Guess What Meaning is Hidden Behind Dreaming a Boyfriend?!

Though it may sound like a cliche, we all know that butterflies-in-my-stomach kind of feeling with even the slightest thought of someone we like. It’s not always easy to control those feelings because sometimes it’s the feeling that is controlling us.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise when dreams of a boyfriend occur. It happens to be one of the most common dreams whose meanings may vary, depending on the dream context. 

Dreaming of a boyfriend when you are single

You know you are good on your own and you don’t need someone in your life that much. Still, you dream of a potential boyfriend. Well, being self-sufficient isn’t always as glorious as it sounds. Boyfriend dreams could mean that you need someone in your life to share life responsibilities with. Someone to lean on when in need, or to encourage you when things get rough. 

Think about sharing your problems and daily struggles with someone you confide in. 

You don’t have to do every little thing by yourself. 

If it’s someone familiar that you are dreaming of as your boyfriend and your dream tends to be quite emotional, then maybe you should reconsider your attitude towards that person. Could it be that your subconscious is telling you that it’s more than a simple affection? Go ahead and step up. Expressing your feelings is not easy at all, but you’ll never know unless you try.  

Dreaming of your boyfriend 

Dreams of your current relationship mostly reflect all the hype and feelings that you are dealing with, whether they are skyrocketing or real-life concerns.  

Usually, dreaming of a boyfriend is a positive thing. Being in love is fulfilling and can’t easily be hidden, to the point where it transfers to one’s dreams. 

If you are starting a relationship and you’re already head-over-heels, the infatuation with the new partner is something that overwhelms you on a daily basis. But, long-term relationships tend to develop deeper emotions, which can be taken variedly. 

Either way, it makes perfect sense that your daily feelings revive in your dream state. 

Think of how your boyfriend dreams make you feel. Do they make you happy or worried, calm or frustrated?

Is there something in your relationship that is worrying you or keeping you anxious, but you are too afraid to confront? Or is it something that you are doing wrong? 

Perhaps you are so in love and ready to level up your relationship but still hesitating.  

It’s how your dreams make you feel that is what you are probably feeling when awaken.


Dreams of breaking up with your boyfriend

Breaking up is never an easy thing to do, but dreaming of breaking up is not necessarily a bad omen. Letting go of something or someone may result in more positive than negative energy in one’s life. 

If it’s you who is breaking up, probably there are some people, emotions, or things in your life that you need to let go of, no matter how difficult it may be. Getting rid of toxic friends or coworkers could be just the righteous thing to do. 

If your real-life boyfriend is replaced by a new one in your dream, this may mean that you are ready to bring your relationship to a higher level. Also, if it’s vice versa, and your partner abandoned you, your relationship might move forward but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready for it. Could be that your uncertainty or lack of confidence is holding you back.

Dreaming of boyfriend cheating on you or the opposite

So it happens. Your deepest fear ends up as your worst nightmare. The man that you love has cheated on you. 

For some reason, you are feeling neglected and disrespected by your boyfriend. You are missing that old flame that kept you warm and safe and starting to feel unloved. One of the other reasons that led to this kind of boyfriend dream is the feeling of unfulfilled expectations, causing potential separation. It could also mean that some mischievous people are doing you harm and need to be confronted.  

But, what if it is you the one who cheated?  

Although dreams of cheating on your boyfriend can be unpleasant and awkward in many ways, they don’t make you a cheater. Not even if the partner is someone you know, for example, a friend, neighbor, or even your boss. As weird as it sounds. 

In many ways, these kinds of dreams are a subconscious manifestation of something we did in waking life. Many times we act in a way that puts us in a dishonest and compromising situation, causing the feeling of self-betrayal and integrity loss. Try going back and reflecting on your actions or decisions. Is there something you could’ve done differently?  

Also, a dream of a boyfriend can indicate your feeling of guilt towards him, whom you have neglected or even put aside while balancing and multitasking your daily commitments. Once again, look over your shoulder and see what it is that made you so inaccessible and distant. 

Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend

At least once in your life, you’ve heard of the expression ”to leave the past in the past”. Yes, easier to say than to do. Why, you might wonder? Well, it seems as though the past always finds its way to turn our lives upside down. Even in our dreams. Exactly, ex-boyfriend dreams.  

Let’s say you went out jogging and by accident, you ran into your ex-boyfriend. Dreaming of your ex-boyfriend a couple of hours later would be understandable. A feeling of resentment or any other unresolved issue can affect us more than we are capable of processing instantly. The same feelings usually reflect in our dreams, silently awakening all those aches you thought you’ve overcome. Give it a day or two, and soon the dream of your once-upon-a-time boyfriend will be just that, a dream. 

But, it is not always that easy to interpret dreams of a boyfriend who once was your ”always and forever” person. 

Most often dreams of exes occur once we are settled in a new and just the kind of relationship we were looking for. Nonetheless, going through a break-up can also be a trigger to emotionally loaded dreams. 

Once you focus on the context of the dream itself, it will be a lot easier to understand what caused it. 

If you’ve been through an emotionally and mentally exhausting relationship and/or break-up, most likely you never want to feel that way again. Your subconscious mind inevitably makes a comparison between your current and your ex-boyfriend. Bad qualities of your ex are something you wouldn’t want your new boyfriend to be prone to. And, even though you’re sure you’ve made the right choice, there is still a part of you that is afraid of getting hurt again. 

On the other hand, if there is no bad blood between you and your ex-boyfriend, then your dreams could be interpreted oppositely. Could it be that there are some positive traits that your current boyfriend is missing, but your ex-boyfriend had? Of course, it doesn’t mean you’re on your way to give up on your partner. It’s just about that true and pure desire and need to continuously embellish your relationship. 

Sometimes, dreams of a boyfriend that we lost, could be a subconscious mind’s escape to the part of our lives where everything was easy-going, stressless, and carefree. 

Dreaming of intimacy with your boyfriend

Regardless of how, nowadays, intimacy with your partner is being biasedly interpreted, it is a multileveled process. A kiss, a hug, a movie night, a dinner at a restaurant, lovemaking… One cannot exclude the other. So when it comes to relationships, it’s the whole package that counts. 

Therefore, if you’re wondering if kissing or hugging, or having sex (excuse my french) with your boyfriend in a dream could have the opposite meaning, then think twice.

Let us start with a kiss. A kiss is always a good idea. Of course, we recommend you save it for that special one. You know for whom. Kissing a boyfriend in a dream can symbolize attraction, passion, and more likely a spiritual bonding between the two of you. Alternatively, it could mean that recently you’ve noticed you have been missing out on a good old-fashioned french kiss. 

Hugging your boyfriend in a dream means you feel protected by his side and in his arms, or you are currently in a state where any kind of support is more than welcome. On the other hand, hugging can mean you are letting go of your fears and putting down your shields. It makes you vulnerable, but you’re ok with it. 

Another part of being intimate with your boyfriend is arguing or fighting on something. Needless to say, that arguing is referred to as a form of overly expressing disappointments and verbally confronting your partner. Okay, we got that clear. 

Fighting with a boyfriend in your dreams could mean that there are some issues that you two haven’t been trying or been able to resolve in waking life. Something in your relationship has been causing discomfort inside of you. Alternatively, it may mean that some problems are pending, waiting for you to solve them. You are conflicted with yourself and in this dream, a boyfriend is more likely to be your reflection in the mirror.

Okay, okay… last but not least, dreams of making love with a boyfriend could equally be hopeless as they can be arousing. These dreams could have opposite interpretations. How strong is your relationship? Are you the Yin to his Yang? Are you his Bonnie and is he your Clyde? Or, are you a go-getter while he’s a remind-me-later kind of guy? Do you see where this is going? Having sex with your boyfriend can mean that there is a strong and passionate bond between the two of you, but also it could mean that both of you have neglected that part of your relationship. Maybe you’ve put too much focus on your job, or other people’s needs instead of your own. How about resetting your priorities?

Dreaming of boyfriend dying

Not many dreams in our lives could be as disturbing as a dream of death. Dreaming of losing the ones we love can be pretty much upsetting, especially when that one is our partner. But, keep it cool, because dreams of your boyfriend dying are common, as weird as it sounds. 

It has nothing to do with real physical death. 

Maybe your relationship is stagnating and you are starting to realize that soon it might hit the wall. Try reflecting on your actions or attitude towards your boyfriend. If you’ve been preoccupied with your work lately, then you might’ve missed the signs. 

Dreams of a boyfriend’s death could also mean that it’s the other side that worries you. Perhaps you started to notice the lack of his presence or started to feel like you two are drifting apart. There are so many conflicted emotions in your waking life and you need to point them in the right direction. Sometimes changes are good if we are ready to adapt. 

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