreams may vary from one dream to another. They represent illumination, literally and metaphorically speaking, the victory of light over darkness, life over death. Used in religious ceremonies, they are an item of faith in the livings and the souls of the deceased. When used in a romantic atmosphere, they give comfort, relaxation, feelings of pureness, and affection. 

Definition of a Candle

A piece of molded wax stick or tube, with a wick inside, used for religious, spiritual, or relaxation purposes.

Whether they are used to illuminate the space or warm up our souls, candles will always find a purpose in our lives. Check out below to see what meaning lies beneath those magical sparkles!

A candle in a dream – a sparkle of life! 

When you dream of a candle, it is considered to be the symbol of life itself. Take a close look at where you’re standing and think about it for a minute. Are you content with how your life has developed so far? Is there something you could’ve done better or just differently? Maybe the candle is reminding you of a health issue that you have been putting aside, not willing to admit. 

Candles in our dreams are also a symbol of wealth, success and serenity, and burning faith. They can manifest the inner part of your being, the yearnings to spiritually connect with someone. Maybe you already have that special someone in your life, but you are too distracted to realize.

Lighting up the candle in a dream

Nowadays most people use their lighters to light up the candle, but there is something almost spiritual in lighting the candle using a simple match. The odor of a candle wax, the smell of lit wood, the burning flame…

If in your dream, you were the one who tried to light the candle, it may mean that you’ve been secretly wishing for something to happen. Perhaps a romantic or an erotic wish. Anyway, you should know that your dream might come true and your wish fulfilled. 

If by any chance you couldn’t light the candle in your dream, don’t worry, it’s still a good sign. A good deed and a true effort will be rewarded.

A dream of a burning candle

The burning flame of a candle can be so calming and exciting at the same time. If you are dreaming of a candle flame, it means you are searching for the purpose and the truth of your life. Perhaps you have reached a certain age or point in your life where you have become aware of time passing relentlessly and you want to make sure you’ve done your best so far. This might be a good chance to connect with your inner self and reevaluate some aspects of your presence.

If the candle in your dreams was burning but all of the sudden the flame was blown out, it might not be a good sign at all. Maybe you are about to experience the sudden money loss, where you least expected it, or even some malicious rumors being spread about you. In addition, beware of your health, or your loved ones. Do yourself a favor and check on your well-being, you may prevent some bad things from happening. 

A dream of church candles 

If you are dreaming of a candle burning in a church, then it has to do with rituals or repetitive aspects of your life. You are self-disciplined and focused. You have beaten the path of your life, and are aware of your possibilities which makes you keep striving for more. 

If you were the one who lit the candle in a church, this might signify that you are constantly overwhelmed by feelings of loneliness and abandonment. Being alone is not the same as being lonely, which is even harder for someone. The candle in your dream symbolizes all the prayers and wishes that have remained unanswered. Try focusing on the bright side of all the good things happening to you, and all the good and true people you are surrounded with. Seek for the invisible and intangible. Those are the things that count the most.

If you are dreaming of holding a candlestick with burning candles, it means you are surrounded by many true friends, or simply the persons that wish you well. You will not be abandoned in times of need, yet you will be protected. 

Dreaming of birthday candles

Ahh, the birthday candles. We love them when we’re young, but avoid them at any cost once we get to a certain age. Why is that? 

Well, dreaming of birthday candles we can’t avoid, but don’t hold your breath, for it is a good omen. Birthday candles are a sign of a new era in your life, new beginnings. It may be unexpected but positive changes are about to happen. You just got to go with the flow. 

Dreaming of colorful candles

When buying candles, we usually like to smell them, right? Still, the color of the candle can also be a factor that provokes us to buy it or leave it. Depending on what color of the candle we pick, we are transmitting our inner state of mind at that moment. 

Black-colored candles are usually associated with mystery, darkness, and negative energy. No matter how elegant they might seem, when used as a decor item, seeing black candles in a dream can be pretty much upsetting. Mostly because they come as a warning of a possible loss of the people we cherish. 

Opposed to that, some interpretations point out an immense release of negative energy, emotions attached to our inner darkness, and protection of the flame in situations of despair.

Dreaming of red candles is pretty much related to the symbolism of the color itself. Red color stands for passion, affection, strong emotions. Possibly you are way over your head in love with someone, or maybe even secretly nourishing deepest emotions towards that person. It could also be that you are in desperate need of romance, affection, and having that special person just to yourself. 

Also, the red color of the candle you dreamt of might be a symbol of tensions and anxiety you have been experiencing lately, probably at work. Try talking to someone you confide in, to prevent possible aggressive attitude towards your coworkers. 

White candles are the ones we love the most. Seeing, buying, smelling… They are a symbol of purity, cleanliness, and divine emotions. Dreaming of a white candle suggests that maybe your life is a little bit out of balance and you need to purify yourself from toxic behavior or people, to regain harmony in your presence. 

Another point of view suggests that dreams of white candles indicate some legal issues you have been facing or are soon to be.

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