What Does it Mean to Dream About the Balcony? Dream Meaning and Interpretation

The noisy and lively scenery of the big city stands before your eyes. Everything sparks with life as if you are in the midst of the beehive. You reflect on the speed of the modern lifestyle and the course in which humanity is inevitably headed, while you sip your wine on the balcony of your hotel room. It is positioned at a perfect height, making you able to see the city landscape in various directions. Just as you take the last sip and out down the glass, you wake up.

Dreams about the balcony usually indicate the need for a higher perspective, conveying the message from the subconscious that we should look at things objectively. You need to take a step back, move away from your regular life and try to see the bigger picture.

When we dream of being raised above the ground in some way, we are beginning to recognize our spiritual competence or evolution. The balcony also indicates both support and protectiveness, it means that we will have all the needed support within our lives. If the balcony is unstable or collapses, something you’re depending on will not manifest.

However, if you dreamed of standing on the balcony, it means that you are on your way up the social ladder – it refers to your desire to be seen and noticed.

Definition of balcony

A platform enclosed by a wall or balustrade on the outside of a building, with access from an upper-floor window or door.

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Dreaming about seeing/being on/building/jumping from the balcony

If you dreamed about seeing, being on, building, or even jumping from the balcony, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about seeing a balcony, it means that you will experience mutual love for the first time in your life. Someone will fall in love with you right away, knowing that you’re the one for them. Their charm and smile will definitely win you over, but you will be uncertain whether or not they feel the same for you. Stop asking questions and surrender to this fairytale love, because it is a once-in-a-lifetime type of connection.

If you dreamed about being on the balcony, it means that you’re currently living in the illusion of stability. You probably fantasize that you’ll have a steady job, without much disturbance, all until you retire. A situation will appear that will destroy your expectations. Find other backup working options for yourself, in order to avoid disappointment.

If you dreamed about building the balcony, it means that you still have a long way to go to experience the breakthrough of your life. You will have to wait a little while, but when the moment comes it will be a thing to remember. It would feel so good and satisfying since you will know you’ve earned it yourself.

If you dreamed about other people building a balcony, it means that you’re afraid of you’re partner’s infidelity. You are possibly suspecting them for a while now, fearing the betrayal and complete collapse of your relationship. Pay close attention to the things you’re accusing them of, because your suspicions may be unfounded. Separate your paranoia from objective reality, because not everyone’s intentions are bad.

If you dreamed about jumping from a balcony, it means that you could start a very risky project or business in the near future. You will be offered the opportunity that will be very hard to resist, but its main flaw is its illegality. You will probably take on that adventure because you desperately need financial stability.

If you dream about others jumping from the balcony, it means that you will witness an unfortunate event. You won’t be able to help the ones that are involved, but your support will be of significant importance to them.  

Dreaming about the hanging balcony/falling from/pushing someone off the balcony

If you dreamed about the hanging balcony, falling from or pushing someone off the balcony, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about the hanging balcony, it suggests that your imagination is running wild when it comes to your professional life. You will set some impossible expectations and goals for yourself, which will you try to reach in a short period of time. You will quickly realize that you’re bound to fail because you’ve bitten more than you can swallow. You’ve probably neglected the advice from your colleagues, which could tremendously help you. Wait to gain more experience in your professional area and only then you should try to take on such projects.

If you dreamed about falling from a balcony, it means that significant excitement will soon enter your life. You are probably planning an adventurous trip to a foreign country or a passionate encounter with your love interest. Enjoy this thrilling time, because it will make you feel fulfilled and extremely happy.

If you dreamed about pushing someone off the balcony, it means that the lack of self-esteem may halt the development of your achievements and goals. Despite the conviction of your abilities, you are aware deep down that everything you do stems from the need for other people’s approval. It is an unstable base for the future evolution of your personality, so make sure you get to know yourself better. The time has come for you to truly appreciate who you are and present yourself in the light of your own values. Only then will you gain other people’s respect and appreciation, which will propel you to strong and steady success.

Dreaming about climbing/decorating/painting a balcony

If you dreamed about climbing, decorating, or painting a balcony, the meaning may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about climbing the balcony, it means that you will face many challenges and difficulties in the near future. It is a test of endurance from the Universe, in order to initiate great changes and improvements of your personality. You will find yourself at the crossroads, dwelling on whether you should surrender and take the risk, or stick to the old patterns of existence and spend the rest of your life in monotony.

If you dreamed about the other people climbing the balcony, it means that someone from your surroundings is trying to interfere with your life. It may be a family member or a friend that tries to interfere with your decisions, manipulating you for their own interests. It is time to stand up for yourself and state your opinion openly, without fear of hurting anyone, because it is your birthright to speak your mind. Your respect for them has nothing to do with it. Feel free to show how you feel and what you think.

If you dreamed about decorating the balcony, it means that a time of peace and serenity will show up in your life. You will finally take a break from all the regular life’s obligations, and let go of the burden that has been weighing you down for a significant period of your life. Use this opportunity to find a new and interesting hobby, or dedicate yourself to your family and friends. Do the things you truly love, because that kind of energy will set you free and will completely transform the way you see the world.

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