A Boat that Sets Sail, Dreaming of Adventure

When someone mentions a boat, what type of boat do you imagine first? The simplest wooden one, with a paddle, a speed boat, or maybe a yacht? Well, the possibilities are endless. Still, in the beginning, boats were mainly used as a transportation facility, to transfer people or goods from point A to point B. That is why dreams of boats are reflecting the direction we are headed to and how fast or slow we are heading towards our goals.

Dreams of boats, no matter what kind, are in many ways connected to our emotions and how we manifest them. Sometimes it is more important to observe the state of the water instead of the boat. Simply because water reflects our feelings at the moment. Steady and calm water means we have control over our feelings and we know exactly where we’re headed. But, if in a dream you expect a storm to come, then you probably expect problems to escalate.

Try sailing your attention through the pages of this site. Read carefully.

Definition of a Boat

A small or big vessel, made for travelling across the water surface.

A boat of your dreams ready to set sail

Is there anything as calming as the sound of a boat sailing, reflecting the peace and tranquility of the water? You can feel the wind in your hair, the smell of the water, the freshness all around you. And yet, you are in control. When dreaming of a smooth boat sail, it means you are going through life situations easily, with grace and confidence. But, it could be a two-faced sword. The fact that the boat relies on the strength of the wind and could easily be turned upside down by the water shows your true and unstable nature. Perhaps you lose interest in things pretty quickly, you are not into stable relationships and you have a hard time adapting to various situations.

This could all be a part of your charm, but it could also mean that you might reflect on growing up for a change.

Do you think you’re the only one dreaming of sailing on a boat?

Surely at least once in your life have you been standing on a shore, watching at the horizon, trying to catch the line between the sky and the water, and thinking how wonderful it would be to get lost in the offing. If you haven’t, then try. Just in case you wonder what it might mean to dream of sailing on a boat or dreaming of a boat in general, then you should know that the boat you are seeing is kind of your life and how you manage to control it.

You could be controlling the boat and feel good about it, or you could be careless and turn the boat over. It all can be interpreted as the way you manage your daily emotions. Maybe you are going in the right direction, but you are moving too slow and feeling a bit cranky about it.

Looking at a dream from a different perspective, you could be trying to isolate yourself, if you are sailing in an unknown direction. This could be your way of avoiding confronting the emotions and your subconscious is warning you of possible risky situations you could involve yourself in.

It doesn’t matter if you accept or don’t accept what is in front of you, life is an adventure, and try looking at it from that perspective, as if you were actually sailing on a boat. At times it will be wavy, but at times it might take your breath away by the simplicity of existence.

Mayday, mayday! A dream is sinking, and so is the boat!

A sinking boat is a problem itself. It is never an easy thing to experience a failure. Even if you manage to save yourself, a taste of failure won’t easily go away. What a sinking boat stands for while in a dream, is that you have probably been going through some difficult situations lately, which caused you to be overpowered by the negative feelings and the loss of control in life. You don’t feel strong enough to handle it all.

The most challenging thing to your mental state would be the lack of support from the people you love and rely on. Everyone is expecting you to listen to them, take their advice, and no matter how much you try to hide and elope, you know that eventually, you will have to face everyone and every problem.

A sinking boat in a dream may also be a sign that you should get professional help before it’s too late.

Sometimes you have to crash your boat to know how it feels. Not so dreamy

Seeing your whole life flashing in front of your eyes, in a second or two, is not something you want to experience, no matter what anyone says. Dreaming about crashing while in a boat could cause you discomfort while sleeping. It feels too real to the dreamer, and the fear is terrifying and paralytic. Seeing a boat wrecking is a sign that you are fighting with yourself, with all the emotions hiding between your smiling face. Perhaps you are not ready to face some problems and tacky situations.

Hold your breath, you’ll need it if you turn over a boat in your dream

Some interpretations mention that if you dream of flipping over in a boat, then you should pay attention to your health. Specifically, to your condition. Of course, it’s true. If you had been stronger and handy, you wouldn’t have flipped over. Just kidding. Or not?

More likely, flipping over in a dream refers to the way you handle situations happening in your life. Instead of confronting you are choosing to hide away and avoid at all costs. It shows your vulnerability and how far you are ready to go, to postpone dealing with sudden emotions.

Having the boat half full or half empty. Dream of relationships

If your dreamy boat is loaded with passengers, you are on a right track. Full boat shows ties you have with your family members, friends, and relatives. The more passengers, the longer and happier relationships you will have.

On the other hand, dreaming of an empty boat is an introvert trait. You tend to dislocate and distance yourself from others, including family members and friends. You may have experienced some health issues and you need to dedicate your time to resolve problems one by one.

A boat stranded on land – a life-saving dream

Dreaming of a boat hitting the shore doesn’t mean you’ve been watching too many movies. Simply, this dream carries a prediction of potential financial losses. If you have been spending a lot of money lately, you might find yourself in a difficult situation or a crisis. It’s the situations like these that make you feel stranded on land, like an old boat. Try writing down all of your spendings, maybe it will give you insight and be more valuable than you think.

If you have been dreaming of getting ashore while being in a boat, it means you are about to experience a time of happiness. It could be related to your work, the project you’ve been working on for some time, and the outcome will give you more satisfaction than expected.

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