Unpleasant Storm of Words: Arguing: Dream Meaning and Interpretation

You are on your vacation in a beautiful hotel by the sea. Drained from the sun and the heat, you walk slowly to your bedroom. As you pass through the hallway, right behind the doors next to your room, you hear a fiery argument between two people. Just as you stop to hear the words better, you sense one of them approaching the door. You run to enter your room and as you touch the handle, you wake up.

Dreams about arguing it is a representation of the inner conflict of your personality.

Arguing in a dream also compensates for the inability to taste and express your honest emotions with friends and family in your waking world. You are probably trying to subconsciously resolve a misunderstanding which you deem unsettling and it is difficult for you to state your case properly. You want to coherently vocalize your opinion in ordinary life, attempting to openly convey your more global belief or concept to someone else. Dreams usually mimic our everyday concerns and problems, so pay attention to the atmosphere during the argument, because it can give you the clue what is actually happening in the back of your brain.

If you had an argument with someone you know, try to identify that person. It mirrors a real life problem between the two of you and you are trying to reevaluate the matter; or you may simply be unaware of your aversion toward them. You use the dream as an outlet for your emotions of hostility and aggression, so remember to pay attention to every detail, because it will give you a much clearer picture of what you are truly trying to achieve.

Scroll through the page to find the interpretation that best suits the dream that you had. Hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Definition of arguing

An exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one.

Dreaming about arguing with the people you know/hearing other people’s arguments/hearing arguments behind closed doors

If you dreamed about arguing with the people you know, hearing other people’s arguments or hearing arguments behind closed doors, the interpretation may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about arguing with the people you know, it reflects your deep-seated feelings of anger and revolt towards someone in your waking life. Maybe you disagree with someone’s behavior or actions, but you are either afraid to confront them in reality, or you are subconsciously trying to practice various potential scenarios of your argument.

If you dreamed about hearing other people’s arguments, it means that you may be pulled into other people’s problems, without your consent. There are some unresolved feelings and problems, and you are being called to take part in finding a solution. This dream is a warning from your subconscious mind that you should take note of these occurrences and interactions, because you have to walk into these arguments without being mentally prepared. Take a deep breath and invest all your effort to find your way out.

If you dreamed about hearing arguments behind closed doors, it signifies the issues that are not being openly discussed or acknowledged.

If the arguments involve you, it suggests that you’ve held back certain important information for resolving it once and for all.

If that argument doesn’t involve you, it means that you should pay more attention to the relationship with others – major changes might occur in your family or in your love life.

Dreaming about arguing with mother or father/best friend/stranger

If you dreamed about arguing with mother, father, best friend or even a stranger, the interpretation may differ depending on the details.

If you dreamed about arguing with mother or father, or deceased parents, is a sign that you are having strong internal conflicts against your upbringing and family values. Perhaps you wish to try and do something new and nontraditional, contrary to everything you were taught by them, but you are worried about how will they think of you. Try to calm down that rebel yell, because it will bring you no good. Make peace with your childhood and your past, because the true healing lies in forgiveness for everyone involved.

If you dreamed about arguing with your best friend, it means that you will soon experience struggles with the people closest to you. Pay attention to your words and behavior, because it will immensely impact all your relationships.

If you dreamed about arguing with a stranger, it means that you will have a strong opinion about certain issues. You will fiercely defend your opinion, debating for hours why you are the one who’s right. Pay attention to why are you seeking that kind of acknowledgement and approval of others, because you won’t gain their appreciation that way. Or maybe you only argue for argument’s sake.

Dreaming about arguing with an ex/husband or wife/brother or sister

If you dreamed about arguing with an ex, husband and wife or brother and sister, the interpretation may differ depending on the details. Dreaming that you argue with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, is a reflection of your deep-seated trust and confidence issues. You have probably encountered certain similar issues with someone new that reminded you of your past relationship, and your subconscious mind is analysing and processing through the events once again. Perhaps you are more emotional than usual, and those feelings of past trauma is heavily impacting your current or future intimacies. Remember that you have to remove that stumbling block of your past in order to change your life for the better – there is no other way around.

If you dreamed about arguing with a husband or wife, it means that you are feeling extremely unsettled and disturbed right now, and you are unable to make any decisions. You are torn between desires and sacrifices that you have to make in your relationship or marriage. You have to make significant choices between what is truly important to you and what is expected from you by others. Weigh out your options and decide what path will you take. Remember to take into consideration your true heart’s desires and wishes, because it’s your life – and no one will think of you if you don’t think of yourself.

If you dreamed about arguing with your brother or sister, it is a reflection of not liking someone else’s ideas. You feel deeply provoked and hurt by their words and you fall into a trap of wanting revenge. Think twice, because everything that you do onto another, you’re doing onto yourself.  Forgive them for their behavior and lack of understanding.

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